Am I Dreaming...?

NO WAY MAN... THIS MUST BE A DREAM! THERE IS NO WAY I COULD BE MEETING ONE DIRECTION! Hi my name is Clare and this is my amazayn One Direction experience... *btw some of the things in this movella I dreamt and others I created with some of my fellow directioners.* Enjoy loves! xxxx


2. Pinch Me...?

Clare's POV

I don't think he noticed me come in, so I had to say the first thing, I walked over to him, put my hand on his shoulder and say, "are you okay Niall?"

"No," he replies, "I thought I found my princess, but she turned out to be just another witch."

"I'm so sorry Niall," I say not wanting him to know how badly I wish I was his princess.

"But you know what?" he said wiping away his and my tears with his sleeve, "I think I've found a new princess already."

"Well whoever you're princess is, is very lucky to have you," I say turning away and crying into the sleeve of my I <3 NIALL HORAN hoodie.

"Clare, my princess is in this room," he says. I look around for a beautiful girl but I'm the only other person in this room.

"But I'm the only one here and how do you know my name?" I ask.

"Clare I know you're the only one here and you know all those tweets you sent me? Those never went unread, I  always wanted to reply, but I didn't know what to say," he answers. I smile. The biggest smile my lips have ever made. Then something I thought would never happen, well happened. Niall Horan pulled my face towards his and kissed me. The strange part was it didn't feel like a kiss in a dream it felt real. I was the first to pull away because I had to ask Niall something.

"Uhm... Niall?" I asked.

"Yes love," he replied.

"Will you please pinch me?" I ask...

(A/N Another cliffhanger... sort of. I hope you all enjoy reading this movella as much as I enjoy writing it, which is a lot... I love you guise forever&always xxxx Love Clare <3)

(A/N: Hey dudes and dudettes it's Me!!!!!!!!! or Kaylin, which ever you prefer! Anyways I've been asked to asked to write this book with Clare! Yah I will save you from the boringness of her writing! Lol jking, anyways we will begin the next chapter thanks you guys)

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