Up's and down's

When Karla Morrison is shocked with a family tragedy she must decide between family and love...
After a shock incident teenage Karla Morrison is left without anywhere to stay with very little money, it is only when teen sensation Niall Horan take Karla in that their love extends to great limits with rocky paths along the way... only fate will decide where their love leads...


12. Two shocks in just one hit! <3

Karla’s P.O.V.

Last night was Ahh-MA-ZING!! The boys made me so much happier. We all ended up getting bored and ended up shaking to 1D until we dropped… literally! We all slept in until 12pm except for Niall?! I get up and push Louis’ leg off my stomach. OW! My back is so sore, I really shouldn’t have slept on the floor!

I walk quietly taking a huge yawn as I walk into the kitchen as I grab two panadol and a glass of icy water to hopefully push away my pounding headache. I then hear the faint noise of Niall on the phone although I can’t quite make out what he’s saying. I then taste an acidic taste in my mouth and run to the bathroom… throwing up for 5 minutes non-stop.

“OH my god Karla! Are you alright?!”

“Yeah fine, probably just due and a bad mix of pizza and heaps of soda.” I say annoyed, I hate vomiting!

“Oh…” Niall says sadly I wonder what’s wrong.

Louis then wakes up and heads toward the toilet.

“Use upstairs.” I say before heading back to throwing up.   

No cramps though? Odd? I close the door of the toilet my head resting on the seat wishing I was doing anything other than feeling like shit sitting here. After I’m certain I can’t throw up any more food I go grab a bit to eat considering I probably have no trace of food in my stomach anymore. I have an odd craving for watermelon and chocolate sauce, why is my body being so strange today? Well on a lighter note it’s my 16th birthday tomorrow!

“Come sit with me.” Says Niall with those puppy dog eyes that always lure me in.

“Sure, just need to go to the toilet… again! Well this time to actually pee rather than throwing up.”  I say with an apologetic smile.

“You sure you’re alright?” he says worried.

“Positive.” I say running upstairs in a rush.

I go to the toilet. Nothing?  Now it’s getting really weird. I go to my calendar and check my dates when I realise… I’m 5 days late already!! I’m never late! I start to get into panick mode. After 5 minutes of freaking out, tears dribbling from my eyes I hear Niall coming up the stairs and I run into the ensuite.

“Karla, are you alright? Niall say comfortably.

“Yeah fine, just washing my face? Gosh I hate these days.” I walk out dabbing my face with a towel.

“You go start the movie, I’m just going to walk down to the pharmacy and get some panadol my head’s aching and we’re all out.” I say as a cover up.

“Alright just call me if you need.” Niall says, I hope he doesn’t become too worried.

“Yeah sure, I’ll be fine, promise.”  And I give him a half convincing smile.

“Alright, not too long though, we’ve got a date with the couch today.

“Sure thing, love you. “And I blow him a kiss as I walk out the front door.

When I’m in the side street I’m practically sprinting with tears blurring my vision. I get to the pharmacy and pull myself together before walking in, I go down the aisle with the pregnancy tests and grab three boxes, you know, just to be sure? I walk up to the counter and say;

“Just these please.” And add some fairy floss to the pile.

The lady behind the counter looks me up and down before pulling a face of disapproval and disgust as she scans the items.

“They’re for my aunty geez.” And I grab the bag and run out in an emotional state. Why so hormonal? I walk down the street to an expensive café and order a coffee and a piece of cake before rushing to the toilets while my coffee gets made. I get into their luxurious toilets. What? If I’m pregnant I don’t particularly want to find out in a dirty, unsanitary toilet. I then watch as the lines appear, after five minutes it’s ready. I look on the back of the box and realise all three of the tests are positive! This time I sit there and let it all set in as I’m having a baby and there is nothing I can do about it. I then make sure I’m not going to have an outburst of emotion and go have my coffee and cake. I feel as though I can’t hear a thing, like everything around me is only just a dream, but I know it’s not. As I drink my coffee I feel my stomach. There is actually something inside me, a little baby, it all feels so surreal!

I finish and start to walk home, only out for an hour. I send Niall a message just to let him know I’m alright. I walk down the backstreets unable to comprehend what’s happening. Although after a while it actually sinks in, I then start to cry sitting on the backstreet on the curb, head resting on the fence with the spring leaves falling on me. I then force myself to get up and stop crying. I pass many houses and finally get to our house, Liam, Louis, Harry and Zayn are still here. I put on a brave smile and walk in, shocked when Niall runs up to me, picks me up by my waist, swings me around and kisses me delicately, his lips as soft as rose petals. I squeal and run after him before we both jump onto the couch together; we cuddle as the rest of the boys tease us.

 “Love birds”, Louis says teasingly.

Completely ignoring Louis Niall says to me nudging me in the ribs which cause me to giggle;

“Feeling better cutie?”

“Yeah heaps.” I say as I kiss Niall passionately hoping to put off the guys. Hahahahhaha.

“You guys are gross”, Harry says as we all laugh at his priceless facial expressions.

Just as we’ve almost stopped giggling Louis’ phone rings.

“I better get this it’s Paul”, Louis says as we all nod and get back to watching Wreck it Ralph. Best. Kids. Movie. EVER. After a couple of minutes Louis returns and asks;

“Anyone got a pen?”

“Yeah there’s one in my bag, it’s in the office.” I say to Louis and he nods walking in there.

“… Karla, I can’t find it can you help me?” I hear, geez he’s useless, I walk into the study the door closing sharply behind me. I then realise Louis has a pen in his hand and a note he just wrote? WHAT???

“But you said-“

“Karla!” Louis hisses in a whisper, what’s wrong with him?

“Yeah?...” I say nervously.

“I just went to your bag to get a pen and found these?” Louis says with a confused and worried look on his face. Shit.

“Please don’t tell Niall.” I blurt, tears welling in my eyes.

“Come here.” Louis prompts as he cradles me as tears roll down my cheeks splashing on the floorboards below.

“I didn’t mean for this to happen, it was his first time, I don’t know what happened.” I sobbed.

“You’ve got to tell him Karla-“ I stop him before he keeps going.

“I’ll tell him tomorrow, just please don’t tell, promise?” I say hoping he could trust me.

“Promise, and trust me we will all support you through this time.” Niall says trying to comfort and cheer me up.

“Thanks Lou.” I say as we unattach from each other’s arms and wipe away the tears on my cardigan sleeves.

I soon walk out the study and the second Niall sees a tear roll down my cheek he runs up to me cradling me in his arms.

“Karla! What’s wrong?!”

“Nothing, Lou just showed me the red nose day videos, so heartbreaking.” I say.

“Finally let’s finish that Movie.” Niall says finally revealing his amazing smile.

“One last thing… think fast!” and I ditch the bag of fairy floss at him.

We all giggle and get back to the movie.

When we finish watching the movie we decide to have a barbeque and stuff ourselves of sausages.  Mmmmm my favourite.

“Cya boys”, Niall says waving to the boys as he shuts the door.

“And for you, upstairs, me and you time.” Niall says and winks, I run upstairs.

On the bed layed out is a love heart made out of rose petals and a new bikini and a pair of gorgeous boots, I gasp. Niall then runs up and picks me up from behind and whispers;

“Just an early birthday present.” And kisses me on the cheek.

“I love it.” I say as we share yet another indulgent kiss as we watch romantic movies for the rest of the night eating loads of lollies and fruit with a glass of Fronti; best night.

*Next Morning*

I wake up hear Niall downstairs doing something. I lay in bed for 10 minutes and am about to get up when Niall jumps on the bed yelling;

“Get up! Get up! Get up!”

“Yeah, yeah, just give me a minute.” I say happily.

I get dressed in some jeggings and my new boots and an off the shoulder top and a cute beanie. I walk downstairs and hear Niall whistle. I then notice Niall with frosting on his nose and a delicately made giant cupcake with frosting shaped as a rose with a candle stuck in the top. He then sings Happy Birthday to me soothing my ears. Once he’s finished we both take a bite out of the cupcake together on opposed sides. We then finish cleaning up ad Niall announces;

“We’ve got to go!”

“Go where?” I say curiously, I doubt he’ll tell me.

“Surprise.” And with that he puts a blindfold over my eyes.

After several minutes I feel the car stop.

“You gonna take my blindfold off yet?”

“Calm your charm gorgeous, not yet.”

“Ok.” I say and giggle as Niall guides me feeling myself walking as though I’m drunk!

When Niall takes off my blindfold and I open my eyes the scene reveals we’re at the most expensive hotel in town!

“Oh my gosh Niall, you shouldn’t have, I’m not this special!”

“No, you’re more.” Niall says cutely and I start to feel my cheeks burning up revealing my bright red blushing.

“Let’s go to our room then.” Niall says as we walk hand in hand as usual into the palace-like hotel into our room.

“Woah!” I say accidentally as I see the feature wall that is an actual aquarium!

“I was gonna take you scuba diving although, yeah you know, this ended up being the best I could do.” Niall says as we lay on the bed hugging and kissing.

We do some shopping at the markets where we have maximum security due to fans although it was still amazingly fun. After having a delicate meal of seafood and Nando’s Niall exclaims there’s going to be fireworks on the beach later so we should go down there and lay on a picnic blanket. We then buy a bag of fairy floss and a few snacks before walking down to the beach. When we arrive we set down the blanket and lay talking in each other’s arms.

“Niall I’ve got to tell you something.”

“Me too.” Niall says blushing. Odd, he never smiles?
“You first.” He says.

“No you.” I prompt with my puppy dogs eyes and Niall checks his phone before exclaiming;

“The fireworks are about to start, I’ll tell you afterwards, quick eat your Chinese fortune cookie.” Niall says nodding to it in the palm of my hands.

“Alright on three, one”,


“Three.” And we crack it open on cue, I’m shocked when I am revealed with, wait for it… A DIAMOND RING!!!

I gasp, my jaw dropping at least 100 feet!

I look at Niall and hear a bang, in the sky I see in large writing made of fireworks;


Multiple tears escape my eyes and I hug Niall and say loudly;

“YES!! YES!! YES!!”


“Yes!” I scream making sure he got that last part.

After I’ve finished crying, thanking, crying, hugging, crying, kissing, and yes crying Niall asks curiously with a still shocked look on his face;

“So what did you need to tell me?” With the biggest smile spread across his face.

It then sinks in and I immediately burst into tears.

“Karla! What’s wrong?” Niall asks cradling me in his warm tender arms.

“I…I… I’m-“, time to break it to him.

“You’re what?!”

“I’m…I’m… I’m pregnant.” Tears strolling down my face continuously as I think about how I’ve hurt and upset him on such an amazing day.

“You… You’re pregnant?” he asks in complete shock.

“Yeah… but if you wanna break up with me-“ Niall places his fingers on my lips.

“Shhhh, I’m going to be a daddy! I love you! I would never break up with you! I’m so HAPPY!” I can’t believe I’m going to be a daddy!”

“You’re not?”

“Never.” And we kiss.

After a few moments of just getting my head over things and Niall I tell him;

“My mum had one wish for me before she died, get married before kids, can we get married before I have the baby?” I say in a whisper.

“Whatever you want sweetie <3!” Niall says before we head back into our kiss.

We then had the best night together! <3 <3 <3


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