Remembering the Details (Harry Styles fanfic)

Jessi is complectated. Love is complicated. Fame is complicated. She lost her family. And at age 17 she has to live with her long lost cousin, Louis Tomlinson and his friends. Jessi's still traumatized from what happened, but will love and friendship of these five awkward boys change that? (YES) kcool read it. It gets into the story really at chapter three (:


2. Chapter 2- First Day

Weeee chappterr 2 tada! jk not that interesting. I'm talking to myself. kbye


I wake up without a startle. Not breathing heavily, I didn’t the nightmare again. It’s the only dream I have since the car crash. Almost every week. I don’t remember ever having a regular dream.  It just replays in my mind. The truck itself. My moms face turning around to sweep me across the other side of the car.  The bright truck lights. Then boom, crash over, dream over. More like nightmare over.

I sigh relieved I didn’t have it and wipe the sleep from my eyes and pull my natural blonde wavy hair up in a messy bun and stretch. I think from what I can remember of last night, I think I’m in Niall's flat. But I don’t remember how I got in here. I swing my feet off the bed and trip over something.

I let out a yelp and fall on the floor “Umph. Watch where you walk, love.”

“Me? Watch where you sleep Niall” I respond pulling the covers off of the boy. “Oh. You’re not the blond boy...”

Harry smirked up at me. “I don’t have an Irish accent either.”

“It’s early leave me alone!” I whack him lightly. He puts his hands up in defeat.

“Okay you win.” He smiles sticking his tongue out at me.

I yawn and he helps me stand up “I thought if you lose, then so do I.”

“Well I can’t get everything I wish for.” He says winking causing me to bite my bottom lip. He looks over at his watch as we leave Niall’s flat.

“Harry?” I follow after him into Louis’ flat, all the boys look up at us. “Morning...” I say awkwardly.

“Vas happenin’?” Zayn says.

“You slept until two in the afternoon.” Liam informs me.

“Oh, sorry. I guess I was tired.” I start to say grinning

“Why are you apologizing?” Liam asks.

“What? Oh I don’t know, sorry.” I shake my head.

“You said sorry again!”

I giggle and turn to Harry, “Wait Harry why were you sleeping on the floor in Niall’s flat?” I ask

Harry peers at the boys, “Louis thought it would be funny to lock me out for the night. Niall was the only one still awake to let me in.” I chuckle and go sit next to Louis.

‘Oohh! That’s what she said!” Niall laughs at something Zayn said, we all look over wondering what happened.

“Ugh, you guys are so immature!” I scrunch my face after they say what the joke was.

“Boys. She’s too innocent to laugh at that.” Harry says laughing.

“AM NOT!” I giggle back when they all roll their eyes at me.

“Who’s making breakfast?” Niall asks patting his belly.

“I did yesterday, and that was super early.” Liam states quickly, “Pick a number from one to one hundred.”

“CARROTS” Louis says, we all just stare. “Fine. Ten.”

“Twenty Five” Zayn smiles

“Eighty Eight” Harry smiles sitting down next to Liam.

“One Hundred?” Niall questions, “Jessi?”

“Sixty Nine.” I shrug casually at the boys. They all just stare at me for a moment. Then start bursting into laughter simultaneously. I smile, satisfied with myself. “Now take it back Harry!” I insist.

“Fine!” Harry says in between giggles, “I take it back!”

“Louis’ making breakfast” Liam manages to say.

It takes a few minutes for the boys to stop laughing, “We are putting up a real bed for you in Niall’s flat instead of that tofu today, we just have to go pick it up.” Louis says.


“At around three.”

“But it’s two?”

“Well I’m getting Nando’s for everyone...?”

“Who’s going to drive us?” I say scrunching my lips.

“You seem to forgotten that I have my license too.” Harry smiles and I look down at my hands embarrassed. “I’ll be right back.”

“Where did he go?” I ask looking at the boys

“Not sure, babe.” Louis asks throwing an arm around my shoulder and I snuggle into him.

“How did I get back to Niall’s? I don’t remember waking up.” I say, even though I know someone carried me but I wasn’t 100% sure.

“Oh, Harry carried you.” Niall says.

“Why did Harry carry me not yo-” I get cut off by Liam whining.

“I want Hazza to make me food.” He pouts leaning on Zayn’s shoulder.

“I want food too.” I say patting my belly grinning.

“You smile more now!” Niall comments, I bite my lip holding back my smile but Zayn cuts me off from saying anything.

“Hey, wasn’t she supposed to make a Twitter?” Zayn reminds us.

“ Zayn! Don’t remind them” I hush him putting my hand over his mouth.

“Remind us what?” Harry says, reappearing with my suitcases and my bag. He places them down on the ground, “I’ll bring them into Niall’s flat later after we get the bed in.”

“That Jess needs to make a Twitter!” Niall cheers not listening to his last comment. “Get your laptop Louis!”

“No. I don’t wanna get up.” He replies laying his head on my lap causing me to giggle again.

“Here, use hers.” Harry says handing me and Niall my laptop bag. I scowl at him and get out my laptop and hand it to Niall. He presses the power button, by now all the boys are deciding what my name should be on Twitter. I personally think it should be my actual name...

“Hey babe who’s that?” Louis asks pointing at my desktop screensaver. The boys look over and nudge me.


“Oh, is he your boyfriend?” Zayn says winking at me.

“I’m not sure.” I say scrunching my lips again not wanting to talk about it. “No. He isn’t.”

“Oh boy drama.” Lou says pouting.

“Was he a jerk?” Harry asks.

“It doesn’t matter guys, let it go.” I respond covering my left shoulder by leaning into Niall who throws his arm around my shoulders.

“What did he do?”

“What? Harry it doesn’t-”

“Don’t say it doesn’t matter because it does!” He says a little louder than necessary. I flinch and stay quiet. My eyes flicker for a moment at my shoulder and I scrunch my lips together. Harry comes over and removes Niall's arm revealing a good sized scar.

“Oh my God...” Niall says gently looking over at my scar, “Jessi...” he sighs “Did Sean do this to you?” He asks staring into my brown eyes.

I open my mouth to explain but just start choke. All of the boys huddle over me and try to comfort me. After a few minutes I purse my lips and begin “Sean was my boyfriend for almost a year. When I found out that I was moving here I went straight to my best friend Jacobs house and told him, but out of nowhere when we were on his front porch he kissed me but I-” I pause catching my breath letting a tear slip out only to have Harry wipe it away. I bite the bottom of my lip, “And I kissed him back. I always tried to push any feelings of Jacob away since he was my best friend, but I don’t know, I just did. Anyway, Jacob and Sean are really good friends, and I guess he went to visit him too because the next thing I knew Sean pushed me away from Jacob really hard and I landed on the floor with a huge scratch on my shoulder that I guess became this scar. They started fighting but I yelled for them to stop and ran home. Then Sean yelled out whore to me. That was the last time I saw both of them.”

“So are you okay?” Zayn asks his eyebrows furrowed together.

“Yeah, I’m glad I don’t have to worry about Sean anymore,” I say half smiling because I realize that was the truth. I’m finally done with his bull.

“So you don’t have feelings for Sean?” Louis asks.

“Not even in Hell anymore.”

“What about Jacob?” Harry questions me very silently.

I pause, “Jacob? He’s only my best friend, we both know that now I guess.”

“Well if you say you’re fine now then why were you crying?”

“Because I miss knowing that Jake’s arms are there for me when I need them.”

“YOU HAVE US NOW.” Louis shouts pulling everyone into an awkward group hug. “WE ARE A FAMILYYY!”

We all start laughing, “Even though it’s only been one day, I love you guys.” I say smiling staring at the five most annoyingly loving boys.


“What about ‘@1DDumbBlond’?” I wack Niall for his comment

“No Niall, that’s you,” I smirk ruffling my fingers in his hair.

“No no no! It should be ‘@ExtraordinHARRY’.” Harry suggests

“Or @IHateSean” Louis bubbles. All of the boys stop throwing random names out and give him weird looks.

“You guys are so stupid” I giggle grabbing my laptop and typing in @JessMitchy.

“Ah that’s boring. It’s your actual name.” Harry says.

“Well all of yours are your actual names!”

“Yeah but we work it.” Zayn smirks.

“I like it. Then people actually know who the random girl that’s living with One Direction is...” Liam says. Everyone nods their head finally agreeing. I make the boys look away when I type my password in.

“What should my little picture thing be?” I ask not knowing what it’s actually called.

“A picture with your best friends from across the pond” Harry peeps opening photo booth and sliding the computer back so that it fits all six of us.

We all are laying on our stomachs, with me in the middle, on my left is Niall and Zayn, on my right is Harry and Liam, and Louis decides to lay ontop of me kissing Harry’s cheek last minute. Capturing me laughing instead of plain smiling. It’s the cutest picture ever. Zayn is smiling like a madman in Niall’s face. Niall and I are linking our hands and laughing like crazy. Louis is laying on me and Harry kissing his cheek causing Harry to have a shocked look on his face. And Liam is looking at all of us with a ‘How-the-hell-did-I-end-up-with-these-people’ expression.

We all go through settings and they help me pick out random things for my twitter account. “I’m going to tweet something.” I state half yelling half giggling in their faces.  

JessMitchy: “This next year is going to be crazy... Xx @Harry_Styles, @Real_Liam_Payne, @NiallOfficial, @Louis_Tomlinson, @zaynmalik”

“Dawww Jessi! We love you sooo much!” Louis says high pitched while wiping a pretend tear drop away from his eye.

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