Up's and down's

When Karla Morrison is shocked with a family tragedy she must decide between family and love...
After a shock incident teenage Karla Morrison is left without anywhere to stay with very little money, it is only when teen sensation Niall Horan take Karla in that their love extends to great limits with rocky paths along the way... only fate will decide where their love leads...


8. Where is he?

Liam's P.O.V.
T drive down the lonely discarded streets of Wolverhampten hoping to discover which hotel Niall has ventured off to. Juust earlier i went and checked his favourite hotel, minutes away from my house, it would have been more convenient but in the end i gained no luck to the search. In the pit of my stomach i feel as though he has headed to Chapel's Gardens Hotel. I'm not sure why though, Niall always used to complain of the bland meals there? I decide to check though, it's not like it on't help at all.

After another hour and forty-five minutes of endless driving on the dark dense country roads of Wolverhampten that seem to last for eternity i reach the hotel. As i step out of my Jeep i get a butterfly type of feeling in my stomach, he has to be here.

With a rush of adrennalin i run through the lobby of the averagely dressed hotel to the front desk where a lady in her mid-thirties is sitting moodly shoulders arched looking through obviously boring paperwork.

Through gaped breaths i exclaim;
"I-I'm... looking for... Niall.... Niall Horan...?"
"I'm sorry Sir but under no circumstances am i allowed to-" her voice cuts off after her head has finally risen from her desk, her face slapped with a broad smile and wide eyes, i offer a dumb look in return.
"Oh my, y-you're Liam Payne from One Direction, U-um this way Sir." She gets up all jumpy and heads towards the elovator as though she's just greeted the queen. I smirk, i dont understand why people feel as though they have to treat us boys like royalty, we're just ordinary guys.

Just as we're about to press the elovator button the doors of the neighbouring elovator on the right opens. Someone walks through the doors and i take a quick glance at who it is and return to pressing the button. Just as i am about to press it something clicks. I turn around and yell;
"He turns around as i'm running up to give him a friendly hug as though we haven't seen eachother for years.
"Liam, why are you here?" Niall asks really confused.
"Um, finding you, we were really worried about you when you didn't show up for practice. Finally Harry confessed and we headed off to find you. We were in the car coming to find you when we come across Karla walking alone on the streets, we picked her up to see what she was doing. She then told us about the note that you left her and i then dropped her home with the other guys to come find you."
I say really excited at the point that i'd actually found Niall.
"Oh karla..." He says sadly as tears well up in his eyes.
"Yeah.. well lets forget about that and get you home." I smile then finally Niall does and then we go to the car to venture home.
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