Remembering the Details (Harry Styles fanfic)

Jessi is complectated. Love is complicated. Fame is complicated. She lost her family. And at age 17 she has to live with her long lost cousin, Louis Tomlinson and his friends. Jessi's still traumatized from what happened, but will love and friendship of these five awkward boys change that? (YES) kcool read it. It gets into the story really at chapter three (:


15. Chapter 15- Big word


Harry's P.O.V.

I sit back down on the couch.

"We'll be back for dinner." I hear Jessi say from the door. They're going to the mall or something. Louis says to have fun and they say goodbyes before leaving. I pull out my phone and text Jessi.

I misss youu :(

I look around and everyone's doing something. Liam's getting ready to go out, Louis and Zayn are running around chasing each other while Jake is trying to take some of Niall's chips.

Then Jessi texts me back,

poor thing, just call if you miss me toooo much ;P

I laugh and put my phone down still bored.

"Where's my keys!" Liam says scurrying around the living room. "I know they're in here, they aren't in my flat!"

"Liam-" I say and he whips around. I point to his hands and he blushes before thanking me and saying quick goodbyes and leaving too. Jake plops down next to me. "Give up?" I say refering to trying to get some chips from Niall. We look over at him who's  rolled up in a ball on the couch eating potato chips watching the t.v. happily.

Jake sighs nodding his head in disappointment. I laugh and Louis and Zayn tackle us a minute later.

"BYE HAZZA!" Louis shouts in my ear while Zayn caresses Jake's face. We say bye, and they skip out the door loudly screaming.

"Liam should've gone..." Jake says not trusting those two to go to the market by themselves.

"Well, if Niall went, we would spend a fortune." I claim smiling and I look over at Niall who's crawled up in a little ball, hugging his chips. Jake laughs and I shake my head then his phone goes off.

"Oh, gotta take this, it's my girlfriend." He says jumping up and going out probably to his and Liam's flat

I sigh, bored once again. I swing my head to Niall who wiggles before sleeping some more happily. I poke his side, "Niall," I coo. "Wake up." I poke him some more. "Nialler!" I wine before he slaps my hand away from him. I chuckle and go to kitchen. I make myself a sandwich and go back next to Niall and flip through channels.

I decide to call Jessi.

"Hello?" I hear her voice answer the phone.

"Hi." I respond happily

"It's only been fifteen minutes, Harry." I hear her giggle from the other side of the line.

"But I miss youuu!" I pout. "I'm bored!"

"What about the boys?" She asks me.

"Liam is with Danielle, Louis and Zayn went to the store, Jake disappeared, and Niall was watching telly with me but he fell asleep eating crisps!" I whine. "Hence, I am bored."

"Well I'm having fun, not bored, so have a wonderful time Harry!" She laughs at me "Love you!" She hangs up before I can protest.

"I love you too, Jess." I whisper to the empty phone line. I sigh and put my phone back down staring at it. "Just be mine already." I say even more quietly to myself.

"Uh, Harry?" Niall says quietly. I jump at his voice and look at him. He has sad eyes while saying, "She couldn't hear that part, mate." I look away and nod my head.

"I know." I get up and go to my room to take a nap.


"Wake up lover boy." I hear some one coo at me. I grunt and roll over opening my eyes to see all of the boys smiling down at me.

"What?" I ask confused.

I look over at Zayn who is holding my phone to me, I look at it and it has Jessi's contact up. I stand up and push them lightly out of the way and get my phone but Zayn backs away. I lift my eye brows up.

"Admit you like her." Zayn teases. I roll my eyes and start to walk out of the room fast. But Niall and Louis take my shoulders and push me against the wall, pinning me there. I wiggle and struggle to get out of their grips.

"Just say you like you and we'll let you go!" Jake grins.

"Guys! This is so stupid let me go!" I wiggle some more.

Zayn types on my phone for a minute, "Hey Jessi, I really like you. wanna go out for real?" Zayn says in a mocking voice then shows me the text. My eyes grow wide and I protest.

"Stop! This isn't funny!" I say although everyone else is laughing.

"Just tell us how you really feel!" Liam says.

Zayn hovers his finger over the send button. Louis and Niall hold their grip tighter.

"Fine! I love Jessi. I love her, alright?" I yell, then let out a sigh of exhaust. "You all happy now?" Louis and Niall let go of me and everyone stares at me.

"You... You love her?" Louis asks me with soft eyes. I look down at my feet and kick at nothing.

"Love is a big word." Niall says putting his hand on my shoulder.

I nod, "I know it is." I say and walk out of the room and into the living room I plop down on the end of the couch and put my hands in my hair.

I have to tell her. I'm telling her tonight.

I make a goal to myself that by the time Jake leaves, she will be mine. Or at least I'll tell her. That's two days.

"Harry?" Liam's voice rings out and I see him come down the stairs. He sighs when he sees me and sits on the couch next to me.

"Hey Liam."

"Do you really love her?" He asks me.

"I'd do anything for her, Liam. I love her more than anything I've ever felt before." I say looking at him.

"Then do something about it." Liam says smiling at me.


It's about 6 pm. We decided to watch a movie. Toy Story, Liam's choice.

"Why do you always pick the movie?" Jessi asks walking in the room rolling her eyes at Liam.

"Because I'm family member of the week." He claims.

"You always are!" She laughs plopping right next to me.

I reach my hand in her bowl of popcorn, "That's because Niall always picks the family member of the week." Zayn explains before shoving popcorn in his mouth too. Niall gets up from the floor at the sound of food being crunched and sits next to Jessi and starts eating some happily.

"Because his movies don't scare me." Niall says with popcorn in his mouth glaring at Louis who holds his hands in defeat in the air.

"Hey, at least I don't pick sappy love stories every time..." He defends himself smirking at me. By now Eleanor and Jessi are laughing so hard that she started chocking. We all laugh at her while I pat her back. She calms down and laughs at herself.

"I have problems." Jessi admits looking at me.

"We know." Jake says plopping down on the giant beanie bag. I see her smile and she leans back into the couch, with my arm still around her. Everyone snuggles in their own spots and Louis gives  me a look. I nod my head mouthing not to worry. And he smiles lightly at me.

Near the end of the movie I look down at Jessi, who's snuggled up to me. I smile at her, she's so oblivious to me. She smiles at something the movie says and looks back up at me.

"Hi" She mouths to me.

I smile at her and kiss her forehead. She must like me somewhat or else she wouldn't cuddle. She wouldn't blush, or let me kiss her forehead. Not in public, but alone too. I take my left hand and take hers in mine. I feel her smile, before she looks away and blushes. I play around with her hand before realizing her ring isn't on. A little piece of me breaks inside.

Once the credits start I ask, "Where's your ring?" I hope not sounding too hurt.

She gives me a puzzled look before glancing at her finger. She gasps and jumps up. "Where is it?" She rips the couch cushion off from where she was sitting and feels around for it.

"What are you doing Jess?" Zayn asks being woken up.

"I lost my ring!" She cries pushing Niall off the couch and flying that cushion off too, doing the same thing.

"What ring?" Jake asks.

"The one Harry bought me." She says grabbing my hands pulling me up, looking in that spot too. I rub her back for a moment before walking around her. I put the couch back together and we start looking for a bit.

"The one Harry bought me?" Louis repeats quietly in my ear.

"It was one her mother had once, it seemed to mean a lot to her so I bought it for her." He nods his head. I grab his hand and run out of the flat, "It might be in her room." I say and he nods again. We walk and I shove my hands in my pockets. "I know this is something you ask a father, but your the closest thing I have right now." I say looking at him in the eye. "May I ask Jessi to be my girlfriend?"

"Harry," Louis sighs and pulls us into Niall's flat. He slams the door. "I understand that you do love her, but she isn't just another fling. She's beautiful inside and out and you can't ruin that by breaking her heart. You used have a reputation with girls and I don't want that to continue badly." I shut my eyes tightly breathing in hard.

"But the thing is, I believe you. I truly believe you are in love with her, because you've changed for the better since she came here." I smile.

"Is that a yes?" I ask. He nods and we start looking around her room some more. A smile is plastered on my face as I think of different ways I should ask her out. Where should I take her? I think some more.

Louis scurries into the bathroom. I hear clicking and something drops. "What was that?" I ask walking after him.

"NOTHING!" He responds quickly and slams the door in my nose.

"Oh." I comment and shrug and go to her bed. I scan my eyes on it then my eye catches a glimpse of it on her bedside table because her phone gets my attention from going off. I jog around her bed, to her table and smile, picking up her ring. I see her phone and it's from some guy named Dan. The screen goes black so I click the home button, and read the message (without having to open it fully up)

xx still up for our date? ;*

I can literally feel the angry coming out of my ears. Winky kissy face? Really? Who's this Dan guy? And why are they going out on a date?

In furry I whip around and only bump into Louis. We wobble for a moment before he lifts an eye brow at me. "What's wrong?" He asks me. I growl and shove her phone in his hands. "Give this to Jessi, she has a text with her boyfriend. They're going on a date." I push him out of my way and start walking. "Great!" I yell throwing my hands in the air. I spin around to Louis. "She's in there!"

"So? You don't know what-" He pauses when hearing a beep. We lock eyes and I run over. I look at the phone and read.

wear that hot dress ;)

"What the fuck!" I yell and storm out of the flat. I hear Louis follow me behind Niall's flat.

"Where are you going, Harry!" He says running to me and swinging my shoulders around to face him. And I feel tears wanting to come out.

"I'm acting like a fucking girl!" I say rubbing my face. "I can't- I can't go in there!" I say pointing to our flat. I do a double take and see Jessi looking at us from the window. I know she can't hear us, but she sees me crying. And I don't know why I even am. I don't own her. She doesn't owe me anything. "The girl I love is right there and she isn't mine! She's obviously into someone else who isn't me!" I shout at Louis. He stops with the dagger eyes because I'm taking my anger out on him. He looks over at  the flat and I follow mine too, to see Jessi opening the door.

She opens the door and shuts it behind her, leaning against the door with her hands behind her. We stare at each other for a moment before Louis jogs off towards her. She watches as Louis gives her a nod of his head and she takes off towards me. Jessi runs to me and stops a few feet away, cocking her head to the side looking at me. She slowly walks closer to me and wipes a tear off my cheek.

"Harry," She whispers cupping my cheek in her small hand. I shut my eyes hard. "Harry?" She asks again before wrapping her arms around my torso. I stand there for a moment before giving in and returning it. "What's wrong?" She says.

"It doesn't matter." I say angrily into her hair.

"Well you were crying so-"

"Just leave it alone!" I snap for no reason at all clenching my jaw. She takes a step back and just stares at me with hurt in her eyes. I take her hand and roughly put the ring in her palm. "Just go." I say unclenching my jaw realizing what I did. She looks at me one last time before going into her and Niall's flat, shutting the door quietly.


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