Remembering the Details (Harry Styles fanfic)

Jessi is complectated. Love is complicated. Fame is complicated. She lost her family. And at age 17 she has to live with her long lost cousin, Louis Tomlinson and his friends. Jessi's still traumatized from what happened, but will love and friendship of these five awkward boys change that? (YES) kcool read it. It gets into the story really at chapter three (:


6. Chapter 6- Getting Closer

OMG. THIS CHAPTER. <3 SO FLUFFY. OH MY SUGGY (suggy my fat cat) roflcopter


Jessi’s P.O.V.

“Harry, where are we going! We’ve been in the car for ages!” I whine, but he stares at the road smiling. Looking amused. “Tell me right now.” I demand trying to hold back giggles.

“Or what?” He grins wider. “You’ll jump out of the car?” Harry scoffs at me because there’s really nothing I can do to him.

“Shut up, loser.” I pout.

“Okay, but if I shut up then I can’t tell you where I’m taking you...”

“Talk away curly!” I sing looking over at him batting my eyelashes.

“We’re going to the beach.”

“You couldn’t tell me before?”

“It was supposed to be a surprise!”

“Wait! No. You said there were two surprises. Talk boy.”

“Now that surprise, stays a surprise.”

“I hate you.” I joke.

“I love you too, babe.” He says and I bite my lip.

Harry’s P.O.V.

“We’re here!” I shout taking out the keys and put them in my pocket. I open my door and lightly jog over to Jessi’s side of the car and open the door for her grinning with curls in my eyes.

“Aww, such a gentle man,” She smiles pinching my cheek. “So why did you wanna come here?” she asks and she steps out of the car following me to the trunk to get our bags. I look over at her, like she didn’t already know. I thought to myself.

“I wanted to spend some time with you, without all the other lads along.” I reach in the bag in the trunk and pick up the beach bag Niall packed for her along with the stuff I added and our towels

“I can take some.” Jessi says reaching for the bag but I swiftly push her away with my arm, not letting her take anything away.

“No.” I state moving everything onto the right side of my body easily.

“Harry, that’s not fair!”

“Neither is my having amazing curls and every other guy has to suffer with normal hair.” I wink at her putting my arm around her waist.

“So modest, Harry” Jessi giggles.

“You’re the modest one,” I say smiling down at her, she’s so short. She must only be 5’4 or so.

“What do you mean?” She asks furrowing her brows.

“Like when someone compliments you, you just brush it off.” I say with a small smile starting to walk on the sand to the beach, I release my hand from her waist so it’ll be easier to walk. I look back at her, who still looks confused looking down at the sand. I sigh, “Better way to explain myself is you’re the type of girl we sing about in our song.”

“Which one?” She asks quietly still studying the sand as we walk.

“What makes you beautiful.” After the words leave my mouth she bites her lip then smiles to herself, her expressions telling me that she appreciates what I said. I set down our bags and lay our towels flat on the warm sand. Jessi sits down on hers and stays quiet for a moment.



“Do you mean it?” She asks finally looking over at me. I stare into her beautiful hazel eyes, I feel like she actually doesn’t know it, like her whole life no one told her. Which makes her so shy around compliments. Maybe. I throw my keys out of my swim suit pocket into the bag. I sit down crisscross in front of her and take both of her hands in mine.

“You are beautiful, nice, and have the quirkiest most lovely personality of any girl I’ve met. So yes, Jessi. I mean it.” She bites the bottom of her lip, not looking into my eyes and I don’t know why. I take my left hand and tilt up her chin so she has to look at me. “You know that I’m here for you right?” She smiles and jumps into my arms. We stay for a couple of minutes. Jessi’s sitting in my lap while we hug each other.

“Thank-you Harry.” She whispers so that I can barely hear her. Then out of nowhere she stands up and rips her tank and shorts off leaning down closer to me. She smirks and grabs my hand tugging me up and starts to run towards the water. She chases a few seagulls away laughing hysterically before charging towards the water again probably still grinning.

“You are crazy, Jessi!” I shout jogging after her.

“I know! Isn’t it great?!” I smile and run into the water with her. We go about waist high in the water when she randomly looks up at me through the corner of her eye. I’m already looking at her but instead of biting her lip and turning away quickly, she smiles and floats closer to me and randomly wraps her arms around my torso and I don’t hesitate to hug her back. The moment was calm, and soothing. Until she screams at the top of her lungs and literally jumps into my arms, forcing me to hold her up and out of the water.

“What?!” I ask laughing at her scarred face looking down at her in my arms. Her left arm wrapped around my neck while her right resting on my shirtless chest. She notices and slides off me.

“Something was touching my foot! And it was gross, and slimy, and-”

“Probably seaweed.” We both stare at eachother for a moment before we start doubling over in laughter together.


“There! All done!” Jessi sings as she puts the last sea shell on our sand castle. “I’m pretty impressed.” She grins at me just as one of the mounds of sand crumple. I laugh at her disappointed face.

“Yeah, me too.” I smile “You have sand...” I drag out and walk closer to her and wipe sand off of her cheek with my thumb. I think I see her blush, but before I can even be sure she spins around and sits on her towel smiling to herself again. I walk over and sit on my towel next to her.

“I’m finally dry!” Jessi says, feeling her head. She’s been waiting for a good twenty minutes for her hair to dry. I grin like an idiot.

“Oh really?” I ask still grinning. Her eyes widen and she sprints up running away from me.

“Harry, don’t you even dare!” She shouts at me even though I can practically hear her smile as I run after her. She giggles turning around to look at me, but only to see me picking her up.

“Too late!” I say wrapping my arms around her waist and throw her over my shoulder chuckling and start to walk towards the water.

“HARREH.” She screams pounding her fists on my bare back.

“You know your constant giggling is not making me believe you aren’t really having fun.” I state which causes her to try and hold back even more laughing.

“No Harry! Please!” She wines as my feet start in the water.

“What’s that?” I ask teasing her. There’s no way she can stop me.

“Harry! No!” She pounds more on my back more. “Hazza I hate-” She starts to say as I get waist deep and throw her in the water. When Jessi surfaces to the top she gasps for air.

“HAROLD!” She yells at me even though I’ve never seen her smile bigger.

“JESSICA!” I yell back using her full first name. She stops smiling and hard core stares me down.

“Oh you didn’t-”

“But I did.” I wink and plunge under the water and start swimming away on my back slowly. “You know you love me,” I say as she starts to make her way next to me.

“I do.” She says quietly then quickly covers her mouth with her hand. I perk up and stand up getting closer to her.

“Truth or dare?” I ask randomly knowing that either way I’ll know what I was wondering.

“Truth?” She asks more than tells.

“Truth; Tell me what would you do if I kissed you right here, right now?” I ask now inches away from her, lightly holding her waist with my hands staring deeply into her hazel eyes. And she is even looking back into mine with her hands placed on my torso.

“Let you.” She says still staring in my eyes. I lightly smile as we start leaning in closer.

“Bambi!” Someone calls out, I go to ignore it. But Jessi spins her head around. I forgot.

“Jake? Oh my God!” She screams and starts running towards the handsome boy. Leaving me in the water. Without the girl I’m madly and completely in love with. Making a tear roll down my cheek.

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