From The Start

Zoe has known Zayn since they were little, her life is full of love and suprises and along the way she meets her best friend Tori. Both their lives are changing in both good and bad ways. See what happens in this crazy love story. Once you start reading you won't be able to stop!


1. The Start

   "Turn it up, I love this song" Zayn said, while throwing his arms around in the air. "Zayn! Keep your hands on the steering wheel" I screamed while he swerved to the middle of the road. There was a moment of silence before we both busted out laughing, he put his hands back on the steering wheel and just swayed instead. "So, got your eye on anyone?" Zayn asked. I turned, confused, my heart was racing "umm, what?" "You know, who do you like?" Zayn stared with his eyebrow raised. "Oh, um nobody really." Zayn turned away with a weird expression on his face, "oh." We turn into Adams driveway, I get a little nervous because I wasn't really invited to this party but Zayn insisted I go. "Zoe, come on, it's not like these people bite", his sexy voice saying my name sends chills down my back. When we get into the house it's almost like they do bite, everybody stares at me, I can tell I'm not welcome. Zayn just squeezes my arm and tells me "I'll be back, I'm going to see what Adams doing." Zayn is the most popular boy in school and I'm like the least, I don't even know why we're friends. I see my friend Mary and start walking towards her, "hey Zoe, so don't you think Zayn looks amazing today?" Yes. I do. But I would never say that to her, so instead I just change the subject to something that easily distracts her, "I like your outfit, you look pretty." She smiles "I know right, I just bought it and I'm in love with it." I nod my head and when she looks away I roll my eyes. I see Zayn looking at me laughing, he knows I hate talking about shopping and all that stuff. It kind of shows too, I'm wearing leggings and my favorite shirt. I was at an amusement park with Zayn when I got it, it's neon green, it has a big black smiley face and hangs off one shoulder. "So, did Zayn talk about me on the way here?" She said it like she already knew the answer. Truth is, he never does "You know he did." I never tell her the truth, she likes him and I'm not going to be the one to crush her.

    In the middle of the party I fell asleep on the couch and when I woke up I was in a car with my head resting on Zayn's shoulder. I waned to stay there forever, but I think Zayn noticed I woke up so I slowly raise my head and stretch out. "Sleeping Beauty has woken up, I guess that party wasn't very exciting." He looks at me with a funny face. "Well I didn't know what to do, so many people were dying to talk to me, I got so tired from all the attention." I look at him with both my eyebrows raised and we both laugh. He slowly pulled into my driveway and we just sat there for a minute looking at each other, I finally pulled myself back into reality and turned my head. "Well, I guess I'll see you tomorrow then." He said it in his slow, smooth tone. He doesn't know it but that makes girls melt, it's just like the voice he sings with. I wave as I run up to my front door, I notice that he's looking at me when I shut the door. I wish I had the guts to tell him how I feel, but I know he doesn't feel the same way. When I get up in my room I don't even bother to try to sleep so instead I just got on my computer and look at my email. I don't notice anything important so I just go to the news and look at an ad. It says AUDITIONS IN 3 WEEKS/ SINGING COMPETITION/ X-FACTOR I don't really think much of it, it sound fun to watch though. I go to bed and slowly fall asleep.

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