Up's and down's

When Karla Morrison is shocked with a family tragedy she must decide between family and love...
After a shock incident teenage Karla Morrison is left without anywhere to stay with very little money, it is only when teen sensation Niall Horan take Karla in that their love extends to great limits with rocky paths along the way... only fate will decide where their love leads...


10. A New Start <3

Hey guys, here's an extra long chapter i thought i better make it up to you guys considering quite of a few of my previous ones have been relatively small. xo

Liam’s P.O.V.

I walk through the front doors to the guys and Karla rushing to the door to greet me.

“Where is he?” (Zayn)

“Did you find him?” (Louis)

“Where was he?” (Harry)

“Ssshhhhhh guys!” I yell over all the questions being thrown at me.

“Thank you.” I say rubbing my temples easing off the headache just brought on.

“So what did happen?” Asks Harry quietly hoping not to get lectured.

“Well he was at Chapel’s Garden Hotel, but I dropped him off at his house, and Harry he’s forgiven you but Karla I think you should apologize.” I say.

“That’s good.” Says harry obviously a rush of guilt  has gone through him.

“Karla?” I say noticing a tear rush down her cheek as she stares bluntly at her phone.

“I-I just got a message from my sister saying Mum’s funeral is in two days :’(“ She says as more tears flow.

I hold her in my arms for about five minutes before she lets go and asks if she can sleep in my bed because she accepted the job at Nando’s and needs to be there by 7 in the morning and it’s already 2.

“Yeah sure, I’ll sleep on the sofa.” I say as she yawns and heads upstairs to bed.


Karla’s P.O.V.

I stand there in the mirror tears ruining my freshly applied make-up. I’m wearing my new Nando’s outfit. I feel so ugly just standing there in the mirror looking at my reflection. I go to the bathroom and wash my face for the third time, this time I promise myself not to cry. My mother’s death has finally settled in and if I think about for a spit second I can’t control the tears. It’s hard. It’s hard living knowing my father is in prison because he’s psychotic and my mother died because of him, I just wish I had Niall. He somehow made all my worst memories disappear.  

It’s only 6 so instead of getting to work earlier as you should on your first day I just sit on my bed and stare at the ceiling wishing this was all just a dream and this never happened.

I’m on my bed for god knows how long when I hear a slight knock on the door. Liam must’ve realized I was running late because I didn’t walk to his house at 6:30 for him to drop me off. I get to the door grabbing my bag and put it over my shoulder, my phone and put my lunch in my bag. I then rush to the door as I hear yet a second knock on the door. I open the door and am surprised to see Louis.

“Oh, hey Louis I wasn’t expecting you here?” I ask in a surprising yet confused tone.

“Yeah, Liam had to quickly go to the dentist he has had a really bad toothache as of 4 a.m. this morning.”

“Oh..” I sigh.

“But we better get going chicken or we’ll, I mean you’ll be late.” And boo bear gives me a parenting look and then laughs, I laugh awkwardly at how lame that just was,… aha.

We then hop into the car and speed down the back roads before we finally get to Nando’s… surprisingly in one piece.

“See you Louis, thanks for the lift and sending my love to Liam about his tooth.” And I wave and quickly run in to the office to check in with just minutes to spare.

I walk into the boss’s office and he kindly gestures to the door and starts his tour around the place.

“So you will be in charge of the front desk and you will finish at 5:30pm. Your wage will be $13 and hour and you will need to put the money in the till in the morning and make the desk and table look as neat as possible. At 4 p.m. you will have to wipe down the tables and count up the money in the till then feel free to leave.” Says my nice boss

I do as I’m told and get to work, in no time it’s 8 and ready to open.

*4:30 p.m.*

It’s been a long day and I have just had a chance to have a bite of my sandwich and a glass of coca cola when I hear the door ring. Great, another customer. Probably just as moody as the rest.

“Hey, could I order-“ And that’s when I look up and those gorgeous eyes and that quaffed blonde hair and I hear that angelic Irish accent.

 We both stare at each other before finally he breaks the silence and says;

“Just the usual, by the way you’re really beautiful we should hang out sometime.” And he winks at me, I guess he’s acting as though we should have a new start.

“That sounds great, I’m finishing up in an hour you should stay behind and wait for me.” And I smile sheepishly at those gorgeous teeth, he really does make braces look amazing doesn’t he.

“Sounds great.” He replies and sits down in a chair at the back corner on a table for two.

I finish up my work and quickly have a bathroom check of my hair, make-up and my clothes and spray myself with some of my David Beckham perfume.

I go to the table and shyly yet extremely awkwardly sit down.

“Hey.” Niall says putting on a brave face.

“Hey.” I reply looking down as I think negative thoughts, disgusted by the way I acted.

“Umm… there’s so many things I need to tell you but instead of saying all those things firstly I just want to say… sorry!” I blurt out to Niall tears filling my eyes.

“Come here.” Niall says gesturing for me to hug him, without hesitation I bound into his warm arms and just cry, everything going on just flowing out through those tears.

Niall rubs my face with his thumb and says;

“That’s all you needed to say you know. You are truly hard to be angry with for so long, it was killing me.” He says with a cowardly laugh,

“Really?” I say as Niall wipes away my last tear.

“Really.” Niall says smiling as our eyes reach.

“Please don’t leave me again Karla, promise?”

“Promise.” I say and kiss him passionately, it really does feel nice.

“Does this mean…”

“We’re together? Then yes.” Niall finishes off my sentence and smiles then kisses my forehead and we head out the doors to my car.

We get to Liam’s house and abruptly barge in just as Liam’s picking up his keys.

“I was just about to-“

“OMG!! Niall it’s YOU!” Screams Harry and jumps into Niall’s grasp.

 After a ten minute discussion on our conversation in Nando’s the boys are finally convinced we’re together. They all smirk.

Zayn nudges Niall and finishes off with a whisper;

“You know she is quite fine.”  And Niall and him chuckle and we just shake our heads trying to put on a poker face before we’re all laughing way too excessively than needed for the little joke.


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