all his little things.

Taylor is and 19 year old girl who meets niall horan at nandos on her first day at work. they fall in love but when taylor gets in a bad wreck will she forget it all?
this is my first fanfic so i hope you like it.


6. please remember


 (Niall’s pov)

That means she still has a chance a few minutes later another doctor walks out. “I’m Dr.Rosan and you are with Taylor correct.” And we all answer “yes” at the same time. “well good sorry for the scare but I have good news we are finished with surgery but she has a broken arm and she hit her head pretty bad so when she wakes up give her time you can come back to the room and wait but please don’t wake her up she needs her sleep” he said. We all stand up and thank the doctor we go back to the room and even with green cast and a black eye and some scratches she looks so beautiful. We sit and watch music TV while we wait for her to wake up after about half an hour she wakes up. I turn off the TV and take her unbroken hand and kiss him on the cheek. “Why did you kiss me who are you, where am I” she asks I drop to my knees and cry. Louis runs to get the doctor a few seconds later he comes back in with the doctor. “what is wrong” he asks “she doesn’t remember” I sobbed “well I expect red this hoping it wouldn’t happen. Well you see when she hit her head she got a concussion and it affected her memory.” He said a she walked over to Taylor. “hi I’m Dr.Rosan do you know where you are “he asks “no” she replies “you are in the hospital you got in a car crash and  broke an arm and got pretty scratched up. you also hit your head pretty hard and it caused you to forget “he said. “oh gosh, so who are you she says to me” I’m your boyfriend Niall Horan .we have been dating for 4 weeks and 3 days.” “Man I sure do know how to pick them” she laughs “I laugh a bit too.

(Taylor’s pov)

So apparently I have a boyfriend named niall and he is really cute. I feel bad that I can’t remember. I look around the room and catch myself in a mirror. Oh god I look horrible. I still don’t know who the other cute guys are. “Who are they” I ask the one with curly hair catches my eye. Niall said “these are my best mates we are in a band together called one direction. This is Louis, Liam, Zayn, and Harry” I wave at them and say “nice to meet you again” I chuckle “I need to talk to you doctor alone” said niall and they walk into the hallway.

(Nialls pov)

“So how are we going to get her memory back “I ask with tears in my eyes. “You can bring her home tomorrow she needs to stay one more night so we can monitor her. When you take her home If she doesn’t remember by Thursday next week (its Tuesday) than her memory won’t come back so try your best to help her remember. Take her to different places. But for now go home get some sleep and come back tomorrow.” He replies. “Can I stay here tonight I can’t bear to leave her now.” I ask “yes just if she is sleeping don’t wake her up” he said “ok sounds great thanks for everything” I said as I walked back in. “well Taylor you can come home with us tomorrow and try and jog your memory.” I say holding back the tears. “you guys can leave if you want” I told the guys “I’ll stay” said Harry “are you sure if you stay can you run home and grab clothes for Taylor me and you and bring  her pillow a blanket and lots of food from nandos! Thanks harry you’re the best mate a guy could have.” I say to him. “Sure anything for you mate!” he replies.

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