Up's and down's

When Karla Morrison is shocked with a family tragedy she must decide between family and love...
After a shock incident teenage Karla Morrison is left without anywhere to stay with very little money, it is only when teen sensation Niall Horan take Karla in that their love extends to great limits with rocky paths along the way... only fate will decide where their love leads...


5. The WORST Mistake </3



Niall’s P.O.V.

We get to the restaurant with minutes to spare and sit down at our table just before the guys have arrived. Karla applied her makeup in the car on the way here, she looks dazzling, as beautiful as a shooting star, but I have to say her natural beauty is just as mesmerizing.

“Hey Niall, me and the guys slept in this morning sorry we’re late.” Says Zayn with Harry butting in at times trying to explain that he was up and blah blah blah.

“Yeah that’s alright.” I say and wink to Karla.

Karla’s P.O.V.

By the time I’d finished lunch I felt like my stomach was about to explode.

“Dessert anyone?” Niall asks not noticing that everyone was as full as a boot.

“Great joke Niall, oh could I be excused and go to the restroom?” I ask shyly.

“Seriously Karla, no you cannot go to the toilet… just kidding you don’t have to ask to be excused. Oh and when you get back I might still be at the dessert bar.” Niall chuckles and kisses me.

I’m washing my hands when I see my phone light up. Blocked? Unusual, I answer reluctantly though.

“Hello, Karla Morrison you did not breach the requirements of coming in and making a statement. You have 20 minutes to come in or we will make you go to court and explain yourself there. Is that clear?” the stern voice say, I totally forgot, what am I going to do.

“Yes, I’ll be there soon, goodbye.” I stop for a second and breathe before I run outside and convince a taxi driver to let me have a free ride.

 I get to the police station with 2 minutes to spare and sprint in. after 30 minutes of trying to convince the police I had nothing to do with my mother’s murder or anything to do with my dad they say they believe me and want a confirmation on my statement. I instantly think of Niall.

Niall’s P.O.V.

I get home and sit in the corner, I haven’t known Karla for long but when I realise she doesn’t like me it hurts a lot. I can’t bear to talk to the guys but they know Karla left. Why? I ask myself over and over again. I cry sitting there in the corner watching my phone vibrate from incoming calls from Karla. I can’t talk to her knowing she left me like that.

Karla’s P.O.V.

It’s no use, Niall won’t answer his phone, on my last attempt I leave him a voicemail letting him know what happened today. I don’t know who to call, I look through my contacts and the first one that catches my eye ‘Harry’. I call him and am happy to find out he answered.

“Hey Hazza could you come down to the police station I need you it’s urgent!” I say in a high sweet girl tone.

“Uh, yeah sure, see ya’ Karla talk soon.” Says harry as you hear his car keys rattling already before he hangs up.

Harry arrives at the police station about 10 minutes later (must have walked) with a huge smirk on his face. I never actually realised how handsome he actually was.

“What’s up Karla? You alright?” Hazza asks in a defensive tone.

“Yeah I just need you to back up my statement to the police or I will have to go to court.” I say in a flirtatious manner.

“Yeah, sure.” Hazza says reluctant to do it.

About 30 minutes later Harry has a sad grin on his face and I become slightly worried.

“What’s wrong, am I going to court?” I say sheepishly.

“No…” Hazza says still with the sad grin and ten I register that he’s being stupid and tricking me making it seem like I have to go to court.

I give him a nudge and we walk out down the street. It’s probably about 5 and it’s starting to get chilly, I can feel the goose bumps rising from my arms.

“Aw, you’re cold, take my jacket.” Offers harry considerably.

“You sure?” I ask cautiously.

“Yeah positive I don’t get cold easily.” And with that he wraps his warm jacket around me and I feel a nice sensation inside.

Niall’s P.O.V.

I finally decide to pick up my phone and check the voice mail. Once I realised what happened I run outside and run to the police station. I’m coming around the corner to the police station and stop to see…. Harry ad Karla kissing.

Karla’s P.O.V.

I look around, mine and Harry’s eyes meeting and that’s when I make a bad decision. He leans in to kiss me and I go for it.

“K-Karla.” I hear a faint voice in the distance and look around to see Niall.

“I-it’s not what it looks like, let me explain.” I say staring and the stone cold path.

“No need to, I see how it is.” Niall says hearing the heartbreak in his voice and those innocent tears streaming down each of his pink cheeks.

Niall then runs, I don’t follow, this was my fault and I can’t try and say sorry, not now. I finally feel a surge of guilt inside me, I know that this isn’t meant to be. Harry’s staring at the floor to and that’s when I say to him.

“Harry I’m sorry, this just isn’t going to work this is my fault and we can’t be together I’m sorry.” I say and start to walk to the bus stop, and Harry yells;

“I know we’re making all the same mistakes, I’m sorry…” And then his voice fades until I can only hear the trees swaying from the ice cold wind.

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