Am I Dreaming...?

NO WAY MAN... THIS MUST BE A DREAM! THERE IS NO WAY I COULD BE MEETING ONE DIRECTION! Hi my name is Clare and this is my amazayn One Direction experience... *btw some of the things in this movella I dreamt and others I created with some of my fellow directioners.* Enjoy loves! xxxx


4. Food Fight

Clare's POV

"BLOODY HELL! WHO TOOK MY FLIPPIN' MIRROR?!?!?!?!" Zayn said running into the kitchen with his hair all a mess.

"Oh I found it in the treehouse," Sam said.

"Oh you have it, that's okay because I love you," Zayn said.

"Uhm... guys I need to make Niall a sandwich, can someone show me where all the sandwich stuff is please?" I asked.

"Sure love, I'll help you," Harry said, "I am a proffesional chef, am I not?"

"Aha, sure Harry whatever helps you sleep at night," I answered.

"Hey you did not just say that!" he said.

"Actually I did," I said.

"You're gonna wish you never lived," he said.

"Oh and why's that?" I asked smirking.

"Because I'm gonna do this," he said cracking an egg over my head.

"Oh it's on curly!" I yell.

"It's on like Donkey Kong!" Liam said running into the kitchen and joining the food fight. So much for daddy direction.

"HEY! WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME THERE WAS A FOOD FIGHT?" Louis asked pouring flour onto everyone.

"Dear Lord!" Kaylin yelled joining the fight.

"What in the name of One Direction...?" Beatrix asked in an attempt to stop us. We couldn't stop ourselves we were all going crazy throwing things at each other. Suddenly Niall entered the room,

"What is going on!?I'm still waiting for my sandwich!" he said pouting at me

"I'm sorry Nialler, I got kind of side tracked when curly over there cracked an egg over my head," I answered.

"Oh him," Niall said, giving Harry a death glare.

"Hey, don't look at me like that. She's the one who offended me by saying I was a terrible chef," Harry said putting his arms up in defense.

"Clare, this can't be true," Niall said acting surprised.

"It's not he said that he was a professional chef and I said whatever helps you sleep at night. I only meant it in a joking matter," I said now putting my hands up in defense.

"Oh okay, that makes sense," Niall said.

"Hey do you girls wanna go out to dinner with us?" Harry asked.

"YES PLEASE!" I said running into Niall's arms.

"Okay," Beatrix said, while trying to brush off some of the flour on herself.

"Yeah, of course I do," Kaylin said.

"Yeah I'm  in," Brianna agreed.

"Me too," Sam said.

"Okay, I guess that's settled. Now we just have to go get ready," Zayn said.

"Okay pretty boi, take as much time as you need," Kaylin said, walking up the stairs to go straighten her hair.

"WAIT KAYLIN!" Harry yelled, running after her, "Don't straighten your hair, because if you do, I'll be the only one with curls."

"Okay, fine," Kaylin sighed.

(A/N sorry it was a pretty short chapter, I'll try to make the next one longer, but Sam was bugging me to add another chapter so there you are folks...)


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