Up's and down's

When Karla Morrison is shocked with a family tragedy she must decide between family and love...
After a shock incident teenage Karla Morrison is left without anywhere to stay with very little money, it is only when teen sensation Niall Horan take Karla in that their love extends to great limits with rocky paths along the way... only fate will decide where their love leads...


13. Papa-papa-ra-zi

Niall’s P.O.V.

I was totally overwhelmed when Karla said yes to my proposal! And when she told me she was pregnant I nearly had a Heart Attack… literally! I’m so happy at the moment; I just can’t describe how I feel through words! So today I’ve called the boys over for lunch to tell them the exciting the news. I cook up some eggs and bacon as I usually do and also prepare a large bowl of watermelon covered in chocolate sauce for my beautiful pregnant fiance’. When the bacon starts to cook and let off a delicious odour Karla waltzes down the stairs, a huge smile planted across her face as she sees the bowl of watermelon sitting on the edge of the bench just waiting to be eaten. She then, without a word dips her finger into the rich chocolate sauce and paints a dot on my nose as I exclaim;

“Oi, I’ll get you back for that!” ,and I put my head into the cupboard and fill my hands discreetly with flour and walk up to her.

“Couldn’t find anything could you?” Karla says teasingly before I shoot back;

“Nah, oh except for this..”

*Confusion on Karla’s face*
With that I drop the flour over her somehow intact bed hair causing us to giggle.

“I will get you someday, Niall James Horan!” Karla says depicting  the voice and actions of that of a superhero.

“And that day shall not be today!” I say copying her action.

‘You sure about that?” Karla adds cheekily and before I know it I have a cracked sloppy egg dribbling down my head.

I flash her a huge grin before chasing her and holding her warm body in my delicate arms making her squeal. After a few minutes I finally hear the roaring knocking coming from the front door.

“Geez man, taking your time…” Exclaims Zayn patting my back.

“Oh by the way Danielle, Perrie and Eleanore tagged along, hope you don’t mind.” Says Louis flashing me a cautious grin.

“The more the merrier.” I say shrugging while leading them to the lounge room as we all sit on various chairs and the large sofa.

As we sit down Zayn asks extremely confused as why I have an egg on my head. Everyone looks at me puzzled looks spreading across their faces.

“Well yeah we, we were having fun.”

“… with food?” Perrie questions.

“Well yeah, see we were-“

“Okay dude, stop explaining, it um, just stop.” Liam says eyes=ing me to avoid embarrassment.

“Oh right, oops.” I say, after a very awkward long silence Danielle breaks the silence asking;

“So why have we been called here on such a beautiful day?” Danielle giggling at her critiquing tone.

I clutch Karla’s hand securely and whisper;

“You ready?” All Karla does is gesture with a nervous nod to tell me she is ready.

“Well we both have, well it was one but due to a recent shock two lots of exciting news.” I say noticing Perrie’s slight grin displaying she has a slight idea on what is coming.

“Mhmmm..” Eleanore says anxiously urging me to carry on;

“Come on just tell us, we’re all on the edges of our seats, soon we’ll be pulling hair out of our heads.” Perrie says extremely excited about our surprises.

“And that sure as hell will NOT be good!” Zayn says patting his hair protectively like it’s his baby.

“Geez Niall you suck at this, I’ll tell them.” Karla says as I rub the back of my neck, I’ve never been so nervous in my life.

“So obviously yesterday was my birthday…”

“Yeah…” Liam says quietly nodding with agreement.

“Well as Niall is amazing he sorted out a surprise for me without me suspecting a thing. So he said there was going to be fireworks on the beach and we should go, so we reluctantly did. When the fireworks were about to start Niall gave me a fortune cookie and when I opened it inside was….” I stop as I think about the lifelong memory of last night that I will remember forever.

“God damn it you’re killing us here!” Perrie says tugging at her hair to declare her point.

“A-a diamond ring..” I mumble quietly.

“What?” Danielle says obviously not hearing what I had said.

“How did you not hear that?!” Perrie yells standing up, dumbstruck, a few tears of happiness rolling down her cheek. Oh how I love her and her bubbliness.

“What did she say?” Eleanore asks obliviously.

“ I-I proposed to her and organized fireworks to read ‘WILL YOU MARRY ME KARLA?”

Everyone just stares into oblivion dumbstruck, completely dumbstruck.

Karla’s P.O.V.

Danielle, Eleanore and I all have a happy dance while squealing relatively loudly , before long Niall and I have been congratulated Zayn asks;

“So what was that other surprise?” he asks smiling wildly.

I forgot to mention that one, to be honest I forgot. When it strikes me I hold my stomach delicately in my hands looking down not realising all the glaring eyes staring at me bewilderedly.

“You’re not?” Eleanore says before looking at her until she caught on;

“Are you?” She asks shocked, I nod silently only so small for Perrie to yell;

“YOU’RE PREGNANT!” I smile as the girls rush over to me observing my flat stomach where there is not yet to be seen as the boys just sit there absolutely flabbergasted.

“WOW! So when are you going to have the wedding?” Asks Liam being so organized, probably already having an idea of what the wedding may look like I his mind.

“Well my mum always asked me to get married before I have kids so the wedding’s going to be pretty soon!” I splurt out talking really quickly.

“Is this even legal?” Louis asks with a puzzling expression on his face, you can tell this has been running through his mind quite a lot, we all giggle at his ‘Puzzled Face’.

“What do you mean?” Asks Niall obviously utterly confused.

“Well Karla’s only 16?” Louis exclaims.

“OH…  meh I think I could twist some things.” Niall says befpre planting a kiss on my forehead and getting up.

While everyone continues to chat Niall gets back with two delicious platters of delicious food.

“Lets celebrate… with food!” Niall says happily, his stomach is always comes into play.

“Only you would say that.” Louis says as Niall gestures a hug.

After about an hour more of general chatting we decide to put the television on.

We’re silently flicking through the boring chsnnels when we hear;

“Niall from One Direction-“

“Quick turn back!” Zayn yells as Niall switches it back.

“Reports are in that Niall from the newest boy band in the world has recently proposed to his gorgeous girlfriend Karla.” Says the lady reporting at the markets where she interviews multiple fans on how they witnessed Niall and Karla in the markets earlier yesterday morning and a few sightings of them on the beach.

We are them pulled back into reality when we hear loud knocking and screaming coming from the front door, I don’t think we were expecting visitors? I go to the door with Niall and as we both look through the peep through the windows all we can see are paparazzi and fans, lots and lots of fans….

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