Remembering the Details (Harry Styles fanfic)

Jessi is complectated. Love is complicated. Fame is complicated. She lost her family. And at age 17 she has to live with her long lost cousin, Louis Tomlinson and his friends. Jessi's still traumatized from what happened, but will love and friendship of these five awkward boys change that? (YES) kcool read it. It gets into the story really at chapter three (:


3. Chapter 3- Snuggling In

hi there no one. this is where things get funn lol jk


I’ve been living with the boys for almost 3 weeks now. I’ve had major headaches at times. They are the absolute best thing that has happened to me. I honestly forget that they’re famous until we go out, or I look  at my Twitter, or the news. I always thought it was impossible to become so close to someone after just a little while, but becoming best friends with five boys in only three weeks? That’s just rare luck. They all keep my mind off of things, understand things that even some friends in America didn’t get. I haven't spoken to anyone from America, besides, Austin and his sister who is like my sister, Ashley. I don’t even want to think about Jake, or anyone else back home because I’m afraid that the more I think about them, the more I’ll miss everyone.

I get hate messages all the time, but I try to laugh at them and make smart comments back at the haters. I was afraid that I would end up being in the way of everyone here, but I completely changed my mind about that after a few days of settling in. They all found our places, including me in. With Louis, he was his crazy self but very protective also when it comes to my safety and protection. Liam, He’s like my second older brother too. He’s the one to go to when you just want to talk. Talk about anything, from the delicate subject of home to if  fish pee or not. Liam and I can just lay around for hours and talk (Just like Niall.) He’s the sensible one, “Daddy Direction”. Zayn is a little shy at first, but once you get to know him he’s so funny and sweet and a bit like Louis. He gives you a laugh without even trying, while slightly vain. Niall, I think me and Niall have become extremely close as friends. Since we live on the same flat, he knows things about me. How I have that one nightmare almost every night. And he’s always hungry! With Harry, it’s different. Harry is all of the boys combined, unexplainable. He’s not perfect, but he’s perfectly imperfect. Just like his dimples, which I love poking all the time because I love dimples. I think besides Louis, I’m the closest to him. He understands little things that make me smile and I thank the lord I have these boys.

“What the actual Hell...?” I ask staring at Liam who is pushing his spoon towards Harry with his fork. He turns to look at me and lets out a small smile

“Liam has a fear of spoons.” Niall says laughing silently. I turn back to Liam and start bursting out laughing. I try to apologize through my giggles.

“No, only at restaurants and stuff, where I don’t know where the spoons has been. You know?” He asks smiling a bit.

“Yes. Sort of.” I stop laughing at him finally biting the bottom of my lip because I feel bad for laughing at Liam.

Harry looks up at me slightly putting down his menu, I don’t dare to even look at him because I’ll just start laughing again. “She wants to laura still.”

Zayn chuckles at me, “You didn’t smile or laugh for the first twelve hours we knew you. We tried cracking a laugh out of you the entire time, now we can’t shut you up.” Everyone starts cracking up at me and I blush the smallest amount.

“She’s so... bubbly!” Niall says grinning at me. I spin my head and glare at Liam. Everyone awkwardly stops laughing wondering why me and Liam are staring at each other. Until we both crack.

“They do pee.” He states.

“No, they don’t!” I say throwing my arms in the air.

“Well you don’t notice because they’re underwater, love.”

“Oh my gosh, Liam, why would they pee?”

“Because every animal needs to drink.”


“You pee out what you drink!”

“But they breathe water, so they don’t have to drink. Right?!”

“Excuse me for interrupting but what the bloody hell are you guys talking about.” Zayn says confused.

“That fish pee.” Liam says still staring at me, we both are trying not to smile and I bite my lip.

“Why don’t you google it?” Louis asks smiling at me.

“Oh, right...” I trail off and Liam and I start chuckling. I take out my iPhone only to see that I have a missed call. Still smiling I open it up and see who it was. Sean. I tighten my lips together and stare at my phone. I look up seeing everyone staring at me.

“So do they pee?” Harry asks starting to smile.

“Oh, sorry. Um, someone... called me,” I stumble on my words and start to stand up from the seat. “Sorry, excuse me.” They smile and watch me leave and I hurriedly leave the restaurant and walk outside to listen to the voicemail.

“Uh hey Jessi, I haven’t talk to you in a while. And I just called to say that I’m glad that you cheated on me with our bestfriend because now we both can... explore new people. Well at least I will. I’m not angry anymore, I’m sorry. I miss you as my friend now. I made up with Jake, By the way, he misses you like hell. You up and left your best friend to England and you guys both actually do need each other in so many different ways, Jess. Well I guess I’ll go now. You know that I love you, I know you love me too. But just as friends again? I don’t expect you to call me back, but at least let me know if you hate me. I deserve at least that. Okay well bye girl.”

I can’t say that I forgave him yet. I know I’m not a whore. But I save the message until I do and turn around, I walk through the doors and run into Harry's strong body. He doesn’t even speak and envelopes me into a tight hug leading me back outside on a bench.

“That was Sean wasn’t it.” He says lifting my chin up to look at him. I get lost in his gorgeous eyes for a moment and then fidget out of our hug and slouch on the bench.

“Yeah, he was apologizing and said that Jake misses me and that’s really all.” I say back.

“You alright?”

“I’ll be fine, Harry”

“You sure?”

“Pinky promise.” I say holding out my pinky, he chuckles at me and links his pinky to mine then leans in to kiss my forehead. It lingers longer than normally, but I don’t stop him. “Let’s go.” I say standing up pulling Harry with me. He puts his arm around my shoulder, before we walk in the doors I put my hands on his chest and look up the inches away from my face into his eyes. He lowers his hand to my hip, “Harry...” I say quietly looking up at him with a confused face.

“Yeah babe?” He whispers back his eyes flickering.

“How did you know that something was wrong? None of the other boys did...”

He smiles slightly and shrugs, “By remembering the details.”

“What details?”

“The details about you.” He says and I look away from his eyes and bite the bottom of my lip. But he takes his hand and lifts my chin up, “Like that.” He says softly. “How you bite your bottom lip when you try to hold back a sweet smile or giggle. And when somethings wrong, you purse your lips together. How you when you feel uncomfortable you squirm around. You always wear that small blue Sapphire necklace we got you because it reminds you that we love you. You dance and sing along to music softly when you’re happy. You don’t respond no more than a “Thank-you” when someone compliments because your modest. You smile to yourself when you appreciate something. When every night you play silently on the keyboard is the only time you actually shut up happily. And how when you fall asleep you have to hold on to something. Every morning you have hot tea. And every time I carry you back to Niall’s flat, you open your eyes for a split second before falling asleep again” He says staring into my eyes and drops his hand.

I blush a little bit because we both know that a few times a week I fall asleep while all of us are watching films at night or talking at someone’s flat together, and I always fall asleep on Harry. And every time, he carries me back to Niall’s flat instead of waking me up.

“Jess, I notice things about you. And I’m glad I do.”

I smile and actually feel my cheeks hot, and blush for the first time sincerely. He smiles back at me and softly kisses my forehead and leads me back inside the restaurant.

Who would’ve ever guessed that the Harry Styles would become my best friend. Ever.


“Come on, Babe.”

“No. I changed my mind.”

“Shut up, do it now.”

“Niall, I’m afraid.”

“You can do it, love.”

“Niall!” I whine and flop my head on his lap pouting. He sighs and starts playing with my hair. “I’m afraid, that maybe he- Maybe he doesn’t want to talk to me.”

“Sean practically said that Jake was dying without his best friend, obviously he does.” He says softly to me still playing with my hair on his lap as we lay on his bed. “I’m a guy, I know. And I’m 100% sure he hasn’t called you yet because he thinks that you’re upset with him snogging you-” He stops himself and I blush a little bit.

I hold out my hand and sigh. He smiles and hands my cell phone to me. I speed dial #2 Jake.

The phone only rings a few times.

“Jessi?” He picks saying my name softly as always and I remember every moment we spent together, him holding me through every heartbreak, every bruise, every pain, every tear. All the smiles we shared, how happy we were. And that kiss...

I just start crying in the phone. It’s my first time really crying in front of any of the boys. “Woah babe...” Niall says quietly and moves closer to me and wraps his arm around me and rubs my arm soothingly.

“Jessi?! Are you okay? What’s wrong Bambi?” He asks over the phone sounding very serious. Hearing his voice calling me Bambi like he always used to makes me smile through my tears.

Niall nods at me and smiles a bit. “Jake, I miss you so much” I sniffle out.

He pauses for a moment, “Really?”

“Obviously I do because I don’t go a day without missing you...” I laugh cry.

“You have no damn clue how much I miss you too,” He whispers.



“Can I ask you something?”


“Will we still be friends forever?”

He sighs and says “Remember when we were 14 years old, and Ronnie moved out of town?”

“Yeah,” I say softly remembering my once really good friend.

“And you cried because you said you never liked losing people. I promised you that day that no matter what we would always be together somehow.”

I laugh and I can practically see him grinning all the way in America.

“I will wait. Until I can see you again okay?”


“This is me still keeping my promise Bambi.” He says and I think I hear him sniffle.

“Keep your chin up, Jake, we’ll see each other someday soon.”

He laughs and changes the subject, “So you busy or would you like to explode and tell me how life's treating you with your new family?”

I giggle and look at Niall, who’s now grinning like an idiot down at me, “Oh it’s a long, interesting story that-” I get cut off by Liam bursting through Mine and Nialls’ flat.

“Liam?” I ask running up to him. “What the hell's wrong?”

“Babe, you have to get back to Louis and Harry’s flat! Right now!” Liam urges already trying to push me out of the door.

“Liam what’s going on?” Niall asks

“Niall, Jessi is all over the news, and it’s crazy! Not just here though, in America too. They-”

We all hear Jake now since he was on speaker, “Jessi? Who are those guys-”

“Shit,” I say lifting up my phone to my ear again turning off speaker “I’m sorry Jake, I have to go.” I say rushing “I’ll text you later I promise.”

“Wait why are you on the news in London AND America...?” He asks.

“Uhm I’ll talk to you later, okay?” And hang up. We walk into Louis and Harry’s flat and everyone’s eyes turn towards me, so I run to the couch and sit next to Louis.

One hour later**

“So no one from home knows you're living with One Direction?!” Zayn questions me once again.

“Well, besides Ash, I never really said anything... I didn’t think they would believe me...”

“Do any of them have Twitters?”

“Well I think that’s why everyone knows now. You guys Tweeting me and stuff. I really don’t know.” I shrug.

Louis laughs, “You really don’t care that the whole world knows you now?”

I smile “Not really, I mean why hide it. You guys are my family now.” They all smile at me and hug me until I complain that I can’t breathe.


I look over at the boys as I sniffle a little, seeing that all them are the same way. Then I turn to Niall, he’s just plain out crying. I giggle “Awhhh Niall!”

“Shut it” He says in his adorable Irish accent. I giggle again and lean in closer to him and he wraps his arm around my waist. I lean my head against his chest.

“I can hear your heartbeat.” I say softly, I hear him chuckle.

“Well I would hope so.” He jokes.

“Jessi talked to Jake today.” Liam says out of the blue.

Everyone smiles, except Harry. “What happened?”

“We just talked and stuff, how we needed to see eachother soon, and-” I pause and sigh, “I really do miss him guys. And everyone else.”

Everyone in the room’s face drops. “Do you want to go home?” Louis said sadly while Harry started looking almost on the verge of tears which confused me.

“You guys are home. Lou, did you actually think that I wanted to go back?” I asked.

“I think we all did...” Zayn said.

“I don’t! Not for a minute, you guys are my family now, like I said. I would never want to go back.” I said looking at everyone, eyes big.

“Good.” Harry said, “I don’t know if I would ever be the same without you.” Everyone looks over at Harry eyes wide. “I mean how we all are... changed with you here...” He tried to say. “For the better.” I bite my lip and there’s a silence between everyone for a moment or two.

“You five are stuck with me.” I smile around at everyone. We all nod and stay thinking for a second.

“That was THE BEST movie ever by the way.” Zayn sniffles changing the subject awkwardly for whatever reason.

“I’ll never get tired of that movie,” Niall sighs. “Or food.” He sits up. “Oooh! Food!” He says standing up dropping me on the couch.

“Ahhg Niall!” I squeal.

“Aww, poor baby.” Harry teases. I scoff and get off the couch and go to his side where he was laying on his back propped up on his forearms on the floor and surprise tickle him.

“NO! Babe stop. NO. STOP!” He shouted laughing. I fall backwards on the floor and start laughing while the all other boys are in conversation. Once I calm down I look over at Harry who’s grinning at me now, “Now, you're in for it!” He laughs.

My eyes grow wide and I scurry up and run around being chased by Harry. I jump in Liam’s lap and wrap my arms around his neck. “Louis get him!” I giggle. I look into Liam’s eyes and smile knowing he’s thinking the same thing. Facing Jake.

“I’m proud by the way...” He whispers in my ear.

“Are you tired, love?” Zayn asks looking at me.

“Not really.” I say. But while Niall is making food, Louis and Harry goofing off on the ground, and Liam and Zayn still talking about The Notebook, I drift off still on Liam.


“You should carry her to bed... Since she’s already in your arms” The arms aren’t like usual, I open my eyes thinking to see Harry, but Liam. No wonder...

That’s the last thing I can remember before falling asleep.

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