Remembering the Details (Harry Styles fanfic)

Jessi is complectated. Love is complicated. Fame is complicated. She lost her family. And at age 17 she has to live with her long lost cousin, Louis Tomlinson and his friends. Jessi's still traumatized from what happened, but will love and friendship of these five awkward boys change that? (YES) kcool read it. It gets into the story really at chapter three (:


7. Chapter 7- Bad Start

lol this chapter is weird

Jessi’s P.O.V.

Somehow, the boys all managed to plan for Jake to come here and surprise me. I found I was also surprisingly disappointed that Harry didn’t kiss me before Jake showed up.

Wait a second.

No I wasn’t. Harry is my best friend. I can’t let this happen.

I shake my head.

“So did we surprise you, babe?” Louis calls from the drivers seat. Louis is driving, Harry’s in the passenger's seat, Niall and Zayn are in the middle seats, while Jake, Liam and I are taking up the final seats in the last row of the car. I look at Louis in the rearview mirror.

“I’m damned surprised.” I say throwing my arms in the air.

“You love surprises.” Jake’s deep voice whispers in my ear. I whack him.

“You’re annoying Jacob.” I say back. He chuckles at me and leans back in his chair. “Harry?” I ask, the whole car goes silent. I think everyone knows that me and Harry were getting a little close because Niall saw us, but Jake didn’t notice because he was too excited. When we were getting in the car, Jake whispered to me saying how Niall saw us almost kiss.

“Yeh?” Harry says yawning leaning back in his seat.

‘Stop acting like that’ I think to myself. “Was this the surprise you weren’t telling me?” I ask.


“Oh, I can’t believe you didn’t tell me Harry!” I pout but still manage to smile.

“Yeah well.” He was pushing me. Why is he acting like a jerk? And why was no one telling me why! Everyone of the boys can read Harry like a book. Especially Zayn and he just sat there staring at the window. Everyone was quiet.

“So... are you guys hungry? We had lunch so should we stop and get something quickly, long ride?” Liam asks trying to not make this any less awkward without successes. Louis just turns into a fast food joint before we even answer.

“I’m starving!” I sighed starting to smile at Liam “How about you Har-”

“Don’t worry about me Jessi.” Harry says sounding bored. I flinch and purse my lips and stare a hole in Harry's head, who’s annoying the hell out of me all the way in the front seats. Jake notices and puts his hand on my leg trying to stop me from exploding.

I throw my arms into the air, “That’s it!” I say frustrated, it was loud enough I’m sure Harry heard it. Louis just parks the car and before anyone can get out I’m already climbing over Niall’s lap and out of the car.

“Babe, wait up.” I hear Zayn trying to run after me. I go straight into the bathroom in the place and I don’t even care how dirty the ground is, I flop down and start crying.

I feel my eyes getting a bit puffy, and nose red as they always do when I’m in for a good cry. I sit against the wall and hug my knees hiding my face from the light. My best friend hates me. And I don’t even know why. Or what I did. I just know that he is being a jerk.

I’m hurting so hard inside that my sobs drown out the fact that someone just stepped into the bathroom. I feel the person sit beside me, not saying a word. Just sighs and puts a hand on my back trying to get me to look up. I recognize the warmth too well.

“This is a girls bathroom.” I try staying angry but just end up spinning around and lunging into Harry’s arms.

“I’m so sorry Jess, I was just upset that-”

“I don’t care why.”


“Did I do anything wrong?” I ask in his chest my tears starting to decrease in the amount falling.


“Then I really don’t give a shit Harry.”

“I’m so sorry, babe.” He whispers in my neck causing me to get goosebumps.

“Just don’t ever take it out on me if I didn’t do it.”

“I promise.” He whispers again, my face on his chest and his face in my neck. And I feel a wet drop hit my neck.

“Are you okay, Harry?” I ask now looking up into his gorgeous green eyes.

“I’m with you right now. So of course I am.” He whispers pushing a curl out of my face and tucking it behind my ear. I kiss his cheek.

“Truth or Dare?” I ask surprisingly feeling a whole lot better. This boy has the ability to make or break my day. He chuckled silently.


“I dare you to give me a piggyback ride.” I giggle.

“You are so unpredictable.” He smiles helping me up and on his back.

“Yeah, so are you.” I say to Harry and kiss his cheek.


“You two finally made up!” Jake said, hanging his head back, groaning “I’ve only known him for like an hour and knew that wasn’t how he really was. It was getting pretty annoying with you two all... Awkward.” He states. Everyone just stared at how open he was about it. But surprisingly when I jumped off of Harry’s back he was back to himself.

“I know how to get the ladies happy.” Harry said smirking as all the boys start laughing. Harry walks up to Jake and they high five each other. I stand there with my jaw on the ground.

“OH MY GOD HAROLD.” I shout at him even though I’m laughing as well. “That wasn’t funny!” I pout at his discussing but hilarious joke.

Niall raced over to me and hugs me close to his body.

“My precious Jess! Did he hurt you? Touch you inappropriately? Force you?”

“Oh please, if I touched her she would love it. I don’t force myself onto girls, if anything, she would have forced herself onto me.” Harry grinned as Louis high-fived him also. “Besides, I have Louis. I wouldn’t cheat on him.” Harry pinched Louis’ cheek jokingly.


“Should I order?” I ask Louis who shakes his head already knowing what I’ll want.

“No, just stand there and look pretty.”

I can hear Niall chuckle behind us getting seats so I decide to join them. I start making my way up to the table, “Hey Liam, do you have my phone?” I ask as the five boys start chowing down on their food and talking. I guess they didn’t hear me, too loud.

“Hey sexy.” Some man says from beside me. I stop in my tracks and spin to see a man, in his late twenties looking down at me. I don’t think he realized I was here with the boys. Idiot.

“Uhm sorry I have to go-”

“No you don’t.” He says forcefully grabbing my arm.

“What the hell dude? Back off.” I warn trying to get his grip off of me. He smiles. And stares at my chest. “Get off me now!” I insist. He still doesn’t budge. I look over at Louis for help but he’s busy flirting with the lady taking his order. I spin my head to the boys table, on the other side. Nope. He tightens his grip on me and I let out a quick and quiet squeak.

“What’s the matter?” He says taking his free hand and moving it up closer and closer to my breasts.

“WHAT THE FUCK!” I hear someone yell and the next thing I know is Harry punching the guy to the ground. I scream and start crying, someone else comes up behind me and pulls me into their chest. Not allowing me to look at Harry or the man. It’s Zayn. I cry even more into his shirt.

I hear Louis walking over trying to get Harry away from the scene as I see over Zayn that Niall and Liam are gathering everything at the tables together and Jake makes his way over. Then I hear the man groan followed by another hitting sound and I collapse to the ground terrified. “Uhh Jake?” I hear Zayn shout over as he stopped me from hitting the ground, I feel Jakes arms pick me up and starts walking.

“HARRY!” Louis yells. “GET AWAY NOW!” I’ve never heard him so serious before.

“Fucking pervert!” I hear Harry scream before I pass out completely.


I moan and move my arm over to where it was throbbing in pain. I was about to sit up when I remember everything that happened. I shut my eyes closed and feel a tear drop fall from my eye.

Only to have it whipped away.

“Babe?” Louis’ calm voice manages to make me open my eyes.

“Oh hey.” I say frowning looking at the boys in Niall and my flat. They all run over to my big bed and find a spot. I search for Harry but can’t find him and start getting worried.

“I’m right here, love.” Harry’s voice comes from behind me, I jump a little causing everyone to slightly chuckle. I was using Harry’s body as my pillow and didn’t even realize it. My cheeks flush as he kissed my temple.

“How you doing?” Jake asks taking my hand and rubbing it.

“Do you want some ice? Cause I’ll get you some ice, if you need ice. I’ll just go get some ice.” Liam says frantically jumping up.

“Need something to eat?” Niall asks studying my face.

“Do you want to go back to sleep?” Zayn sighs.

“No! Stop guys, I’m fine. You’re acting like I died.” I say. Harry tensed, Louis and Jake looked away from my gaze, Niall put his hands through his hair then to his face, and I could see Liam dropping the little bag of ice on the ground. Zayn grabs my hand.

“Babe, we called the cops and he was a rapist that they’ve been looking for. And he was trying to drug you also.” He said calmly kissing my hand.

“What?” I ask my voice hardly noticeable.

“I’m so sorry, Jessi. I am in charge of you and I let this happen to you. I’m so sorry!” Louis cracks.

Liam picks up the ice finally and hands it to Harry who puts it on my arm.

“Was I raped?” I asked looking at no one in particular.

“No!” Louis shouts.



“Broken bones?”


“Then can I pretty please have some tea because I need to wake up somehow.”

All the boys just stare at me. Jake smiles and hands me some. I sip it and hand it back.

“I’m fine.” I say again.

“Babe, you fainted!” Harry says.

“She’s always been terrible when scared... You should see her at Halloween...” Jake smirks.

“Oh hush!” I smile looking at everyone. “Seriously, you guys acting like this is making me feel weird. I’m fine so lets go eat.” They all give each other glances. I raise an eyebrow at them. “Can I join in your mental conversations to each other?”

“Well I personally was just saying how I want to get chips now that you’re okay.” Niall chirps. Leave it up to him to bring up food. I smile.

“Well I agree.” I say turning my head up to Harry who is grinning like an idiot down at me.

Harry’s P.O.V.

Jessi seems completely fine. As if nothing happened. Which I’m cool with.

It’s around one in the morning. She woke up and we went back to Lou and my flat to eat and hang out all together. She has random spurts of energy. In the morning when Jessi’s fully awake and late at night she’s extra hyper. The rest of the day she’s her usual happy self.

Right now, Jessi and Louis are actually dancing like idiots while blasting the radio. She has a spatula and is waving it around as her and Lou hold hands dancing and singing and laughing. Occasionally stopping to stir the plain pasta in the pot she decided to make. The rest of us are at the table, just watching the two and having mini-conversations. Niall and Jake are having a conversation which consists of poking each others cheeks with absolute serious expressions. I shake my head. I don’t even want to know... Zayn, Liam and I are all just staring at Lou and Jessi, who are now actually rolling on the floor laughing with uncooked pasta in each others hair.

“She has so much energy” Liam says slightly shaking his head in disbelief. I don’t take my eyes off them.

“I just don’t get it.” Zayn coos in.

“Where does she even get it from...?” I wonder. Jessi tries to stand up but Lou makes it impossible.

“Jessi! Stop playing with the hard pasta!” They both start laughing so hard I’m afraid one might pass out from lack of oxygen.

“How was that funny enough for that to happen?” Liam asks still questioning them.

“This girl will be the death of us.” Zayn says causing me and Liam to nod our heads in agreement.

“They’re laugh... is the same, it’s too overwhelming.” I point out starting to smile. I stand up a bit and take a picture of the two and put it on Twitter.

Harry_Styles: Don't let @JessMitchy and @Louis_Tomlinson cook late at night. They end up with noodles everywhere!!

“Is it healthy to laugh that much?” Zayn says.

“It would happen all the time. There was nothing stopping that girl.” Jake says nodding his head at us with Niall’s finger still poking his cheek. Jake makes a face and pushes Niall's hand away. By now Louis and Jessi are stirring the pasta now just giggling in conversation. “She can be entertained with anything.”

“Anything?” Liam asks grinning.

“Yup.” He says popping the ‘p’.

“Hey Issy!” Liam chirps, using the nickname we all have found recently. His eyes find her.

At the sound of her name, Jessi’s head snaps in his direction. She shoves her spatula in Louis’ chest and skips over to the table and plops down on my lap so she can talk to Liam.

“Make this spoon a mirror.” Liam says holding up a spoon to her. She rolls her eyes at him and spins the spoon to the back winking at the spoon jokingly. “No, figure out how to make yourself right side up on this side.” Liam grins, turning the spoon in her hands to the front side.

Her lips form a straight line and eyebrows scrunched together as she turns the spoon in many different ways. She even turns her head sideways a few times and then finally lets out a huff causing everyone to laugh at her.

“FOOD IS DONE.” Louis shouts smiling. Jessi claps and slows down looking at everyone who’s staring at her.

“What?” She asks innocently.

“You’re just... so...” I try to find the words.

“Like me!” Louis points to himself, bingo.

“You two are definitely related somehow.” Jake stares at the boy and back at Jessi. We all nod as Louis makes his dancing way over to the table sitting next to Zayn and Jake.

“Staying on my lap?” I ask actually not minding.

“Unless you want to find me a chair? Then I’m staying put.” She chuckles lightly before serving me some pasta after herself. I thank her and she takes out her phone quickly. “HEY!” She play hits me.

“Don’t hurt my boo bear!” Louis shouts back at her, she glares at him.

“Check your Twitter!”

“HARRY.” Louis scolds making everyone smile and laugh.

“I like to eat noodles!” Jessi pouts holding in giggles.

“In the middle of the night, she would always get up and eat whipped cream and go back to sleep.” Jake tells us casually while taking a sip of milk. We all stop and stare at him, then her.

“I love whipped cream.” she says.

“My mom misses you stealing our whipped cream.” Jake smiles at her.

“I miss stealing your whipped cream! Harry, buy me whipped cream?” She asks turning to look at me.

“Sure, babe.” I chuckle eating a bite of pasta.

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