From The Start

Zoe has known Zayn since they were little, her life is full of love and suprises and along the way she meets her best friend Tori. Both their lives are changing in both good and bad ways. See what happens in this crazy love story. Once you start reading you won't be able to stop!


19. wait...WHAT

            The drive hadn't taken long, Tori and I were already walking into the lobby of a big building. I see a receptionist's desk and assume that's where we should go. When I reach the desk the receptionist looks up with a enthusiastic smile. "What can I do for you two ladies?" She says even more enthuisiasticly. "Well, umm, we have an opiontment with Pual... or an interview." I say. She nods and opens a new tab on her computer. "And your names are..." She says still looking at the screen. "I'm Zoe Haynes, and this is Tori Guaden."  She looks at the screen for another second, then back at us. "Got it, if you would follow me i'll take you to his office." Tori and I both nod and wait for her to reach the opposite side of her desk before following her to a big office with glass walls. "Pual, I hava a Zoe Haynes and Tori Guaden for an interview," she says, standing in the doorway. Pual looks up and smiles when he sees us. "Well come on in, take a seat," he says gesturing towards two chairs on the opposite side of his desk. Both Tori and I walk over at the same time. "How are you two?" He asks after we get situated. I smile, "great, again i'm just so glad to have this opportunity." Tori nods as if she was about to say the same exact thing. He grins, "it'll be good opportunities for both of us." We nod in agreement. "Well I guess we should get to business then. Okay, I'm not really the person you should talk to," he points at Tori, "I'm not the bands management  i'm they're security, but they told me that they could meet with you later today, after this interview." Tori smiles and nods understandingly. Just then the phone rings, I jump slightly, surprised. "Excuse me one moment." Paul says picking up the phone. It's a short conversation, most of the talking is on the other side, Paul gives an occasional agreement, then it's over. He sighs, "Actually they can meet with you right now Tori, if it's okay with you." Tori hesitates, I can see she's nervous, then she looks at me and I nod approvingly. "Yeah, that's fine, where do I go?" Paul rubs his neck, "they're a big company, very famous, and they're usually far away from here but today a couple of them happen to be here with the band. If you go to Sara, our receptionist, she can show you where they are." Tori nods again. "Is the band with them?" He laughs, "not right now, right now they're out for breakfast, but they should be back soon. "Okay, I guess I'll go then," Tori says nervously. The room is silent until the door slams shut behind her and Paul starts again. "So, you would have to start soon if you can, we start concerts in a couple days, so I mean really soon. But the job is easy, all you have to do is be an assistant to the band and the guys in security." I nod, this does sound easy. "I can do that, I'm not busy, so I can start whenever." Paul smiles, "I think it's safe to say you have this job, we need someone young, the band is about your age also, it's hard for older people to keep them straight and understand them, so your perfect. You can where whatever, something nice would be better, cause you might get a chance to attend parts of the concert also, but you don't have to be fancy." I smile, this job sounds to good to be true. I'm about to say something when a loud laugh comes from the lobby.

           I look at Paul in question, he's just silently laughing to himself. There's a loud voice coming closer to us. "That must be the boys." Paul says. Wow. They are loud. "Do you want to meet them?" I look up at him and nod, I'm a little more nervous than I should be. The loud voice speaks again, "THAT"S MINE! HEY! THAT'S YOUR THIRD ONE!" Then there's loud footsteps, they're really close now. Paul gets up from his chair and walks to the door. "Boys! Come here I want you to meet one of your new assistants. They all stop laughing, but they're footsteps are still very loud. I know when they've entered because one of them says, "Hey babe, what's your name?" I hadn't turned around yet, but now I do. I stand up, my mouth is open and i'm about to answer him but nothing comes out. My body freezes, my heart stops and so does my breathing. My legs are shaky and my mouth is still wide open. All this is happening because there, standing behind the tall handsome boy with curly hair that asked my name, was Zayn. Zayn. How could this be. Was it really him? NO. it couldn't be. He hadn't looked at me yet, he was still looking at a cute blonde boy who was stuffing his face with a sandwich. But I new when he saw me. He stopped laughing and moving and just stared. There was a short few seconds that passed, and they felt like forever to me. It was completely silent and awkward. One of the boys cleared his throat but it didn't effect us. Finally Paul said something, "Zoe?" I let out a quiet grunt but I couldn't speak. Something in Zayn's eyes changed like Paul saying my name confirmed that it was really me.  Then another comment came from another band member with a higher pitched voice. "Well, this is awkward... what is going on here?" Paul shook his head and shrugged. The blonde one waved his hand in front of Zayn as if to wake him up. It kind of worked, Zayn blinked and said, "what?" But his eyes were still on me. His voice did it, I found myself slowly losing balance. I fell back into my chair and pulled my eyes from Zayn's to the floor. I felt dizzy. Two of the boys laughed, but Paul came to my side. "Zoe are you okay? what happened? I don't understand..." I had to collect myself, Paul and the boys would think I was crazy if i didn't. It was a few seconds before I lifted my head and spoke. "I'm fine, it's nothing, ummm, I just know Zayn from back home." My voice was shaky and cracked in places. One of the boys laugh again, " What were you? secret lovers?" He's about to laugh again but zayn almost screams, "NO!" The blonde one stopped laughing and a look of shock was on his face. "geese, I was just joking." Zayn nods, "I know." another minute of awkward silence passes before Paul decides to speak. "Well he must be a really good friend because you didn't act like this when you saw me. And I was gone way longer." I nod. "Can we get back to business?" Paul asks. I nod again and the boys all scrunch onto the coach close to where I'm sitting. Zayn is the last to get over there. I sit up straight in my chair and Paul speaks again. "I'm gonna go get some water for Zoe, you don't look very good, you guys talk and I'll be right back." The boys all agree. I'm so embarrassed, I probably look like crap right now. The blonde one is the first to speak. "Well I'm Niall, this is Liam, Harry Louis, and well i guess you know, Zayn. And I take it your name is Zoe?" He has an Irish accent. I repeat they're names over again in my head so I remember them. I forgot about Liam, he was standing they're to, this must be One direction. Then I nod, "ya, it's nice to meet you all. I umm, already know Zayn and Liam from home but it's nice to see you again."' Liam nods and smiles at me, then he says, "Ya, she's really nice boys, she will be awesome to be around." Zayn nods in agreement, his eyes flickering to me then back at the boys. Harry is smirking, "hey Zayn, is this the Zoe you always talk about? You know the one from all your stories?" Zayn shoots him a look that could kill, but it only made the boys laugh harder. My cheeks turn pink, I'm really embarrassed  what could Zayn possibly have said about me? That I was the girl he regretted getting close to? Liam looks at me then Zayn, "I think maybe we should let these two talk." Louis nods, "Yes! it needs to be less awkward in here." The other boys laugh and they all get up and walk away but Zayn.

                It's completely silent for a long time. Zayn and I just stared at each other. Finally he said something though, "wow, umm it's been a while." I laugh nervously, "Ya, I guess you could say that." Zayn laughs once. "So you know wat I've been doing all summer, well if you watched, but what did you do?" I quickly reply, "Of coarse I watched, every week. Uhhh, I mean, you know I didn't have a lot to do besides work, and I worked a lot. So you know I wanted to see Tori and umm you and Liam to I guess." I feel so stupid. "Cool, where have you worked?" I smile, it's kind of ironic, "actually I worked at a recording studio." Zayn nods and grins, he clearly sees the humor in that also. I love his grin, I guess I thought being away from him would make me less effected by it, but really it effects me more than it ever has. My heart starts beating faster. I didn't realize it until now, but Zayn and I had slowly leaned closer and closer to each other. I moved a little closer for some reason, I know he doesn't like me, but I still like him. "That's cool. I missed you over summer, we used to always go to the beach, I haven't been to one in forever now." The words 'i missed you' shocked me. "That sucks, you should go to one tomorrow, the weather's supposed to be really nice." He nods, "maybe I will." Zayn smells amazing, he always has. Sometimes I think his body just generates it's own perfect cologne, he smells great even when he's working out. I smile back at him. We don't say anything because Paul and the boys come back in. It's awkward because me and Zayn got really close. I lean back in my chair and so does Zayn. Liam and Zayn exchange a weird glance that had more meaning behind it but I couldn't figure out what that was. Paul is the first to speak, "Well Zoe, you got the job. Can you start on monday? I know it's soon but there is a concert Tuesday and I need your help." I nod, taking a sip of the water he got me. "Thats fine, thank you so much!" He smiles, "I have a meeting in five minutes so if you could wait in the lobby for Tori that would be great, boys, go with her." I see Liam's face change expression when he says Tori's name. "Yep!" Harry replies. I follow the boys to the lobby. "We should probably get going soon, we have to practice still." Liam says. "Okay" The rest of the boys say together. "Bye Zoe, it was nice to meet you." Niall says. Harry and Louis nod.  "Wait!" Zayn says before the boys can start towards the door. "Zoe gave me a great idea, well I was thinking that tomorrow we could go to the beach for a little while? We haven't had a break in a while." All the boys light up at the idea, "yes! that sounds awesome." Louis says. After they all agree Niall turns to me, "are you coming to?" I hesitate, I don't know if Zayn would want me to. "I mean, if it's alright with you guys than sure." Zayn's eyes look hopeful, I can't decide what he's hoping for. "Of coarse you can come!" Harry says. I smile, all the boys are so nice.  "I guess we should go now..." Zayn says. The boys nod. I'm about to wave goodbye and leave but suddenly Zayn wraps his arms around my waist and gives me a hug. I'm so shocked. I'm completely stiff for a moment before I decide I should probably make this moment last. I wrap my arms around his neck, and press my head into his shoulder. I inhale his amazing scent. The boys are all pressing their lips together awkwardly. The hug lasts for another second then Zayn lets go. "See you later." He says. I smile, on the way out the boys are teasing Zayn and punching him in the arm. I sit on the coach and wait for Tori to come out. As I'm waiting I sart to realize what just happened. Did I really just see Zayn? And does he still not like me? What was that? Why did he hug me? Every question that I could possibly think of came into my head. I am so confused.

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