Up's and down's

When Karla Morrison is shocked with a family tragedy she must decide between family and love...
After a shock incident teenage Karla Morrison is left without anywhere to stay with very little money, it is only when teen sensation Niall Horan take Karla in that their love extends to great limits with rocky paths along the way... only fate will decide where their love leads...


11. The Funeral :'(

Karla’s P.O.V.

I sit in my room in Niall’s house, he’s still doing paper work and just think. I think ‘how am I so lucky to have a second chance to date the love of my life?’ ‘How did I get to be with the most amazing guy in the whole ENTIRE world?’  When suddenly Niall comes in and teases me buy pulling his top up ‘accidentally’  and asks.

“Why are you so gorgeous?” well that caught me a tad off guard but I quickly shoot back;

“Why so sexy?” he smiles and bites his lip.

“Mmmm, trick of the trade I guess.” And raises his eyebrow, I chuckle to myself at how Zayn’s vainness has rubbed up on him.

“What’s so funny?” he asks and tilts his head to the side.

“Nothing.” I lie teasing him and he then jumps onto the bed and squeezes me both of us laughing as he tickles me.

“Stop! I can’t bear it, you win!” I say after 5 constant minutes of Niall’s tickling.

“I thought so to.” Niall says before giving me a quick peck on my cheek.

“Oh Niall…” I say with a rush of emotion coming over me.

“Yeah?” he asks with a worried look on his face.

“Um, my Mum’s funeral, it’s tomorrow, could you come with me?” A single tear goes down my cheek and Niall wipes it away and says;

“Of course.” And cradles me in his arms as I let my emotions go and cry.

After id calmed myself after about 20 minutes Niall says;

“Lets go down stairs and make hot chocolate and we can snuggle on the couch and watch movies together.” And looks down to my face in his chest.

“I’d love that, thanks. This is why I love you with all my heart.” And Niall wipes away my last tear and we head downstairs to snuggle and relax together. Oh how I love him.

Niall’s P.O.V.

I hate seeing Karla like this, she was so upset. I just wish I knew how to never make her feel like that. When I see her cry it makes me upset that even I can’t make her feel better. We sit together on the couch and drink hot chocolate as we watch ‘The Notebook’. Before long Karla is nessled in my chest sound asleep. I rub the hair out of her face with my thumb and she slightly opens her eyes and says;

“I love you, don’t ever leave me again.” I look into her beautiful eyes and reply.

“Never, I love you with all my heart.” And kiss her cheek and she closes her eyes and falls back to sleep.

I soon get to sleep myself and pull a blanket over Karla and I as it’s starting to get cold.

Karla’s P.O.V.

I  wake up to the familiar smell of pancakes, eggs and bacon. I am suddenly shocked to see that Niall is dressed in a suit with his hair done perfectly. Then it hits me that today it’s Mum’s funeral.

“Good morning beautiful.” Niall says as he gives me a mourning smile.

“Morning.” I reply in a emotionless tone.

“Pancakes?” Niall smiles to try and brighten my mood.

“Not hungry.” I say adding;

“I’m going to have a shower and get dressed.” Before Niall gets the chance to try and make me happier, although how could I be happy, it’s my mother’s funeral and my father murdered her.

I push the thought away. I go upstairs into the ensuite and get in the icy water of the shower, not bothering for it to warm up. I like the tingling sensation of the freezing water splash on my back. After about 30 seconds the water finally starts to heat up. It makes me feel relaxed and helps me get my emotion out, when the tears have finally stopped dribbling out of my eyes I hop out the shower and dress in a black tube dress and add a fascinator to my hair. I put a thin layer of make-up on to look appropriate yet if I cry it’s less noticeable.

Niall’s P.O.V.

Karla walks down the stairs looking stunning, although one thing’s missing. Her dazzling smile that’s worth a million dollars.

“You  look great.” I say as I raise an eyebrow wondering if she will reply .

“Thanks.” Says Karla still in an emotionless tone although she forces a slight smile which makes me feel a touch better.

Without another word we get in the car and drive in silence as Karla rests her head on my shoulder as I drive. Every so often I feel a tear trickle down my shoulder. Before we get out of the car I kiss Karla on the forehead before she digs her head into my chest almost silently sobbing. After a couple of minutes of sitting in the car a slight tear releases my eye as I think of the death came upon such an innocent women.

Karla’s P.O.V.

After 5 minutes of silently crying into Niall’s chest I look into his beautiful eyes and say;

“I’m ready.”

We walk hand in hand as I walk to a seat in the open air of my Mum’s favourite park blocking out everyone’s comments on my mother’s death so I don’t feel any more upset. About 10 minutes later the funeral commences and the priest starts talking about how lovely my mum was of a women. I find it difficult to listen and start day dreaming memories I had with my mum. As I’m lost in a scene in my head of my mother spinning me in circles and blowing out the wishing plants with the daisies. I then hear my name and realise it’s my turn to give a speech.

I walk up, head bowed, not being able to see the faces of all my family at this time. I walk up to the podium and begin…

“My mum, an amazing person…”, that’s when the tears start to fill my eyes, “She doesn’t deserve to be gone…, she shouldn’t be gone…” I then can’t help it, the tears continue to flow, “I’m sorry”, I whisper into the microphone before Niall grabs my wrist as I start to run out of the area. When I manage to leave the area where this event in happening I turn to see people bowing their head and praying. I then hear the priest announce the service was had ended and that they were going to lower the coffin and we can say our final prayers and lay flowers on her coffin. I go to my handbag and pull out two white roses I bought at the florist, my mother’s favourite, one for me and one for Niall.

We walk up to the coffin tears stinging not only mine but Niall’s eyes. I look down at the picture of her beautiful face in the frame and say;

“I love you Mum.” And blow her a kiss as myself and Niall place our roses on the wreath.

We walk back to the car in silence. We also drive in silence, the tension almost killing. It’s only when we get home we speak. We pull up into the driveway, well what’s left of the driveway at least as we notice all the boys are over.

We get inside and realize the boys have all bought pizza and soft drink and have borrowed a whole heap of movies. I guess they’ve tried to lighten my mood. To be completely honest they have. It’s great knowing who my real friends are and what lengths they’ll go to to, to make me happy. When I see them all I smile, this time not forced. I then say;

“Pizza party anyone?” and we all hug then jump on the couch to cuddle, to eat heaps of pizza, drink a load of soft drink and have a movie marathon. I have the best friends, and best of all an amazing boyfriend!

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