Remembering the Details (Harry Styles fanfic)

Jessi is complectated. Love is complicated. Fame is complicated. She lost her family. And at age 17 she has to live with her long lost cousin, Louis Tomlinson and his friends. Jessi's still traumatized from what happened, but will love and friendship of these five awkward boys change that? (YES) kcool read it. It gets into the story really at chapter three (:


12. Chapter 12- From Fake to Real

This is like the same day as the last chapter beeteedubs

Harry's P.O.V.

“Oh! I love this!” Jessi says pointing in the window of yet another store in town. We’ve been  walking around for about an hour or so now.

“You like everything you see.” I chuckle at her.

“Oh hush.” She smiles sweetly. She looks over at me, and I smile at her. “What?” She asks me.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” she asks again.

Because I love you. “No reason.” I smile and grab her hand swinging it back and forth she giggles.

“Oh my...” She says stopping at another window.

“What?” I ask.

“My- My mother.” She says walking up closer to the window.

“No, no, those are rings.” I joke sweetly walking up next to her.

“My mother had this ring.” She says pointing at a silver ring with two pieces of silver twisted around each other. Simple but beautiful. She walks away, probably before she gets too attached.

I take one more look at it before I catch up to Jessi. I spin her around to me and engulf her in a hug.”What was that for?” She asks me.

I take her face in my hands. “For being you.” I say. She smiles, biting her lip. I can just feel the smile grow on my face as I lean in and kiss her nose.

“Wanna walk around some more?” She asks me taking one of my hands in hers again.

“Sure, but um-” I look around and spot a little bench. “Sit here for a moment I have to go pee pee.” She facepalms herself.

“Would it be so hard to say bathroom?” She laughs at me.

“Basically.” I laugh as she sits down on the bench. “Stay!” I chuckle running into the store. I walk right up to some man working there. The little store is cute and quaint, with old red velvet chairs to sit in. “Excuse me? I’d like to buy a ring.” I smile at the man.

He raises an eyebrow at me, “Aren’t you a little young?” He jokes

“No no no not an engagement ring!”

He chuckled a bit. “I figured, want me to show you som-”

“I already know what I want.” I say. “That silver ring in the window. The twisted up one.”

“Angie,” He calls over some other worker who’s in maybe her twenties. “Please go get him the ring.” He smiles. She nods her head and come backs a minute later with it.

“Here you go.” She says placing it down.

“Oh, are you sure you can afford that one?” The man scoffs at me.

“Don’t you know who he is?” Angie says. “He’s in a famous boy band! Harry Styles” She throws her arms in the air walking off mumbling something about old people.

“Well if that's so.” He smiles at me.

“Thank you so much sir!” I call after him a minute later shoving the ring box in the pocket of my jeans and walk out of the door with a ding of the little bell. Smiling I skip out and stop dead in my tracks to see paps surround Jessi, closing her in taking pictures. She has a smile on her face but it’s obviously fake. I run and make my way towards her. I take her hand ignoring all of the intense questions thrown at me.

“Sorry everyone but we have to get going.” I say holding Jess close and we make our way out of them and I take her behind and building and push her gently up against the wall. I cup her beautiful face in my hands. “Are you okay?” I ask her quietly studying her eyes.

“I’m fine. I said sweet nothings about us dating for everyone.” She says looking away. “They know about my dad. And the coma.” She adds in and a tear rolls down her cheek.

“No, no, no.” I say wiping it away. “It’s okay, shh.” I say hugging her. “Come on, let’s go babe.” I say putting my arm around her waist walking behind the stores until we get back to the car.

“Thanks.” She says when I open the door for her, I look around and don’t see anymore of them. I run to my side and get in. I look around in some of my CD cases and put in Ed Sheeran, her favorite. We drive around and I pass the turn we make to get back home.

“Harry, isn’t that the way home.” She asks looking out the window as it passes us.

“Yes.” I answer.

We sit a few more minutes in silence just listening to Ed Sheeran. Until I pull into grass and park. “Harry, where are we?” She asks, I smile at her and get out opening her door for her. She takes my hand looking around.

“Come on.” I say smiling. We walk and I shove my hands in my pockets. Once we get past the trees, there’s a beautiful meadow. With flowers everywhere and a little blue lake She gasps and walks ahead of me looking around. She laughs and starts running, watching her feet because with every step of her running, wish flowers fly in the air. She smiles back at me.

“Why are we here?” She asks as I catch up to her. “No one can see us on a “date”.” She jokes.

“No one has to.” I reply. She bites her lip and plops down in the grass and flowers, patting the spot next to her.

“Thanks Harry.” She says quietly “For always being there for me.” She twirls some flowers around in her hands smiling.

“Don’t say thanks yet,” I grin and her head springs up.

“What?” She asks confused. I grin even wider and reach in my pocket and pull out the box. She looks at it so I hand it to her. She still just stares at it not knowing what to do. I chuckle and place it in her hands for her.

“Open it.” I command and she does. Jessi gasps and drops the box.

“Harry, no.” She says wide eyes. “You didn’t have to-”

“I know, I just wanted to.” I say taking the little ring out of the box. I take her left hand, putting it on her fourth finger. Right when its on she leaps into me, hugging me. After a minute I smell something. “What is that?” I sniff her neck and she leans out.


“No, no, come back what- what is that, perfume?” I ask “You’re wearing perfume.” She just laughs at me.

“Most girls do!” She laughs

“I like it.” we laugh together.




“Why do you think no one lives here? With the trees and lake?” She asked an hour later.

While she lie in the grass meadow by the lake on her stomach with her legs dangling in the air, twisting around a small purple flower that surrounds us, all around the meadow. With trees with flowers whose shadows were just missing her. The sun gleaming on her skin, making her look smoother. Turning her gorgeous green eyes looking from the ocean, shiny. Her blonde straightened hair even more silky parted on the side of her head. Jessi was wearing her blue tank top with her jean jacket. Wearing the ring I gave her, to remind her that I will always be there for her. I gave it to her. Not knowing she will wear it everyday since. She had the smallest of smiles at this moment, for this was her favorite of moments. Summer, in the evening. The lake and meadow was at its best. A tiny strand of her side bangs fell out of place from the rest of her hair on her back. Instinctively knowing that she hates loose hair in her face I reached my hand up and softly push the strand away and tucked it behind her left ear. I added one of the purple flowers from the meadow. Jessi could not have looked more perfect. More pure.

And at this moment I fell even more in love with her than I was before. I couldn’t help it if I tried. But I didn’t want to try.

Her words bring me back, and I think for a moment. Gathering my thoughts.

“Because people are too caught up in their lives to come out here past the old road. The city people. And those who aren’t, and spend an hour or two to come all the way up here are smart. They see things the way you and I do. That animals live here, with the graceful trees and greens, the lake so perfect and clear blue. Genuine people see beauty. And don’t want to destroy it.” She looked at me with the softness of her eyes, less than a foot away from mine.

She blinked for a second and a sweet smile appeared, and she blushed. I don’t know why, and I’ll never forget it. The shade of soft sunrise pink. I guess she saw how I was looking at her, with the love in my eyes. She knew that I have loved her. Then again she doesn’t, because she’s so oblivious.

I was propped on my forearm and the side of my body. And I thought for a moment, nothing could get in my way now. To kiss her. I know she would let me. But before I did, she leaned her body closer to me. Still on her stomach she moved to me. Pressing her forehead against mine, taking her gentle left hand to the back of my neck. Twisting my curly brown hair between her fingertips.

She whispered with the softness that I know to be hers. “Harry... I feel safest with you. Don’t ever let me go.” She said that before, the first time we connected and became friends. Jessi remembers this too, but she added one last thing, “You’re my other half, I can’t go on without you.” Something half surprising happens though, a single teardrop falls from her sea green eyes onto my hand. But it doesn’t seem sad.

I know this moment is important to her. So I give her a gentle kiss on top of her head. That’s all though. “I will never leave you. I promise you that Jessi Mitchell.”

I absolutely meant this with my entire heart. Jessi knew this. “Okay.”

And that’s why I know I can’t. I can’t kiss her, because it might ruin things. She has way too much on her mind. And a possible boyfriend shouldn’t add to it. A kiss is simple, but can come to be complicated and I know that I’ll always be one of those boys.

One of those boys who are so unexplainably in love.

Yet the girls, the perfect beauty themselves never know.

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