Remembering the Details (Harry Styles fanfic)

Jessi is complectated. Love is complicated. Fame is complicated. She lost her family. And at age 17 she has to live with her long lost cousin, Louis Tomlinson and his friends. Jessi's still traumatized from what happened, but will love and friendship of these five awkward boys change that? (YES) kcool read it. It gets into the story really at chapter three (:


9. Chapter 9- Awkward Assumtions

I'll update soon probs. let me know pretty ppreeetyyy please anyone likes this :P


Jessi’s P.O.V

I open my eyes and yawn. I start to stretch when I feel comforting arms wrapped around my waist.

Oh yeah, Harry.

I lift my head up behind me and look at the boy and smile.

"Babe?" he asks studying my face.

"Hm?" I manage to ask even though I’m lost in his amazing eyes.

"You didn't have the nightmare." He says still studying my face. "At all."

"Yeah I guess I didn't" I say furrowing my brows together. Remembering what the only way I could stop having the nightmare was.

"You alright, love?" Harry whispers tucking some hair behind my ear.

"Perfect." I say biting my bottom lip.

Harry smiles, "Then can we please get breakfast? I'm starving!"

"Why didn't you get it earlier?"

"I was waiting for you to wake." he looks at me with a 'duh' expression. Causing me to bite my lip again. I look away from his eyes only for him to lift my chin up. Forcing me to look in the green. "you should really stop doing that." Harry grins at me, and taps my bottom lip. "We all know it's when you're hiding something. Like a smile or-"

"Shut up Harold." I tease swinging my legs off of the bed. Harry chuckled at me and does the same. I don't bother changing out of my sweats and tank because they aren’t dirty and I'll just be changing later since the boys are going somewhere. As I slide on one of my Toms I notice that Harry is only in his boxers. I've seen this before, but to know I slept with him so close to me like that makes me-

I notice I was staring and that actually confused me of why.

I quickly look away and put on my other Tom and walk out of Niall’s flat just as Harry catches up to me. Wow. He got on his clothes fast. Or I got on my shoes slow...

“I have to pee.” Harry states. I turn to him.

“Why you telling me?”

“For the hell of it.”

“You have issues, Harry...” I giggle and he just nods his head smiling.

We walk into Harry and Louis’ flat and Harry books it to the bathroom. I see that on the couch Niall is still sleeping and I give myself a mental reminder to yell at him to never leave me again like that. He rolls around and falls off the couch landing on the floor. Still asleep. I can’t help but let out a quick giggle.

I make my way towards the kitchen and pause when I hear my name.

“Jessi and Harry DID NOT.” Louis says in a hushed voice.

“I’m just saying, it could’ve happened.” I hear Jake reply.

“I think Harry knows better.” Liam defends him. I have had enough and decided to make it seem like I didn’t hear them. I walk silently over to the front door again . I  open it and shut it loud. making sure that it could be heard from the kitchen. I walk into the kitchen this time.

“Morning boys.” I say opening the fridge and looking for the juice.

“Orange juice is over here,” Liam says.

“Oh, thanks.” I smile. Jake is grinning at me leaning against the counter along with the other two.

“How was Harry last night?” Jake asks.

Louis shoots him a mean glance and Liam sighs but still smiles at the joke.

“How was your hand last night?” I respond. For that, I receive ‘Ooo’s’ from Louis and Liam.

“Alright, I deserved that one...” He laughs as well. Louis walks over and hands me a plate with eggs and kisses my cheek. He glances at Liam and Jake who are still smiling over the conversation. “Bro, it’s a joke. Calm down.” Jake says patting Lou’s back.

“Stop being all big brother.” I smirk taking a seat at the table.

“Hey.” Louis points his finger at me smiling. “What did I tell you your first day here?” He says reminding me how he told me to suck it up if he acts all ‘big brother’ on me.

“All right, all right.” I say in defeat.They all grab their plates and join me and there’s a pause for a moment when something has been bothering me. “And I would know better also....” I say quietly but I still know they heard me because they all glanced at each other just before Harry waltzes into the kitchen.

“Goooood Morning fellow bandmates.” He sings eyeing the eggs in the pan. “I just poured water on Niall’s precious blonde hair.” He smiles two seconds before Niall comes in.

“I was sleeping. Not nice.” Niall says grouchily. I hate it when Niall is all sad. It makes me want to cry.

“I say we should go to Nando’s for lunch?” I say trying to cheer him up a bit.

“I AGREE.” Niall says acting as if water isn’t dripping from his head. Mission accomplished.

“Where’s Zayn?” I ask

“Probably still sleeping,” Niall says shaking his hands in his hair making loose water droplets fly off everywhere.

“Or taking forever to do his hair,” Louis says

“Where are you guys going today anyway?”

“Oh, we have an interview.” Liam tells me.

“I thought you guys were on vacation time though?”

“Well our fans like to keep up with us, and we don’t mind anyway... It’s mostly for you. Everyone wants to see you.”


“What? No!”

“Too bad, you’re coming!”

“Zayn, I am not going to YOUR interview.”

“It’s for YOU also! So yes you are.”


“Because we need to actually clear up why you're living with us.”

“But I don’t need to be there for you to tell them!”

“Fine. Then you’re going to give us support?”

“No!” I run with the cute silky dress on that the boys got me to wear for today and run out of Niall’s flat.

“Where are you going?” Zayn laughs chasing after me “All five of us agree that you’re coming!”

“JAKE!” I scream and finally get the Liams flat. Flinging the door open, I storm into the flat.

“I could’ve been naked!” Jake exclaimed.

“Like I’ve never seen that before?” I say running into his arms “Don’t let them take me!” I hug him hoping he’ll be on my side.

“Wait what?!” Liam says in shock.

“What?” I ask looking over at him but not letting go of Jake.

“You guys have...” Liam tries to say

“Score for you bro!” Zayn says grinning. Jake and I look at each other before bursting into laughter and letting go of each other.

“No! We haven’t!” I say

“We’ve been friends since we were like two.” Jake laughs.

“Oh, okay good. Louis would’ve killed you. He got protective fast.” Liam says

“Tell me about it.” I huff “Anyways, I really don’t wanna go there’s no point.”

“Too bad, babe.” Harry says from behind me and picks me up over his shoulder.

“Harry!” I pout banging my fist on his back.

“Don’t even try,” He laughs and I stop so he sets me down on my feet. He brushed a curl from my eyes and smiles at me.

“I really don’t like you Harold.”

“You’re lying.” He grins cheekily “You bit your lip.” Harry winks and pulls me into the car.


Louis’ P.O.V.

“What’s the weirdest thing that you guys have read about yourselves?” The interviewer, Jamie asks us. We’re doing questions that the fans sent in. I shift in my seat on the soft long black couch in the room. I smile over at Jessi, who is behind the cameras watching us. She gives me a weak grin. I know she’s nervous, we didn’t even tell her that she was going to be half of the interview. Strange how Jamie hasn’t brought her up yet.

“That Liam was a woman.” Niall states.

“Wait, I wrote that.” Harry says. Everyone starts laughing.

“That’s, um, interesting.” Jamie smiles.

“Last time I checked I wasn’t...” Liam chuckles out.

“Curly or straight hair?”

“We’re talking about girls, right?” Zayn asks.

“Curly.” Liam and Harry both respond.

“Straight.” Niall says.

“Bald.” I say.

“Aww Louis!” Jamie says creepily winking at me. I smile and look back over at Jessi who had the biggest grin on her face. She looks away to her phone still smiling.

“Do you believe in love at first sight?”

I look over at Harry smiling, and batting my eyelashes. But he catches a glance in Jessi’s direction before looking at me and pinching my cheeks winking. Zayn starts laughing at us while Niall decides to speak up.

“I’ve experienced love at first sight, the first time I saw food.”

Everyone throws their heads back laughing at the Irish boy.

“Harry, this question is for you now!”

“Okay.” He singsongs.

“Who’s this?” Jamie smiles and points to the t.v. We all look over and see the picture that I took last night of Harry and Jessi. I look over at Harry who’s blushing, Harry doesn’t blush. Ever.

“That’s Louis’ cousin!” Liam announces.

“Harry?” Jamie says, not letting go of the question.

“Jessi’s here with us now actually!” Harry says instead.

“She is!” Jamie says turning to the camera. “We’ll be back with Jessi and One Direction after the short break!”

I look over at Jessi who is shaking her head at me. I’m about to go stand up when Harry gets up and jogs over to her. What is he doing? Somehow he gets her over to the couch and sitting next to us.

“Hey babe!” I say cheerfully her responding with a slap on my arm. “Ow! Be nice on camera little girl.” Before she can respond we’re back on and Jamie is asking questions, mostly directed to Jessi.

“So are you and Harry a couple?” Jamie asks

“No! She’s my girlfriend!” Niall shouts.

“Since when? She loves me most!” Liam winks at Jessi

“No. You all are in denial of what’s real.” Zayn says then turns to me. “Sorry Louis,”

“Touch her and you’re dead.” I say pointing at all of them trying to keep a straight face.

“Jessi, is Louis very protective?” Jamie asks, Jessi looks at me and smiles.

“One of the first things Louis pulled me away to say is that if he ‘goes all big brother on me to suck it up.’ So yes. He is. Very much.”

“How do they all usually pick up the phone to you?” What kind of question is that?

“Zayn says ‘Vas Happenin?’. Louis says ‘Hey babe”. Niall occasionally answers with something to do with food. Or ‘hey princess’. Liam usually says ‘Hey Issy’, which is my nickname. And Harry says ‘Hello beautiful’...”

“Aw, Harry!” Jamie says. I look over at Harry who exchanges a confused look with Jessi.
“Do you think they’ll always stay together?”

“Yes! Forever most definitely. Plus if the band ever ended, teen suicide would go up.” Everyone throws their heads back in laughter and I even hear people from behind the cameras laughing as well. Once we calm down a bit, Jamie continues throwing out questions to Jessi.

“What do you love the most about each boy?”

“Nialls hugs!” Jessi smiles right away.

“Yeah buddy.”

“His hugs?” Jamie questions. “Why so?”

“Whenever Niall hugs someone, he buries his face in their neck.” Niall stands up and walks over to Jamie and hugs her and I see she fangirls a bit. Shocker.

“What about Liam?”

“What I love about Liam is... just the conversations we can have.”

“They argue about if fish pee or not.” Harry sighs.

“Zayn is really funny and will do something crazy too when I need it. Louis has the best clothes.” She pauses.  “Louis is always there for me,” Jessi smiles at me.

“What about Harry?”

“Harry?” Jessi says and looks over at him “His dimples and curly hair!” She laughs poking his dimple like she always does. She goes a little quiet “And the way he cares and will treat you...” We all just kind of stare at Harry and Jessi for a moment. What the hell just happened? Why is Harry smiling like a retarded camel to Jessi?

After a few moments of everyone staring at them, wonder what the hell just happened, Jamie asks us a question. “Describe Jessi.”

“He personality is beautiful... she’s beautiful but shy about it. And that’s a reason why she’s so perfect.” Harry says.

Jessi’s P.O.V.

“They thought we were dating!” I exclaim throwing my hands in the air extremely frustrated

“Babe, it’s okay, we’ll clear it up on twitter or something okay?” Louis says walking out of Niall’s flat.

“Alright.” I sigh laying down on my bed.

“I’m sorry about last night.” Niall speaks after a minute or two.

“It’s alright, I didn’t even have it at all”

“What? Why?”

“Don’t know. But even if I did, Harry was here.” Before Niall can respond, four boys burst into the room.

“Managment want Jessi and Harry to fake date.”

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