all his little things.

Taylor is and 19 year old girl who meets niall horan at nandos on her first day at work. they fall in love but when taylor gets in a bad wreck will she forget it all?
this is my first fanfic so i hope you like it.


19. showering off

(taylors pov)

the cookies were ready when they got back and we all had one and the me and the boys went to go swimming. the water was freezing and it felf so good. i was wearing my bikini and when i was swimming with niall my top got stuck on somthing and it ripped right of like a peice of wet paper. it was straples so you could not tell from above the water and you coulnt see in the water cuz we stirred up the dirt. i told niall to come give me a hug and he did and he made a suprided face and smiled. "what happened to your top" he whispered. :it ripped off how am i gunna get out if i dont have a top on" on the count of 3 cover and run ready 1.. 2... "he said "and 3 I yell" running out of the ocean followed bye niall . we are laughing so hard and the boys are having mixed emotions harry and zayn look like mad and exited. lou is laughing .and liam is yell ing "dont do anything you wouldnt do infront of us." and we ran upstairs and a ran to the bathroom and niall came to. we ran the shower and got in. i was agiant niall and his body is perfect.we start to kiss. he bites my lip and he squeezes my bum. i give him the look and his hands are still on my bum my hands are around his neck and he pulls my bum so im against him.. liam comes in and sits on the toilet and starts pooping. "liam not now" niall yells"i said dint do anything you wouldnt do infront of me" he said

(nialls pov)

me and taylor look at eachother and we get out with the shower still running and run to our room and the boys were right outside the bathroom door. taylor ran right into harry and fell but zayn cought her and we ran into the room. we got dressed and went downstairs. we were on the couch and i was stradling his lap and we were kissing and i pushed my tounge in and so did she. it was perfect. and even when the boys came down we didnt stop. untill paranormal activity came on and we watched it. the boys kept making jokes about us "did niall get lucky in the shower." and stuffl like "no niall could never get lucky" and right when zayn said that taylor said "well cant eaither and starts kissing me hard like before and she started moving her body against mine and it felt good but i said "save it for tonight" and i looked at harry and zayn and they both stood up. taylor stood up and i knew what was coming again. "zayn come here" and they started kissing with tounge and she did it with harry to. and i said "liam so help me god if u even..." and then she made out with liam and liam had his hand on her bum. and then she said " adn before you say anything about louis" and she kissed him like she kissed the others . now she straddles me again and said "everytime you saysomthing rude to anyone of them thats gunna hapen and same with you boys any time you say anything about niall thats gunna happen to him" she is so sassy just like lou. I LOVE IT.

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