Violence vs realilty

I was born and raised in Southern California, my dad is Australia and my mom was born in Tennessee. I'm 17 years old, my family is rich, well in a way they are. I get abused by my parents all the time, they threaten me if I ever told anyone I'd get it. Get it? What does that even mean? Does it mean that they'll kill me? Well I don't know, I really hate my life at the moment, my boyfriend well... His name is Kaleb and he's a controlling type, if I don’t do anything he says well bad things happen. Hi there, I'm Taylor this is my story.


6. my new rol model

I saw the principal use the announcer thing, “Sarena Wilson report to the principal’s office immediately,” he had said through the speaker. I was scared of what she will do next, Justin and Pattie had the most worried look on their face, and I’ve never seen them so worried before, they really do care about me. I could feel Justin stroking my hair, repeating “its okay babe, you’ll be in okay, I won’t let her touch you,” he is the most amazing person in the world. I heard a knock on the door, I froze. I saw them look and it was her, she the ex-girlfriend that I was threatened by. “Please sit down, “ the principal had told her to. She gave me a glare, I growled. I didn’t want this to end badly, I just wanted to leave this place, “Boyfriend stealer,” she growled back. Justin started tensing up, I could feel it in his arms, he’s getting annoyed with her attitude so much, “Seriously, shut up Sarena and you wonder why I broke up with you, she didn’t steal me away I chose her over you,” he said angrily. Pattie was trying to calm him down, this is the most horrifying thing in school yet. The principal started to talk, “Sarena, you have no right to hit a girl that has done nothing to you,” he was cut out, she was angry ‘SHE TOOK MY BOYFRIEND!” she shouted at him, I stand up “Are you serious? I didn’t f***king take nobody, he came to me. Fricken grow up Sarena you don’t know what I’ve been through, you know nothing about me so shut your mouth, or I’ll shut it up for you. Before judging someone before you know them, try being in my shoes for day and stay with my real family and date my ex-boyfriend and you will regret it,” I walked out. Pattie grabbed me and hugged me in her embrace. I just walked out of the school grounds, feeling useless.


When we got home, I ran straight to my room and slammed my door crying on my bed. I can’t believe my life has been all about violentary, this is ridiculous and I want it to stop. I wish I could turn back time and have left my ex-boyfriend ages ago, and have ran away from my parents years ago, but I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t be that strong person Makenna says I am. I’m weak, I am weak to my knees I am this little girl who I wake up every day and just put a fake smile on my face. I need help by someone, I need to help others and make my story the best possible, to help get young girls attention, what dangers are out there, my life has all been glitz, glamour and torment. From now on, I’m going to turn my life around, I’m going to be a new person, a person nobody suspects. Justin has brought a smile to my face every day, he’s been there for me since it’s happened, since he found out he’s been a little more protective of me, the fact that he cares means the world to me. I’m glad I’ve came into this family that loves me for everything, not just because of my life’s decisions. I heard a knock on my door, “come in,” I said sniffing. Justin came in pulling me in for a hug, “you are the most beautiful and most strong girl I’ve ever met, you have taught me better, “ he said silently, I looked up and kisses him softly, “thank you baby,” wiping my tears. He was playing with me here, and told me that Pattie wanted to speak to me about something when I’m ready to go downstairs. I got up and slowly walked downstairs, “Whatever mom tells you, please listen carefully, she’s protecting you,” he said hoping that I’m listening to his words, I nodded. I walked to sit with Pattie, “hi, what’s up? Is there anything wrong, or anything I did?” I said worried of what’s coming towards me. “No honey, nothing you did wrong. I want to tell you a story, I want to protect you okay sweetie, you are a fantastic girl I didn’t know this would be that bad,” she had warned me that whatever she’s going to tell me has an effect on her life and her upbringing. Pattie started telling me about her story and how she was molested and sexually abused as a young girl. I had tears in my eyes. She is not only the most amazing mother, she’s incredibly strong. She is my new inspiration and role model, I gave her a hug and said thank you for her incredible story. She looked at me and said “I’m here for you sweetheart, don’t hesitate don’t come to me for anything okay,” she’s so kind, I will I had said, I can’t believe her story it was amazing. “Justin, your mom is amazing,” I looked at him, “I know, she’s one-of-a-kind,” he kissed my forehead

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