all his little things.

Taylor is and 19 year old girl who meets niall horan at nandos on her first day at work. they fall in love but when taylor gets in a bad wreck will she forget it all?
this is my first fanfic so i hope you like it.


5. just a mistake

(doctors pov)

I hate telling people bad news it makes me feel sick walk in to the waiting room and got ready to deliver the news. The blonde boys stand up and his face is all red so it looks like he has been crying. “I’m sorry but she didn’t make” I rush to get the word out of my mouth. He drops to the floor crying. the others start crying and I ask  ”wait are you all with Mrs. White? I thought she only had one son.” One of the boys ask “Mrs. White? we are with Taylor” I ask “is one of you Jack white” “no” we they all say simultaneously. “Well it looks like I have the wrong family sorry if I scared you.” The boy stood up and smiled and wiped away the tears and asked “do you know how our girl is” “no I’m not working with her” I reply but I’ll ask Dr.Rosan to come out to let you know

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