Up's and down's

When Karla Morrison is shocked with a family tragedy she must decide between family and love...
After a shock incident teenage Karla Morrison is left without anywhere to stay with very little money, it is only when teen sensation Niall Horan take Karla in that their love extends to great limits with rocky paths along the way... only fate will decide where their love leads...


9. The drive home...

The first five minutes of the drive was awkwardly silent and tense. I could hear Niall's quiet sobs, i knew he was thinking of her.
"I know you don't really want to talk Niall but we have to..." I say in a comforting tone.
"Mhmm..." Replies Niall sadly.
"Are you still angry at her?" I question, Niall never holds a grudge for long.
"I am but I-I love her :(" Niall says, he must've had to build up a lot of courage to admit that.
"Well why don't you tell her that?" I ask confused by the situation, I'm not the best when it comes to relationships.
"It's not that easy Liam." Niall says as he looks down in a dark sad mood.
"Well why don't I talk to her?-"
"NO Liam!" Niall says cutting me off'
"Just listen, I haven't finished. I will just say that you are really upset still and tell her it might be best if she apologises. When she does tell me but try to forgive her but don't get drastic with relationships yet. I know I'm not the best when it comes to helpful advicce about relationships but i think this plan may just turn out better for the both of you." I say, Niall looks at me determining what he thinks should happen.
" Ok, as long as you promise not to do anything other than telling her to apologose, alright" Niall says, his voice getting sturn after the ok.
"Ok, i cross my heart, hope to die, stick needles in my eyes i won't do or say anything else." I say crossing my heart, he should be able to tell by my eyes that i won't disobey what i said.
"Thanks Liam, I'm glad you came, if you didn't I would probably start to become dangerous and harm myself. I know Karla is with the other guys so just drop me off at my house, just tell Harry that it's alright, i know he didn't mean to hurt me and et between me and Karla's relationship, he does have quite charm with the adies it just comes naturally with him it's not his fault.*Laughs slightly*." Says Niall, i finally feel as though he's telling the truth and that's actually how he feels.
"Anything for a friend as good as you." I then drive Niall home and go back to my house to talk to the rest of the guys... and Karla...
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