Remembering the Details (Harry Styles fanfic)

Jessi is complectated. Love is complicated. Fame is complicated. She lost her family. And at age 17 she has to live with her long lost cousin, Louis Tomlinson and his friends. Jessi's still traumatized from what happened, but will love and friendship of these five awkward boys change that? (YES) kcool read it. It gets into the story really at chapter three (:


4. Chapter 4- More From the Past

I promise this is the last depressing past chapter haha


I feel like there is shuffling around me and I see the car’s bright light like I do almost every time before I wake.

I feel someone shake me and I come with absolute fear over my body.

Louis’ P.O.V.

“So it’s settled?” I ask the boy once more on the phone.

“Yup I still can’t believe this...” He laughs, “This would only get to happen to her.”

We all smile back, “She’s going to freak.” Niall squeals into the speaker.

“Calm your leprechaun, guys.” He jokes causing all of the boys to burst in laughter  “She loves a good surprise.” He says laughing.

“She’s going to be so excited!” Zayn smirks

“Yeh, this is brilliant!” Liam says smiling.

“Okay well I have to go now, bye guys, thanks again!” He said through the phone again.

“Bye Jake!” We all say in unison and hang up.

“Should we go wake her up?” Zayn asks.

“Well obviously.” Harry says.

We make our way over to Niall’s flat and sneak in the door. “Morning babe,” I start to say but before anything else she wakes up with a really scary scream and starts crying.

“Jess!” Harry shouts, running next to her in the bed and wrapping his arms around her body protectively. “Jess, Babe what’s wrong?” Harry says obviously really scared for her as well. She still refuses to open her eyes “Jessi!” Harry shout crys.

“Oh no,” Niall says just walking into the flat. He runs past us and opens one of her drawers.

“What the hell Niall?” Zayn asks as he sees him going through her stuff rapidly. Niall ignores him and grabs something hand sized and runs over to her on the bed.

“Harry, move.” He says firmly.

“No!” Harry protests only to be swiftly pushed off the bed by Niall. He holds her lying her down on the bed and presses a button on the object. It’s a voice recorder. I think.

“Hey sweetie pie! I’m coming home soon! I miss you two so much. Eight hours at work is dreadful without my lovely daughter and wife. Well Happy thirteenth Birthday baby girl!”

There’s a moment's pause in the recording.

“I love you Squirty.”

It must have been a voicemail turned into a recording.

Jessi still doesn’t open her eyes but she isn’t as tensed anymore.

“Hey Jess,” Niall says ever so softly into her hair still holding her “He loves you. They never left you. It’s okay.” She moves closer to him and clutches his shirt tightly. Starting to cry a little bit. “Hey, shh... It’s okay, you're with me now.” He says rubbing her back in circles “Now do you want some tea? Louis and the boys’ are making it right now.” Niall says looking over at us with eyes that say ‘Get-out-of-here-like-you-never-saw-anything.’

Everyone scurries out of the room except Harry whos sitting on the floor by the bed with his eyes glued on her very sadly. Liam goes over and grabs him silently and we all leave.

I watch Harry put the tea on. I rub my face with my hands worriedly. Now knowing why Niall never leaves his flat in the morning if she isn’t awake. Why she always seems so distant in the morning and drinks tea.

“What the bloody hell was wrong with Jess?” Harry almost yells.

“Harry calm down...” Zayn says cautiously.

“I can’t! Is she okay?” He says eyeing me. I throw my hands in the air.

“How would I know?!” I yell.

“I don’t know, she’s your cousin.” He counters back to me.

“Doesn’t mean I know, or I obviously would’ve told you lads by now!” I say just as confused as anyone.

“Harry!” Liam scolds “Calm down. Why are you freaking out so much, Niall’s got it under control...” We all stare at Harry as he looks down at the island table and fiddles with his fingers his face starting to turn red. Then he silently leaves into his room.

“Oh bloody hell Harry.” Zayn says to himself

“Harry doesn’t, does he?” I ask.

“He can’t fall for her.” Liam states.

“I know... I’m afraid he might like her...” I replied quietly. Liam walks over to me and place a hand on my back.

“When Harry likes a girl, he falls hard.” He reminds me.

“And fast.” Zayn adds

“I know lads, that’s what I’m afraid of.”

Twenty minutes later.

Jessi’s P.O.V.

Niall and I walk in the kitchen. “Morning guys,” I say yawning.

“Here,” Louis says holding out some Tea.

“Oh, thanks Lou.” I say sitting down at the table, Niall gets some and shoots everyone a look and sits at the table too. I look at him, wondering why he looked at everyone like that. All the boys come sit at the table and look at me and Niall. “What the hell guys?” I ask, a very small smile on my lips.

Harry scooches his chair closer to mine and wraps his arm around my waist, and I blush sipping some of my tea. “Babe,” Harry says, “We- all five of us came into wake you up this morning and, you um...” He trailed off. I understand now. They knew that I had the nightmare, I drop my tea. Breaking the glass and run towards the door only to have Harry run after me and stop me, “Jess, let me in. Talk to me. I need you, and I need you to trust me.” He whispers from behind me.

“No Harry,” I say “I don’t know how to be someone that you need.” I feel like crying, because I actually admitted I think that.

“Just by being you.” Harry responds in my ear, I twist around and leap into his hug. I go on my tippy toes and kiss his cheek. We lean back and I stare into his beautiful green orbs.

“Where were you when I was fifteen?” I ask referring the the hardest period of time in my life.

Harry smiles and blushes, “Waiting for a girl like you to come along.” He kisses my forehead and leads me to the couch.

We stay silent for a minute or two until Harry asks, “Want to talk about it?”

“With all of the boys here.”

“Okay, I’ll get them.” He smiles slightly, talking softly.

“Thanks Ha-”

“LADS GET YOUR ARSES IN HERE RIGHT NOW! PLEASE!” Harry screams, I giggle and cover his mouth.

“That was so obnoxious,” I whisper. He grabs my hand and smiles.

“I know.”

We only wait a moment for the boys to come running in “What?”

“She’s going to talk.” Harry says.

“What’s new.” Louis says crunching on a random carrot. Some of the boys laugh, so I wack Lou when he bends down to pinch my cheek laughing.

“So what happened, this morning, babe?” Louis asked staring at me along with everyone else. I duck my head into Harry’s chest and he hugs me back tightly sending a feeling of security these arms give me.

“Love, want me to?” Niall asks and I nod in Harry’s chest. He sighs and Harry pulls me in closer, putting my legs across his lap still keeping my face in his shirt. Leaving it stained with slow and quiet tears. I can’t look at any of the boys right now.

“Well, when she was in the car crash when she was younger, she still remembers it. The moment of impact, almost every single night since then she has a nightmare of it. She says that it replays in her dreams, the truck, her mum’s face pushing her across the other side of the car, and the trucks bright light is what she sees whenever she wakes up. Once in awhile when she wakes up she is still terrorized from the dream and can’t think straight.”

Everyone is probably either staring at me, still holding on to Harry. Or at Niall in confusion.

“How did you- what was the thing- You calmed her...” Liam tries to say obviously extremely confused.

“That was a recorder, of a voicemail from her father...” Niall starts to say

“Saying that he loves me. It’s the only thing that brings me back to reality. Well, faster than just laying there in bed. That someone loves me, and I did have real parents. Because knowing that I had a mother and father that loved me is better than knowing that they are dead and not knowing if they even cared at all.” I say not daring to look at the boys, tracing my finger around the writing on Harry’s Jack Wills shirt. “The nightmare is me being afraid of losing anyone I loved. I guess that’s why it calms me. I honestly don’t get it myself.” I finally get out.

Harry hugs me tighter and kissing the top of my head. All the boys come over and sooth me in their own ways that actually do make me feel better. After about twenty minutes of them finally getting a giggle out of me I say, “I feel so lucky, having you guys. You have no clue at all. And for the record, I’ve cried more in the past weeks than I have in a year.”

And there goes another One Direction group hug.


Harry’s P.O.V.

It was about one in the afternoon now, Jessi is perfectly fine again. It’s only after she wakes up somethings wrong. She’s all smiles and giggles again. Which means I’m all smiles and giggles too. Because she has that effect on me. And most people...

“I’m hungry Harry!” Niall jumps coming over to me while I was going through Twitter mentions with Louis.

“Why do you always come to me when you’re hungry?”

“Because you can cook.”

“Tacos!” Louis shouts in my ear causing me to jump a little. I roll my eyes and nod my head, I am a bit hungry myself. Then I hear someone running down the stairs.

“Who said tacos!” Jessi says smiling still prancing down the stairs giddily.

“Hazza’s making us tacos!” Liam cheers, and I stand up heading towards the kitchen.

She giggles and frolics over to me jumping on my back asking for a piggyback ride. “I lurve tacos” She says weirdly talking over my shoulder. I smile about to say something back when she screams in my ear, “OW! ZAYN! DON’T SLAP MY ASS!” She jumps off of my back and runs after Zayn giggling. She reaches him and he spins around starting to tickle her. I feel a jab of jealousy in my sides.

“Don’t like that huh?” Zayn teases tickling her.

“Hazza! Help me!” She screams out to me, she called me Hazza. That’s the nickname only the boys call me. It sounded right coming from her mouth.

I run over and lift her up in the air, “Hey! I was busy torturing her!” I run and drop her on the couch and dig my fingers into her sides making her eyes go wide.


“Why would I want to?” I laugh.

“HAZ! I’ll do anything!” She giggles trying to stop me. Which works.

“Anything?” I ask smiling, knowing I’ll take this opportunity.

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