Am I Dreaming...?

NO WAY MAN... THIS MUST BE A DREAM! THERE IS NO WAY I COULD BE MEETING ONE DIRECTION! Hi my name is Clare and this is my amazayn One Direction experience... *btw some of the things in this movella I dreamt and others I created with some of my fellow directioners.* Enjoy loves! xxxx


1. Twitter

Clare's POV

It was a typical Friday evening for a simpleton girl like me. I was sitting on my bed staring at my twitter waiting for One Direction to tweet something. I know I'm a stalker. Tell me something I don't know. Anyways I was sitting on my bed when suddenly I get a twitter notifiction on my iPod. I quickly slide the slide thingy, so I could see what had been tweeted. It was Nialler, he tweeted something. The tweet said this:

"so proud of my new gf @amygreen for dancin up a storm at the club last night".

Once I read that I fell out of my bed and started crying, I must have fallen alseep because I woke up and I am no longer on the floor,  I am in the bathroom and there are razor blades on the floor and my wrists are bleeding. I grab the hydrogen peroxide and clean my cuts before I put the bandaids on them. Shit. I promised myself I would stop doing this.

Once I had cleaned up my cuts I went back into my room and started looking for my iPod. Suddenly, out of nowhere I feel a hand on my shoulder, I turn around and there standing right in front of me is Liam Payne! Or wait, was it Jesus...?

"Liam or Jesus...?" I asked confused as to why either of them would be in my room.

"Both," he replied, in such a soft voice it sounded like it belonged to an angel, "why are you crying my dear child?"

"N-Niall... and A-Amyyyyy..." I said, bursting into tears.

"My dear, sweet Clare, what have you done here?" he asked holding out my wrists.

"I guess I cut myself because of them," I answered.

"My darling child, I will rid you of these horrible scars, but you must know, that the relationship is only a publicity stunt," Liam/Jesus said.

"W-what?" I asked, thinking this was all just a dream.

"Here let me show you. Touch my cloak," he said, pulling out a side of his robe. I grabbed onto it not wanting this dream to end. Suddenly we were flying in the night sky and in only a matter of seconds we arrived in Ireland... I think.

"There he is, I'll leave you to it," Liam/Jesus said winking as he disappeared from the room. There was Niall sitting struming his guitar with tears streaming down his face, the sight of it made me want to burst into my own tears, but I had to stay strong for Niall...

(A/N OHHHHH CLIFFHANGER aha not really, but sort of. Anyways guys this movella is based on a dream I had and some 'What would happen if we met One Direction scenes I made up with my friends. Please like, favourite and comment on my movellas. Thanks. Love you guise. xxxx Clare)

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