Violence vs realilty

I was born and raised in Southern California, my dad is Australia and my mom was born in Tennessee. I'm 17 years old, my family is rich, well in a way they are. I get abused by my parents all the time, they threaten me if I ever told anyone I'd get it. Get it? What does that even mean? Does it mean that they'll kill me? Well I don't know, I really hate my life at the moment, my boyfriend well... His name is Kaleb and he's a controlling type, if I don’t do anything he says well bad things happen. Hi there, I'm Taylor this is my story.


17. she can't be pregnant

I was in hospital waiting for the doctor to tell me what was going on. I was freaking out, Justin had no idea what was going on, he kept walking backwards and forwards, please dear god let me be okay, let me stay alive, I promise to be a good person for now on. I hate the hospitals, I don’t know how many times I’ve been in here and how many times I have to basically repeat myself. I big to have sharps pains again, I scream little, “Fucking hell mother fricken ugh!” this is irritating! The doctor comes inside, “finally! What is wrong with me? This is getting annoying and frustrating,” I said angrily. Justin came over and held my hand and kissed my forehead. The doctor looked puzzled, “Um, I don’t know how to put this, but your 8 months pregnant congratulations,” I instantly felt Justin’s face and hand drop. What? A baby, I’m pregnant? How can I be pregnant? I don’t even have a bump? What is going through my head right now is furious! “What? Pregnant?” I said still confused, “Yes, Taylor your 8 weeks pregnant. Your bump is faint, so you can’t see it,” the doctor said, I demanded another blood test, it’s fake, it’s wrong, I’m not pregnant. I saw Justin leave the room, “Baby?”


Justins’ Pov

I’m going to be a dad, no I’m not. Yes I am. No I’m not. Shut up pathetic voices running through my head. Taylor is not pregnant I keep repeating to myself, it’s not possible, she can’t be. No no no! This is wrong, very wrong. My career will be at risks, I’m 18, and I’m still young I can’t handle a child now, no way. I called my mom,


Pattie: Justin, is Taylor okay?

Justin: *cries* mom, I think she’s pregnant.

Pattie: What do you mean, you think Justin?

Justin: She has a faint bump, she is 8 months.

Pattie: I’m coming.


She hangs up the phone, I was crying outside the hospital. I can’t be a dad, this isn’t meant to be. I want to have kids when I’m in my twenties, not now it’s too early. What am I supposed to do? Give up my career and raise a child with Taylor. My fans are my everything, my mom scarificed everything for me to be in this position and I’m now that I’m going to be a father, my fans wll be gone. I won’t have money to support us!

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