all his little things.

Taylor is and 19 year old girl who meets niall horan at nandos on her first day at work. they fall in love but when taylor gets in a bad wreck will she forget it all?
this is my first fanfic so i hope you like it.


16. harry

(harrys pov)

niall is spending the night with an old buddy of his who lives near the beach a few miles up taylor is staying becasue she "does not feel well". tonight im living while im young ;) niall leaves later and this morning was amazing. we all sit on the couch to watch a movie. me and tay sit on the couch and we get really close. after about 30 minutes  she starts yawning and she laid her head down on my lap. i was trying my hardest not to get exited but i couldnt help it. it was really cold that day like 50 degrees and taylor said "since its soo cold and i cant sleep with niall tonight can i sleep with one of you" "i say you can sleep with me" and she lays back down thanks me and shortly after she gets up looks at me and said ' im ready for bed come up when you ready" and i say "you know what im acually really tierd i think im ready too" and we run upstairs and get in bed. taylor changes into some panties and my tshirt and i sleep in my boxers. we lay there and she looks at me right in my eyes i tell her "you look good in my shirt, but it looks better off" she said "i agree and i always wanna look my best. when she took it off she had a sports bra on under it. so close. we kissed a bit and she said she was ready for bed so she put my shirt back on and it got cold so she put sweats on we layed down and we were like spoonning and i had my hands on her waits and started moving them down slowly. my hands were on her bum and she said hands higher and i moverd them up but she stopped me so we just laid like that almost asleep when the door slammed oped. "GET AWAY FROM HER NOW" it was niall oh god.

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