Remembering the Details (Harry Styles fanfic)

Jessi is complectated. Love is complicated. Fame is complicated. She lost her family. And at age 17 she has to live with her long lost cousin, Louis Tomlinson and his friends. Jessi's still traumatized from what happened, but will love and friendship of these five awkward boys change that? (YES) kcool read it. It gets into the story really at chapter three (:


1. Chapter 1- New Home


okay. so I'm pretty sure my story is going to have no reads or whatever but I don't give a flying giraffe. Let me get this out there: I obviously don't know the boys... so if I say anything in the story its for the story. That even confuses me... Don't steal my shit on here. There will be mature stuff like potty words and whatever... if you like the story can you let me know? so I won't feel awkard? Shanks my llama <3


IMPORTANT: Okay I know the story is boring right now. But by like chappy 3 it'll be fun and cute and fluffy. I PROMISE! So if you are the one person who desides do read this then shanks and wait for chappy 3 or so.

ps the girls name is my name cause I didn't know what else to do...


-Jeesssiicaa <3

We sat in the van. The six of us. It was dark out in the sky, with some stars shining. I look at the clock on the dash, 10:11. I shift in the passenger's seat, feeling like one of the boys are looking at me. Well if some random person came into my life, and had hardly any knowledge of why, I would be staring as well. I pull my knees up on the seat and hug them staring out the window trying to ignore the five of them who look somewhat familiar.

“You do know that you’ll have to tell us at some point.” The very curly haired boy stated while he was driving. I turn my head sideways and look at the boy, his green eyes locked on mine for a moment until he looks back at the road.
“Harry,” I hear Liam muttered from the middle row seat. “She’ll talk when she-”

“Where have I met you guys before?” I asked plainly, cutting Liam off mid-sentence. I looked around at the five boys staring up at me. I raised an eyebrow when they looked around at each other and didn’t say anything. “Okay, fine don’t respond?” I sigh. After a moment I say, “But you do know that you’ll have to tell me at some point.” I say mocking Harry. I can see him slightly smile through the corner of my eye.
“Are we almost there yet?” Zayn whines whacking Liam’s arm and pouting to Harry
“Ow Zayn, you haven’t looked at a mirror for over an hour?” Louis bantered back quickly from the last row of seats. Everyone in the car laughed, even I let out a grin as well.
“She has a smile!” Harry announced cheekily getting fake surprise gasps from the four boys behind us. I admit I haven’t been myself to these strangers.

I roll my eyes and lean up closer to the side of his face and smile enormously making an obnoxious “eeee” noise.

“You have a beautiful smile Jess, wear it more often.” He whispers silently as I sit back normally in my seat. I bite my bottom lip and look out the window.

“I want some food.” Nialls’ irish voice sings out in the car.
“When don’t you want food?” Louis laughed to himself.
I grab the baby carrot pack I saw in the front seats and toss them all the way to the back seats hitting Louis by accident. “Noooo! You aren’t some fangirl buying me carrots as well are you?!” He frantically says.

“Why didn’t anyone listen about the Lamborghini...” Zayn sighs to himself.

“Fangirl?” I asked chuckling at Louis’ facial expression. “I was giving the leprechaun carrots...” I trailed off still confused. “What do you mean fangi-”
“Hey Hazza, turn the volume up on the radio!” Liam smiled, Harry turned it up a little. I realized it was the song ‘What Makes You Beautiful’. “Hey Jessi, do you know this song?” Liam asked me. All the boys were staring intensely at me.
“Uh, yeah I’ve heard this song back-” I paused at the word home. “Back in America...” I said looking at the boys’ faces, “Why?” I ask curiously at their eyes glued on me.
“I’m guessing you aren’t a huge fan,” Zayn commented.
“I love all of their songs.. but.. I don’t...” I slowed down and stopped talking. I look at Harry, Liam, Zayn, Louis, and Niall. “OH MY GOD.” I yelped jumping a little in my seat just realizing that they are One Direction.
“If you are going to go all Fangirl, let us know so we can cover our ears!” Harry said worriedly. Now I understand ‘fangirl’.
But truthfully, I’m a fan of their music. I support them. I never bothered to find out their names individually or watch their videos on YouTube. I giggled, “I’m not, don’t worry.” I look around at them again. “Sorry, I’m just shocked...”
“So you kill our ears?” Louis jokes.
“Well maybe if you didn’t wait for me to find out on my own I wouldn’t have.” I countered turning in my seat slouching. “I can’t believe this. I thought I was going to live with live with a woman and her kids.” I asked confused.
“You are.” Niall replied, I could hear the grin in this voice. “Well, kinda only one... You’re going to stay with us boys at our flats while we are on break, and then come around the world with us.” He says cheerfully, “Make a Twitter as well.”
“But I don’t want a Twitter.”
“That’s the only thing you have to say right now?” Liam asked laughing.
“Well I like your music, so I definitely won’t die from hearing crappy songs. And so far you guys seem nice. So basically I don’t know what to say. I don’t have a choice to go with you guys or not.” I said taking that last sentence back right away.

“Sorry...” Harry frowned.

“Oh god...” I sigh “I didn’t mean it like that, I just-” I started to ramble.

“It’s okay,” They smiled “We know.”

After about ten minutes of being silent and listening to the boys talk, laugh and joke nonstop Harry asked, “Hey Jess, can you tell us why you're here... with us of all people?” Everyone stops dead in conversations looking at me. I tighten my lips together like I always do when somethings wrong.

“Want the long or short version?” I ask.

“Whichever makes you feel better”

I sigh and give a half hearted smile. “Well I don’t understand myself, I only have a letter...” I start leaning down into my bag grabbing it. “This is it. But you guys wouldn’t understand it until... you understand what I’ve gone through...” I start to ramble again.

Harry takes one hand off the wheel and grips mine firmly, bringing a feeling of security throughout me, “We are good listeners if you want us to be.” He says sounding true fully. I nod my head and he lets go of my hand.

I frown slightly and take a deep breath and start to pour everything out. “So when I was thirteen, a drunk truck driver hit my car. I was fine, just left traumatized. My mom died instantly.. And putting my father in a coma ever since.”

I pause and look around everyone has looks of sorrow on their faces but Louis looks a bit taken back. “But since my older family friend, Austin, went to college where my parents both grew up in PA he took me with them. But since I’m not 18 yet, and my dad is still in a coma, for some reason I can’t live with him anymore for some legal reasons. I don’t get why no one ever said anything about me living with him until now... And I have no legal guardian, both of my parents didn’t have any siblings, my grandparents were too old and died over the years, so no one thought that I had any adult family members out there. So I technically couldn’t stay with Austin... but I got this letter” I waved the letter in the air, “It says she was proved to be from my mother’s cousin who some people found and told her about my situation. I didn’t even know she had any... So she just automatically wanted to become my legal guardian or whatever this is... So now I thought I was going to live with her.”

I take a deep breath and look around at everyone and let out a huge sigh, “I’m following what’s going on... Lads?” Niall says in a serious mode. They all nod and “mhm”.

“But why I’m staying with you guys I still have no clue to that...” I say furrowing my eyebrows.

“Jessi,” Louis says quietly. I turn to look at him but he won’t make eye contact with me, “Do you know her name?”

“Who? My mom’s cousin? Oh...” I open the letter and peep at her name, “Uhhmm, oh she’s Johanna Tomli-” I stop myself from reading aloud her name. It couldn’t be. I spin my head around to Louis. He looks at me back, “Louis!” I half yell, “Why didn’t you tell me!” I ask sounding strangely desperate.

“I don’t know, I thought you knew... And I... Jess she only told me that it was a friend of hers. She never mentioned blood relation.”

I just nod and know not to be angry with him, he did nothing. I once again slouch in my seat and a single tear escaped my eyes as I realize that the one of my only family members alive is here in this car with me. Harry reaches over and quickly wiped the wet tear off of my cheek and focuses back on the road. I search from inside me, but only find relief. I’m relieved that I have family. Even though it hurts that the only people I know are in a whole nother country, including my ‘older brother’. I still don’t get why Johanna had me stay with the boys and not home with her. I think about it for a minute or two when I realize that she wrote a small part in her letter I never understood until now .

“Living with them, you will always be protected.”

The boys will have body guards with them and I’ll be able to have people around my age to talk to and I’ll have the time of my life. I actually don’t understand her idea fully, but it’s fine by me. I smile feeling relieved of who knows what.

We all just sat in silence for a few minutes understanding what was going on. Silence until Zayn spoke up, “So what are you guys? Cousins?”

“But they still look nothing alike.” Niall adds.

“Well, I can see they might have a few facial features the same.” Harry added.

“By that are you daydreaming Louis lips?” Zayn smiles

“Hazza knows Louis’ lips like the back of his hand.” Liam smirks while everyone laughs, except me being confused

“What?” I ask

“Well we are always making out so of course he does!” Louis replies loudly and smiles.

“LARRY! Well, as the fans say...” Niall adds getting more laughs from the car. Nope. Not me. Then I get it. That’s a Harry and Louis ship.

I look over at Harry, “Are you and Louis a couple!?” I asked shocked. Everyone looks at me, holding in laughter maybe...

Harry looks back at me, “Yup.” He says casually and all the boys start to guffaw.

I just stare confused, “I can’t believe you believed that...” Liam says chuckling “It’s a joke bromance, the fans go crazy over it for some reason.”

“Jerks!” I say smiling “I can’t believe I fell for it either.” I say then hear Harry imitate ‘Jerks’ in an american girl accent “Harry!” I lightly slap his leg, “don’t laugh at me guys!” I pout.

“Yeah, Louis has a girlfriend anyway, so does Liam and I.” Zayn says still in smiles from their joke.  

Liam reaches his hand behind his seat and Louis slaps it back making an “Awh yeah” noise. “Yeah and you two are loners.” He says grinning at the thought of his girlfriend probably.

I look over at the other two boys. They’re all super sweet, why wouldn’t they have girlfriends yet? I guess they haven’t met the perfect one. Plus they’re all really good looking. I think about how Harry is single for a moment too long than needed, so I mentally slapped myself.


For the next hour driving to their home we listened to their songs on repeat, I don’t even know why. Even though I am listening to them on CDs, it doesn’t feel like they are famous at all. Just normal people who I am stuck with for who knows how long. “Why don’t you guys sing along?” I asked listening to one of their songs, “I don’t know who is who...” I said awkwardly.

Which was immediately followed by Niall singing along to a solo which I guess was his, “If I’m louder, would you see me? Would you lay down in my arms and rescue me...”

I cut him off  “Oh my God Niall!” I turn around in my seat and gawk at the boy.

“What?!” Niall asks imitating my scream.

“Oh my God-” I start.

“Oh my God, this is great!” Liam says mocking me. I reach over and slap his leg.

“It sounds so amazing when you're right there singing it...” I try to explain still amazed at how wonderful he sounded. They all just smile at me probably thinking that I’m crazy.

“WE’RE HOMEEEE!” Harry shouts extremely loud.

“Oww Harry, calm down.” I suggest, but in response they all start filing out of the car. I go to open my door when Louis already opened my door for me. I step out, “ Thanks Louis, Ah fresh air. You guys started to smell...” I tease.

“Now I want my first real hug from my cousin.” He grins and pulls me in for a huge hug. “I think we both know that my mum sent you with us instead so you’ll be protected better...” He says practically stating the truth, “So if I go all ‘big brother’ on you...” He starts now pulling out of the hug with a extremely strange serious tone of voice, “Then suck it up.” He winks.

Harry’s P.O.V.

It’s about 11 or 12 o’clock at night and we’ve been with Jessi since 11 this morning.  We picked her up at the airport, she felt sick so we had to stop somewhere for a while until she felt well enough to even stand up properly but she stayed there when we had to stop for a signing out of the blue. I don’t think she even knew where we went because Paul just picked us up. Then we finally got in the car and started to drive home. Food. Traffic. More food. More traffic. And by the end of it all, it was 12 hours later.

We all get out of the car at our flats that are connected together. All of us are jumpy from the long car ride. It feels good to stretch my legs finally from the drive.

“I’m sooo hungry Liam..” Niall complains desperately while leaning on Liam’s shoulder as we start to make our way to mine and Louis’ flat because we normally hang together there.

“Niall, I’ll go get Nandos for you in a bit okay?” I tell him

Niall stops in his tracks and jaw drops, “OH HARRY! I LOVE YOU!” He giggles and runs to hug me. Zayn walks past the three of us and slaps Nialls’ back end smiling devilishly.

Niall turns to go to chase Zayn back when out of nowhere, we here a girl laugh. It wasn’t just that, her laugh was a full out side pinching laugh. Zayn, Niall, Liam and I all crank our heads around in surprise to hear that it was Jessi.

“That’s the first time we’ve heard her actually laugh..” I say smiling slightly. “It’s quite a lovely laugh isn’t it.” I state more than ask. I look over at the boys who seem to notice as well. Jessi giggles and chuckles a lot, but we haven’t seen or heard her actually laugh until now. She just came out of a hug with Louis and was starting to walk our way. He must have made her laugh. Typical Louis. Always putting a smile on faces with his strange sense of humor.

Once she stops laughing so much Louis and Jess make their way over to us. Zayn and Niall are chasing each other around and Liam taps my back, “What’s the matter mate?” I spin around and realize that I was staring at her.

“What? Oh, nothing.” I say shaking my head.

“Well, welcome to our home!” Liam says warmly.

“I want tea.” Louis says out of the blue.

“What” Jessi looks at Louis strangely, then at me, “What?” she asks noticing how I’m smiling at her.

“You laughed.” I stated before I realized it.

“Yeah, I guess I just needed warming up to you guys.” She responded biting her lip.

“You get warm up to people fast then.” Niall laughs swinging his arm around her shoulder as we all start to make our way up in the flat again.

“In some ways more than others...” She says under her breath I can tell we all heard it though, but no one said anything back.

Jessi’s P.O.V.

Once we walked inside Louis and Harry’s flat the boys ran off. Zayn went straight to a room I guess as the bathroom Niall went towards a kitchen and Louis and Harry raced to the couch while Liam was getting a phone call. I wasn’t sure what to do so I decided to follow Niall into the kitchen.

I walk in to Niall getting out orange juice and ham slices “Hey,”

“Oh hello love, want a sandwich?” He asks opening the cabinet below him and pulls out some bread.

“Sure why not.” He smiled goofily back at me.

“Oh would you mind grabbing me the cheese from the fridge?” He asks

“Sure,” I say jumping over to the fridge and pulling out the cheese. I walk over and Niall is getting two plates for us. I start to make our sandwiches “Get some cups too.”

“What are you doing?” he asks me leaning his forearm on the counter.

“...Making us sandwiches?”

“You’ve been in here for two minutes and you’re already mum.”

“I am not being a mom. I’m being female.”

“Oh, you listen when guys say women belong in the kitchen?”


“Good thing.” He winks walking around me to get some cups.

“Hey guys guess who Harry- OOOOH RED SOLO CUPS GET THE PARTY GOING!” Louis shouted leaping in the air. Him, Harry and Niall all start dancing like crazy randomly. I roll my eyes and make four more sandwiches quickly. “Food.” Louis stops dancing abruptly and scurries over to me. “THANKS MUM!” He says grabbing one and kissing my cheek.

“You’re welcome?”

Harry grabs one too, “Thanks babe.” he says in my ear and I bite the bottom of my lip.

“I knew you wouldn’t take me to Nandos.” Niall whines.

I grab my sandwich, “What’s a Nando’s?” I ask and take a sip of orange juice.

“SHE DIDN’T JUST SAY THAT?” Louis screams and covers Niall’s ears who just started fake crying.

I raise an eyebrow at them “Nando’s is basically an English TGI Fridays.” Harry says like it’s first grade common sense.

“And my second home” Niall smiles “Oh Nando’s...” He trails off.

Zayn walks in and eyes grow wide seeing that everyone in the room is eating a sandwich. “Oh my gosh, what’s with boys and their food?” I ask rolling my eyes then handing Zayn his.

“I like this girl. Lets keep her.” Liam comments also entering making everyone snicker.

“Oh I feel loved!” I smile at them.

“I don’t know about you guys, but I already feel like she’s part of the One Direction family.” Louis says

“Me too.” Liam chimes in.

“She just fits in our group.” Zayn agrees

“I agree with Liam, lets keep her” Harry says.

“She hasn’t looked at us like we are mental...” Niall chuckles

“Not yet.” I say biting my sandwich while receiving goofy smiles.

After we all finished our sandwiches we go into the living room type area. Louis, Niall, Liam and Harry all beat me and Zayn to the  large couch, and Zayn jumps taking up the entire loveseat couch.

All the boys chuckle at me cause I’ll have to sit on the floor. “Nuh-uh” I say and sprawl across  the four boys’ laps.

“Well okay then.” Liam says laughing.

“Hey, who knows what’s been on that floor and I couldn’t let you guys win.” They all roll their eyes.

Harry grabs my body from under my arms and drags me down on the floor next to him “If I lose, you do too.” I smile and he grabs a pillow and places it on his lap and motions me to lay down. As soon as my head is on the pillow he starts playing with my hair, and almost immediately the boys are watching t.v. and laughing cracking immature jokes. I swear, they’re 14 on the inside.


I wake up extremely tired and out of it to boys whispering.

“She looks so peaceful sleeping”

“She looks like a cute baby penguin.”

“Is she smiling in her sleep?”

“That’s so cute, she’s like me.”

“Lou, how would you even know that you smile while sleeping?”

“No don’t wake her up, she fell asleep like this.”

“But you can’t sit here all night so she’ll be comfortable, you need sleep for tomorrow!”

“Okay true, wait who’s flat is she staying at?”

“I would say Louis, but there’s no room with Harry there too, and Liam and I have girlfriends and people might freak out and get the wrong idea”

“She can stay with me! I think we’ll get on well as friends.”

A few more words gets tossed around but I’m so tired I just keep my eyes closed and try to sleep some more.

I feel someone's arms lift me up bridal style. I open my eyes ever so slightly and see Harry’s face carrying me somewhere. “Louis, I’ll be back in a minute.”

“Harry?” He doesn’t respond, I probably wasn’t loud enough so I close my eyes again and almost drift off.

“I could have carried her you know,”

“Yeah, I know” And I fall on a bed and someone puts covers over me and I fall asleep.

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