Remembering the Details (Harry Styles fanfic)

Jessi is complectated. Love is complicated. Fame is complicated. She lost her family. And at age 17 she has to live with her long lost cousin, Louis Tomlinson and his friends. Jessi's still traumatized from what happened, but will love and friendship of these five awkward boys change that? (YES) kcool read it. It gets into the story really at chapter three (:


14. Chapter 14- Admitting

"We'll be back for dinner." I pat my belly. Harry said he's making tacos.

"Have fun!" Louis says kissing my cheek and pecking Eleanor on the lips as we walk out of the door.

"Thanks." We say simultaneously.

"Bye boys." I say catching a last glimpse of Harry, who was fixing his hair, flipping it around a couple times. I smile to myself and walk out of the door right behind Eleanor who waves from behind, causing her keys to jingle around in her hand. Louis shuts the door behind us. I walk next to El, as she puts on her sun glasses.

"Finally some girl time!" She laughs and links her arm in mine.

We make our way to the car as I get a text from Harry.

i misss youuu :(

I chuckle to myself and open the passengers door to her car and step in. I respond quickly,

poor thing, just call if you miss me toooo much ;P

I put my phone back in my purse and turn on the radio as Eleanor starts driving. We start in immediate chatter talking about the most random things we could possibly think of. And then, ironically, What Makes You Beautiful comes on the radio. We grin at each other and turn it up full blast screaming out every word.

It's only a five minute drive to the mall so we park and waltz right in. Giggling and talking we find our way to a dress store to buy our dresses for the next day.

I look around and stalk my way over towards the night dresses. I roll my eyes because every dress is black. Not one color! What's wrong with color? Yes, black is sexy but I'm not going for sexy. The only person I would try to impress is Harry. But that's no use, so I'm just going to dress average.

"You should get this one!" I gasp at a dress, and Eleanor runs over and looks at it. She gives me a look before we both burst into laughter. The bright pink fluffy dress that doesn't cover an ass like ours, isn't the one. We recover and continue on looking around.

"Hey, look at this one." She says and I look over. It's a short black dress with lace from the upper breast to the top. It's beautiful and not slutty like my other dress back home.

"Oh my gosh! El, that's so cute!" I smile.

"I know! You should try it on." She says shoving it in my hands and I laugh checking the price.

"No!" I pout. "That's way too expensive." I say handing it back to her.

She rolls her eyes at me, "You're boyfriend is Harry Styles. You can afford this." She passes it back to me once again. My eyes widen and I hit my face. I forgot to tell her it was fake!

"Oh no, Eleanor!" I chuckle "Harry and I-"

"Speaking of the devil himself!" She says as my phone cuts me off mid-explanation. 

"Hello?" I answer the phone.

"Hi." He responds hyper-like.

"It's only been fifteen minutes, Harry." I chuckle.

"But I miss youuu!" He whines. "I'm bored!"

I roll my eyes even though he can't see me. "What about the boys?" I ask.

"Liam is with Danielle, Louis and Zayn went to the store, Jake disappeared, and Niall was watching telly with me but he fell asleep eating crisps!" He explains. "Hence, I am bored."

"Well I'm having fun, not bored, so have a wonderful time Harry!" I laugh at him "Love you!" And I hang up before he can protest.

"Do you love him?" Eleanor asks me and I look at her and sigh.

"N-" I stop myself. I don't love Harry, I tell myself again. "Harry and I aren't dating." I tell her straight up.

"Yeah, and Zayn's a virgin." She rolls her eyes.

"No, really. We are fake dating, management is making us." I try to explain to her further. She just stares at me.

"Oh my gosh... You're serious." She says in shock and I nod my head.

"So does that mean I can have your number?" A voice says behind us. I jump and spin around to see that the voice belongs to a sexy blonde.

"How much did you hear?" I ask pointing my finger in his face.

"All I know is that you and some guy aren't dating or something, it's fake." He chuckles throwing his arms in the air in defeat. I put my arm down.

"You tell no one, strange sexy boy." I say sternly.

"Is that a yes?" He lights up laughing at me.

I furrow my eye brows together, "A yes to what?" I ask confused.

"A yes if I can have your number."

"Oh. Then it is a yes." I wink.


"I can't believe you did that." Eleanor says after we bought our dresses.

Walking towards the mall doors I ask,"Bought the dress? Fake boyfriend or not, he can still afford it." I laugh at myself.

"No, giving that Dan guy your number." She rolls her eyes as I kick the handicap button to open them for me.

We get to a restaurant and Eleanor says quietly to me. "Why'd you give him your number anyway?"

"Why not?" I counter back.

"Because you and Harry."

But a man walks up to us "Two please." Eleanor says and the man gives us a table to sit at in the corner booth.

"Are fake dating." I finish for her when she doesn't say anything else.

"Don't you like him though?" She asks sliding in.


"You can tell me the truth you know." She says feeling a bit hurt. I look at her and sigh, slamming my head on the table.

"It wouldn't happen, El." I say quietly.

"Why would you say that?" She asks me.

"Because it's Harry." I mumble looking at her again.

"And I'm sure he feels the same."

"I don't think so, and even if he did, he wouldn't want to deal with all my issues." I sigh again resting my head in my hand.

"That's not true." Eleanor says throwing her arms in the air.

"Can we please change the subject?" I ask.

She looks sadly at me for another moment before picking up the menu. "I've heard that the shrimp here taste good. I'm shore you'll love it." She winks and I chuckle at her awkward joke.

yay! jess finally admitted her feelings to someone else. woooh. i'm excited for the nexxtt chapter! haha sorry i didn't update in like five days but high school sucks and i had a lot to stuff to study for :( and my friend is coming up from Pennsylvania and staying with me at my home in mass. shes coming tonight and leaving next friday. so i'll try guys! love you all!

thank you so much for favoriting/liking/reading! it actually makes my day and i love to hear what you guys think of if like i love suggestins because it makes you like it better! so let me know, thanks :D


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