Remembering the Details (Harry Styles fanfic)

Jessi is complectated. Love is complicated. Fame is complicated. She lost her family. And at age 17 she has to live with her long lost cousin, Louis Tomlinson and his friends. Jessi's still traumatized from what happened, but will love and friendship of these five awkward boys change that? (YES) kcool read it. It gets into the story really at chapter three (:


5. Chapter 5- Want To

omg you just wait for chapter 6. you. just. wait.


Jessi’s P.O.V.

“What?” I say innocently lost in his words. I’m laying on the couch as he stops tickling me, placing one arm on each side of me, hovering over my face.

“Go somewhere with me tomorrow.”


“You like surprises don’t you?”

“Harry,” I start to say but he puts one of his hands on my side tempting to tickle me again. I put my hands around his neck and he lifts me up and somehow spins me around onto his back.

“I’d love to.” I whisper in his ear. My heart beating a bit faster. I don’t know why, he’s just my best friend.

I feel my phone buzz in my back pocket as Harry lets me down when we get in the kitchen.

“FOOD. Make food.” Louis shouts, starting all the boys to chant for Harry to cook us something, he smiles and opens the fridge winking at me. I pull out my iPhone and see it’s Austin.

Hey, I know you’re staying with the boys. Five boys. Five teenage boys. Five attractive teenage boys. Five attractive famous teenage boys. Score for you, huh?

I bite my lip and smile at my phone, walking to sit at the table with the other boys as Harry is cooking something that already smells good.

Yeah well, I have my ways(;

I sit next to Niall and Zayn still smirking at my phone. “Why so smiley?” Zayn asks nudging me with his elbow as the chanting decreases slowly.

“Austin knows I’m with you guys somehow.” I respond to him.

“That doesn’t surprise me.” He says right before my phone lights up with a new text. I smile even wider.

Now, I’ll go protective; don’t get hurt. From them but more of being in a whole different country!!

I roll my eyes even though he can’t see me and respond.

God Austin, trust me. Don’t go all big brother, I’ve got five here also (;

I smile while putting my phone in my pocket and look up at the boys. Zayn, and Louis are rolling up pieces of napkin now and shooting them on their spoons at each other. I roll my eyes again at how immature they really are. Liam is on a laptop on I think what is Twitter. And Niall is hovering over Harry’s shoulder waiting for the food to be done while I can see Harry’s stirring the meat on the frying pan slowly just to annoy him. I giggle and take a picture of Niall and Harry and post it on Twitter.

JessMitchy: @Harry_Styles Cooking us food!!(: Any slower and Niall might burst.... Xx

I look over at the boys at the table, Liam is trying to touch Zayns hair, “Oh stop that!” Zayn pouts flinging his arms around at Liam who’s smiling while Louis is silently stealing Liam’s laptop. I hear Harry laugh, and see my phone light up a moment later to see that Harry mentioned me in a tweet.

Harry_Styles: @JessMitchy We are in the same room, have you not seen Niall just now? He’s on the floor passed out...

I spin my head up to see Niall lying on the floor repeating ‘food’ over and over again.

JessMitchy: @Harry_Styles No I didn’t!! #narrydoesCPR

I hear Harry laugh across the room and my phone lights up again, I thought it was another tweet from Harry but it was a text from Jake and my smile doesn’t leave my face. I go to open it up but Liam stands up and sits in Niall’s seat smirking at me.

“What?” I ask twirling my hair up into a bun.

“Do you fancy your mate Jake?”


“I knew it!”

“You didn’t let me finish!”

“Fine. Finish. I bet you do.”

“Liam! I don’t like Jake, he’s like my best friend but a brother as well, you know? I can’t fancy my brother.” I say imitating his voice on the word fancy.

“That’s what Danielle said once.” He says winking at me. I smile and roll my eyes.

“Mhm sure.”

“It’s true, ask Harry.” For some reason, I bite my lip at Harry’s name. All the boys now know what me biting my lip means. Liam notices because he gasps and follows my gaze over to Harry and Niall's direction. “Oh.” He says still looking at him. And I blush even more because he’s probably getting the wrong idea.

“Liam I don’t-”

“FOOD IS DONE!” Niall announces and scurries over back to his seat as Liam stands up sitting in his own. All the boys cheer.

“Why you blushing, babe?” Louis asks me still recovering from something Zayn must have said.

“She’s texting her boyfriend.” Liam says smiling at them.

“He’s not my- Oh forget it, you guys are so annoying.” I sigh, then remember that Jake sent me a text so I take a peek at my phone.

“You know texting him isn’t helping you in defense that he’s your lover boy...” Harry says in his slow british voice, I roll my eyes and check my phone quickly anyway.

I miss you.

That was random, lol miss you too. Going to eat dinner, pray for me that Harry’s cooking won’t poison us(;

“Way to have faith in Harry’s taco skills!” Zayn says chuckling. I look over at him, so does everyone else.

“You... just read my text message...?”

“Not the point, you don’t think they’ll taste good?” Harry pouts hanging his head down, making his curls hide his face.

“She thinks they’re poisoned!” Zayn replies sprinkling shredded cheese in his taco.

“I was joking Harry!” I laugh as we all smile and sip my lemonade. I look up at Harry, who’s already looking at me. I bite the bottom of my lip, which causes him to chuckle and wink at me. I need to stop doing that.


Harry’s P.O.V.

“So we’ll meet you there at half past one with Jake okay?” Liam reminds me for the hundredth time.

“Liam, I think he remembers.” Zayn commented chuckling at Liam.

“I do, I’ll take her there, and stay until one o’clock when you guys get there. However you’ll do that.” I smile

“This is going to be SO awesome!” Niall chirps, Louis looks at the clock on the wall.

“Well it’s about time to go, even though it’s really early in the morning...” Louis says yawning. “So early...” And he fake faints on the ground.

“I already packed everything she’ll need for today,” Niall says holding a bag to me. I swear, Niall is her mum.

“Thanks mate,” I smiled patting his back.

“We have to go! Right now lads or we’ll be late,” Liam says rushing the boys out of my flat. I kick Louis side in attempt to get him up and out as well. No such luck. “LOU. UP.” Liam screamed down at him, Louis twitches and stands up slowly forcing a weird smile on his face causing everyone to burst into laughter.

“Shit!” Niall gasps throwing a hand on his forehead, “What about the nightmare!”

“We have to go right now, we’re already really late!” Zayn says.

“Haz? You know what to do right?” Liam asks me. The grin completely wiped off of my face. I slowly nod. “Great! Okay good luck, and get going very soon.” He says as everyone shouts goodbye and leaves me standing in the kitchen.

I’m afraid that I won’t be able to do it. Niall’s the only one that has done it and says it takes at least ten minutes. Crap.


Twenty minutes later I finished getting my stuff together and made both Jessi and I some tea in mugs and toast with jam. I walk down the stairs with the bag full of mine and Jessi’s stuff, I grab my keys, the tea, and the toast and walk out of my flat heading towards Niall’s. I open the door to her room and see Jessi clutching onto her little pillow with her eyebrows furrowed. I frown knowing she’s having the dream. I run and get the recorder, I slide down and hold her in my arms and shake her softly awake.

“Mom!” She shouts and holds onto me and starts crying. She’s awake now because she’s squinting her eyes shut even harder. I press play and the words flow out,

“Hey sweetpie! I’m coming home soon! I miss you two so much. Eight hours at work is dreadful without my lovely daughter and wife. Well Happy fourteenth  Birthday baby girl! I love you, Jessi.”

It ends and Jessi is a tiny bit less tense, “Hey Jess, it’s Haz. I love you too. You’re oka-”

“Harry?” She opens her eyes slightly and looks up at me, “I’m sorry.” My mouth opens wide. Jessi had the same reaction as she always does with Niall, but when it was over she opened her eyes right up at me.

“You- wait, why are you sorry?” I say pulling her in closer to me.

“Because you had to wake me up...” Jessi says looking away.

“You looked the same, but when I started talking to you... you just opened your eyes.”

“What?” she says confused, “I just heard your voice, and.. I don’t know.”

“That doesn’t happen normally.”

“That only happened when Sean used to wake me,” she says still confused referring to her old boyfriend. Wait? That only happened with her ex-boyfriend? I just sit there not knowing what she’s thinking. Until she bites the bottom of her lip.

“You bit your lip.” I start to smile at Jessi who looks up at me.

“Where’s Niall?” Jessi asks obviously changing the subject.

“Uh, the lads all went out.”

“Where? Why didn’t you go?”

“They went to meet up with a friend.”

“I asked two questions silly,” She giggles.

“You promised to do something with me today.” She looks over at the clock,

“This early!” I laugh standing up.

“Be quiet and get some clothes on.” I say winking at her.

Jessi’s P.O.V.

“Where are we going?” I smile getting out of bed and running over to my dresser pulling out some jean shorts, and dark purple tank top with lace.

“It’s a surprise. Two surprises actually.” Harry grins at me leaning on the wall next to my dresser crossing his arms flashing his adorable dimples at me.

I tap my finger on his dimple, “Poke!” I giggle walking past him, “Turn,” I say and he does so. I quickly put my outfit on, “Okay!” I draw out the word smiling.

“Does your face ever get tired from smiling so much?” Harry asks turning and walking towards me taking my Toms out of my hand and giving me my flip-flops instead.

I giggle to myself and walk over to the bathroom and brush my teeth while Harry starts singing a song about brushing teeth. I turn to him when I’m done and cover his mouth abruptly with my hand. “Shush!” I tease.

“That’s one way to ‘shush’ me” Harry winks. I bite my lip and uncover his mouth taking out my french braid I put in last night after my shower.

“Woah, you’re hair is a different wavy!”  Harry says playing with my hair. My blonde hair is naturally curly. Not too curly, not too flat. But today it’s different

“I guess my hair dried wavy from my braid.” I say poking his dimple again. I wash my face under the water for a minute and pat it dry and walk out of the bathroom. Harry hands me my flip-flops again, and I put them on. He sits next to me on my bed and I look at my phone smile to myself when I see that Niall and Zayn took a picture of themselves and set it as my lock screen picture.

“You’re so beautiful.” Harry whispers ever so silently next to me. Something runs through my body and I don’t know what it is. Harry makes me feel this everyday. I blush massively and feel him looking at me. And I want to look back at him. Into his gorgeous green eyes. But I know that I can’t.

Because If I do, I will want to kiss Harry.

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