all his little things.

Taylor is and 19 year old girl who meets niall horan at nandos on her first day at work. they fall in love but when taylor gets in a bad wreck will she forget it all?
this is my first fanfic so i hope you like it.


17. its not what you thing

(nialls pov)

oh man i forgot my bag bye the door ill have taylor bring it or i can get it. i called taylor 3 times no answer i was worried i call harry 3 times no answer i call lou and he picks up quick and that gets me mad and i knowharry is up to somthing. "hey lou i forgot my bag im coming over" "ok see you soon" and we hang up

(lous pov)

i hang up with niall and tell the boys about niall and how he is not gunna be happy and we laugh and zayn sais dont ttell them let harry learn a lesson. and we all agree.

(nialls pov) i head over and run inside "wheres taylor" "in bed" sais zayn "wheres harry" i say "in bed" lou said sounding almost sassy. "whos bed" i say no im mad. "harrys" lou said. "im gunna kill him" i say as i run up stairs into harrys room and they are in his bed with no space between them i am so mad i yell "GET AWAY FROM HER NOW". harry jumps up and taylor sits up well at least all her clothes are on and harry isnt naked. i am so mad i raise my fist and punch harry in the eye. "NOO NIALL STOP ITS NOT WHAT YOU THINK LET ME EXPLAIN."  so i manage to hold back and she runs to me and sais "since you werent here i didnt have anybody to keep me wark and i asked the boys and harry said it was ok. so i came in here to be warm since you were gone babe trust me" she sais "and if you dont believe me follow me" and shte takes off harry shirt throws it on the ground and takes me to our room she shuts and locks the door. a little bit later we went down stairs and sat on the couch to watch th erest of toy story 3. when i sat down tay sat on my lap and we kissed a bit and i looked at harry and gave him a face to let him know thanks, and he stood up and taylor looked at him got up kissed him right infront of me and i mean KISSED HIM and said now will you both calm down. and sat back in my lap and i knew that wasnt the first time they kissed but i was gunna let it go becasue i know it was all harry and beacause i won.

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