Remembering the Details (Harry Styles fanfic)

Jessi is complectated. Love is complicated. Fame is complicated. She lost her family. And at age 17 she has to live with her long lost cousin, Louis Tomlinson and his friends. Jessi's still traumatized from what happened, but will love and friendship of these five awkward boys change that? (YES) kcool read it. It gets into the story really at chapter three (:


10. Chapter 10- The Word Approve?

You have no idea how happy i was that someone read this and liked it! I'm having the worst day ever so thank you jesus for blessing me with a mentally abusive father. cooool. BUT THANKS FOR MAKING ME SMILE EVERYONE ONE HERE! <3

“What do you mean?” Niall asks. Jake, Louis and Liam sit on my bed and Harry and Zayn on Niall’s.

“They saw the interview, and the pictures we put on twitter. And pictures from... Uh the beach. They thought you two were actually dating. And we actually got more publicity or something from you two. But management wants you two to fake date in public to keep that up for some reason.” Liam explains softly.

“Do they have a choice?” Niall asks

“Yeah, but they were pretty strict about it.” Zayn says.

“Well, you guys know I’d do anything to help out, so this is on Harry.” I finally speak up. Everyone looks at Harry, who is just smiling.

“Just call me “Boyfriend”!” He laughs.

Niall’s P.O.V.

“Will we have to act coupley?” I hear Jessi’s fragile voice whisper to me in our dark room, waking me from close to sleep.

“That’s what couples do. You’ll have to act in love, Jessi” I chuckle from my side of the room.

“Neither me or Harry are good at acting.”

“Harry won’t have to act...” I mumble to myself knowing she probably didn’t hear me. I hear Jessi let out a sigh. I whip my covers off of me and walk over to her bed. I take her laying body and lift it onto my lap and hug her. “I know that acting isn’t what you're afraid of right now.” I say into her hair.

“I don’t wanna lose my best friend.”

“It wont be awkward at all. I promise. This will be fine, it’s not too late to back down.”

“I know.”


“Niall,” I hear someone bringing me out of sleep. “Wake up,” I groan and open my eyes to see me and Jessi asleep and snuggled up on her bed. I open my eyes wide and realize how that looked different than how it is. I quickly scurry out of her bed and end up slamming into Liam. Shit.

“What the hell!” He whisper-shouts at me.

“It’s not what it looks like.” I say walking across the room and grabbing a plain T putting it on.

“Well it looks like you guys were snuggling it up last night.”

“Liam, she was upset last night. I was comforting her and we both fell asleep.” I roll my eyes heading out of our room and start down the hallway.

“Niall, not the point.” He stops me in my tracks. “Do you... like her?”

“Jesus Liam!” I say “I know it looked like it but I don’t have feelings for her. She’s like a little sister to me!”


“She’s awesome but I’m sure.”

“Good, because Harry...”

“I know, mate. I know.”

Jake’s P.O.V.

“Was Jessi awake yet?” Harry asks nervously.

“No, Niall said he’ll wake her up and come on over.” Liam says shutting the door to Harry and Louis’ flat.

“I don’t know what to do.” Harry says stupidly to me.

“Well, don’t make things awkward.” I tell him sitting on the couch.

He chuckles “Wow good advice.”

“Flirting doesn’t affect her with her friends, we joke around all the time, she’ll just laugh and brush it off.”

“What if she doesn’t?” Zayn says plopping down on the couch. “Harry was quite the flirt.’

“What do you mean?”

“What if his flirting ‘affects’ her?” Zayn asks nudging Harry.

“Then she’ll want to kiss you. You know, if she thinks he means it and if she feels the same way.”

“HARRY GET IT ON.” Zayn shouts.

“Woah, wait, you like Jessi?” I asked surprised. Then again they almost kissed or something. Holy shit. They almost kissed... Jessi almost kissed Harry...

“No, don’t you?” Harry turns the question on me. I laugh. “We know what happened between you two.” The laughter stops.

“People do things unintentionally. We’ve talked about it! I have a girlfriend now.” I explain as everyone is in the kitchen by now.

“MAKE THE TEA!” Niall shouts storming into the flat and running to us. We all turn abruptly and look at him for a few seconds silently. Louis reaches his hands out in front of him. Holding Jessi’s tea.

Tea means nightmare. Tea means it was hard to wake up. But that was a fast wake up for her. Only ten minutes.

“Ooooh! Tea!” Jessi smiles walking into the flat wearing a sweatshirt that says ‘I <3 Zayn’ with a picture of his face on it and some red sofies. She walks over to Louis’ outstretched arms holding tea. “Thanks Lou!” she says kissing his cheek and walking over to the tall stools that sit next to the counter.

I see Harry smile at her and she returns it and continues sipping her tea. We all grab some tea and join her all around the kitchen sipping in silence. Unitil Jessi groans loudly.

“God guys. Harry and I are fake dating. Why are you all being so awkward. It’s not like we are fuck buddies. So calm your shit and carry on, please.” She says bored, eying all of us. Niall just starts laughing like crazy.

“I’m sorry, but can we all just take a moment to realize how she used the phrase “fuck buddies”?” And soon everyone in the room is laughing.

“Well, us fuck buddies should announce our ‘relationship’ to get the word out.” Harry laughs.

“How?” Jessi asks setting down her tea.

“Twitter!” Niall cheers taking out his iPhone. “Now go look all couply for the fans...”

Jessi’s P.O.V.

“Hey, that’s a cute photo actually...” Harry laughs from beside me on the couch in the living room I look over at his phone to see Harry and I and a tweet from Niall along with it.

“world cutest couple by far xx nialler approves !”

I chuckle and nod my head turning to look at my own phone which just buzzed.


Leetle Sister:
I’m not really into girls though...

I respond laughing at myself.



Leetle Sister:
cause you’d do this whole angry text message in all caps asking if you ever taught me anything about how every guy is a douchebag, except you, and to listen to you that I need to  break up with him even though you always love them.


Until you break up, I plan another murder mission.

Leetle Sister:
don’t kill my boyfriend or millions of scary teenage fans will do the same you


well i googled him for a few hours with chris

Leetle Sister:
why are you with one of MY friends? get some your own age loser


cause he’s always been my partner in crime.

Leetle Sister:


we saw tons of things about him, and we approve

Leetle Sister:
good to know. gtg love you about to go out.


i’ll be stalking all of their twitters now.

“Can you tell me why your phone is making you laugh more than your own boyfriend?” Harry jokes and I show him my texts. “He’s just jealous of my hair is all.” he winks and hands my phone back to me. “SMILE BABE!!” Harry shouts and takes a picture of us unexpectedly.

“We both look scary...”

“Tweeting it.”

“Hate you.”


@HarryStyles: love my girlfriend @JessMitchy Xx date today!

“A date today?”

“You’re the one who said you were about to go out.” Harry points out.

“That’s my excuse to not text him anymore.” Harry laughs and shakes his head.


I hear one of the boys shout then Louis comes storming in the room. Louis apparently doesn’t mind us fake dating.

“Oh come on Lou!” Harry groans then drags him upstairs to talk. I sit awkwardly on the couch for a moment then decide to get food. I walk into the kitchen and see Liam and Niall wrestling. I step over their bodies and make my way to the fridge.

“Stop fighting.” I say scanning the food. They pause for a moment before continuing. “Stoopp fighttinnggg.” I groan. “I’ll make you food?” I say into the fridge and a second later I feel arms wrap around me and shake me viciously.

“THANK YOU KIND FRIEND!” Niall cheers.

“Jessica go get clothes on.” Harry says walking in with Louis following him.

“I was considering going naked.” I say peeking my head around the fridge door and Liam.

“As much as Harry would love that-” Niall started before Louis hit him.


“Just go.” Harry says shaking his head. “Wear something casual.”

“Okay...” I say.

“Hey babe.” Zayn says as I walk into the living room and start out the front door to mine and Nialls flat.

“Hi.” I say not stopping.

“Where are you going?” Jake asks.

“I don’t know!” I laugh and shut the door. I take a shower and let my hair air dry. I put on my black bra and matching undies and start looking for something to wear. I pull a plain white tank top out and pull it on.

“Hey Jess.” I hear Niall call from the door.

“What am I supposed to wear Niall?” I ask calling him over to my clothes.

“Didn’t he say something casual?” He laughs. I slap his arm. “Okay, okay. How about... umm.. this!” He chirps and pulls out my jean jacket. “Harry likes this.” He says.

“You guys talk about my clothes...?” I hold in laughter.

“And not that white tank top, wear your blue one...” he trails off and goes towards my tank drawer. “Here. It looks nice on you.”

“Niall...” We both stare at eachother before I burst into laughter. “You are being so...”

“SHUT UP.” He defends jumping on my bed and pouts at me. “I was just helping. BUT WHATEVER. YOU KNOW. YOU’RE  WELCOME.”

“Oh my gosh I love you Niall.” I laugh and pull on the blue tank instead of my white one.

“I know you do.” He winks sprawling out on my bed. “I’m irresistible.”

I roll my eyes and finish putting my clothes on along with my lavender Toms. I pull my hair up in a bun and put a little makeup on.

“Why do you do that?” I jump at Niall’s voice thinking he was still on my bed. I slide over so I’m not two inches away from him.

“Do what?” I ask finishing my makeup.

“Makeup. You don’t need it you know.” I just roll my eyes and keep silent. I wonder where Harry’s taking us?


Tell me what you think the date should be like/ where they should go! ;) lalala any suggestions maahh fraanns?

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