Up's and down's

When Karla Morrison is shocked with a family tragedy she must decide between family and love...
After a shock incident teenage Karla Morrison is left without anywhere to stay with very little money, it is only when teen sensation Niall Horan take Karla in that their love extends to great limits with rocky paths along the way... only fate will decide where their love leads...


3. Fireworks

Chapter 3

Karla’s P.O.V.

I wake up with tears down my face. The nightmare was horrible, my dad was coming after me because he thought I told the police, he chased me, he threatened to kill me. I lay there and notice the time, 6 in the morning. I didn’t want to fall into yet another never ending nightmare so I get up and go downstairs yawning as I do so. The house is silent except for the few creaking stairs as I swiftly leap down each step, I instantly go over and turn the coffee machine on thinking Niall was still asleep on the couch as I take out two mugs. As I go to the fridge to get the milk  I notice a note taped to the fridge explaining Niall’s absence;

Karla, I’ve gone out for rehearsal with the boys, be back tonight at 5. If you want to come down and see me feel free to, we’re at 62A Terrrrrrance street, it’s just the next block over, oh by the way there’s some breakfast in the oven, I didn’t know what you liked so there’s some pancakes, eggs, bacon and waffles,

xoxo Niall

I put down the note carefully on the polished marble benches and look into the oven. I’m starving, having only eaten very little food for a few days I could really go a feast. I make myself a huge plate and eat it before I head off for a walk to check out this place.

Niall’s P.O.V.

“Hey guys” I say to the guys enthusiastically as I walk into the studio and dump my shoulder bag on the floor.

”Ready to rehearse?” I ask.

“Yep” Liam replies enthusiastically.

“Oh before we start there might be a girl, Karla, coming down to watch rehearsal.” I say hoping the boys won’t make a fuss about it.

“Oo-la-la, who’s this Karla?” Asks harry winking to me.

*Niall blushes*

“Niall’s got a girlfriend, my little leprechaun has grown up so fast.” Louis chuckles throwing his hands in a dramatic, um I mean fabulous fashion?

“She’s not my girlfriend, she just needed somewhere to stay she’s been through a lot guys so please for me can you not freak her out, she’s in a fragile state at the moment?” I ask in a pleading  tone.

“That’s cool.” Harry replies in his deep slow voice.

Just as we’re about to practice Zayn comes up to me and nudges me slightly and says;

“Is she prettier than me?” and chuckles away making me grin.

Still grinning I exclaim;

“Ready guys?” and we start on our new song little things.

Karla’s P.O.V.

Just as I’ve finished my breakfast and I’m cleaning my teeth there’s a knock on the door. I run to the door in my PJ’s, the toothbrush dangling out my mouth.

“Hello, we’re looking for Karla Morrison.” Says a broad shouldered women dressed in a familiar police uniform.

 “Um, yeah that’s me, what’s wrong?” I ask, many scenarios running through my head ask I pull the tooth brush out my mouth.

“We have caught your father and he is beign charged to a 20 year sentence after we caught him after reports of psychotic activity around this area by a drunken and disorderly man…”

I stand there in shock as the police continue.

“We caught him in this block and after a few tests, matched his DNA to those on your mothers body when she was killed, we are aware you are his daughter and wanted to advise you on this newly found information.” The police woman say in a sincere tone holding her hat in both hands as it rests on her stomach.

“Um yeah, thanks, do I have to do anything?” I ask in a daze with way too many emotions running through my already emotionally unstable head.

“Tomorrow we would like you to come in and make statement for us although until then, no you are not needed to do anything, goodbye Miss Morrison we will see you tomorrow.” Replies the stout woman heading back to her car.

I sit down for half an hour just sitting down until I decide to go for a walk to the shops, passing star bucks along the way for the boys.

I walk to the shops and with the little money I possess and buy Niall flowers and a box of chocolates as well as star bucks for everyone else. I have to at least thank him for how well he has helped me deal with this situation.

Niall’s P.O.V.

Its lunch time and we’re still working on little things so we decide to have a break to recuperate (with food!) and relax. We sit down with some sandwiches and cups of tea and talk, the conversation instantly Karla as the main topic.

“Do you like her?” Harry asks winking in a cheeky manner, typical.

I blush and answer quietly;

“I know I only met her yesterday but when I see her ivy green eyes and beautiful soft brown hair I feel a weird sensation inside that I’ve never felt, I feel like I’ve known her forever and I feel like we are meant to be together. I know I shouldn’t say this because I haven’t known her for long but I think I um…love her.” The guys at each other and then stare at me with shocked expressions across their faces.

“What? Have I said something wrong?” I ask feeling a little self-conscious by now.

“No, you said everything right.” Replies someone behind me.

I turn around and see her ivy green eyes again and that’s when Karla kisses me. After a long pash I stutter;

“U-um Karla I thought you weren’t coming, when did you get here? I ask still gobsmacked.

“At just the right time” she says and pecking me on the lips once more.

The guys are still too astonished to talk when I say;

“Well guys really sorry but I’ve got to get home and cook my um..ah….roast?” I say very unconvincingly and look at Karla shrugging.

“Yeah that roast…” Karla chuckles at me and winks at me as we walk hand in hand out of the studio.

We then head off home to cook than, um, roast?

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