From The Start

Zoe has known Zayn since they were little, her life is full of love and suprises and along the way she meets her best friend Tori. Both their lives are changing in both good and bad ways. See what happens in this crazy love story. Once you start reading you won't be able to stop!


15. The Date

Tori's P.O.V.

            As I pulled into the parking spot across from the club I was meating James at I spotted James waiting outside at a bench for me. He was dressed in a pair of khaki shorts and a black button-up shirt, his hair is very short, but not a buzz cut, and sticks out in every direction. James' eyes were wondering across the street until they spotted me, in my green dress, walking towards him. A big smile came across his face and he ran his eyes from my head to my toes and back up again. When I finally reached him, I also had a big smile on my face, and he said, "you look really nice, I like your dress." I put my arms out and spun around to showcase it and replied in  sarcastic tone, "why thank you, I thought I'de wear more than an old T shirt and some shorts for this occasion." The corners of his lips pulled up into a grin as he laughed, then he lead me into the club and to a table in a quieter area, so we could talk.

            "Do you need something to drink, or eat?" James asked after we sat down. "Nah, I'm not that hungry right now, we should dance first," I replied. A small laugh came from his lips as he replied, "if you want to, I mean I'm not a great dancer, but I'll go." I saw a small bit of resistance behind his words, but I didn't care how he danced. I smiled and grabbed his wrist to pull him to the dance floor. At first it was just me jumping up and down for a while, but then a grabbed his hands like in a middle school dance and forced him to bounce with me. After I knew he would keep bouncing to the beat without my help I let go and went crazy. We danced like this for a while, him watching me dance wildly with a weird expression on his face and barely moving at all. Eventually, when a song ended and he saw a chance to escape, he pulled me back to our table to get drinks. "Wow. You really like to dance don't you?" James asked after we cought our breath. I just nodded and laughed at his expression, that looked humerous but also like he thought I was crazy.

             The rest of the date went by in a breeze and before I knew it he was walking me to Zoe's car. "I had a lot of fun tonight, we should do it again sometime," I said. James smiled and replied, "Yeah, me to. we should definitely do this again, maybe go out to dinner though?" I laughed at myself, I think I might have scared him a little with my dancing, and nodded in agreement. There was an awkward silence for what felt like a very long moment when James finally bent his head down to kiss me. I didn't know what to expect, maybe something like my first kiss with Liam, but it was different. I couldn't decide if it was a bad or good different, but the kiss ended before I could make up my mind. I smiled one last time and slid into Zoe's car.

           "So how was your date?!? Tell me all about it!" Zoe said when I walked into her room. I smiled and noticed that most of her things, and the ones we bought were in big boxes. She noticed that I was looking at the boxes and said, "yeah, I kind of got carried away, I'm just really excited to have an apartment with you, but lets get back to your date! What happened?!" I laughed, she was was bouncing up and down on her bed, then I smiled and told her all about it. About us dancing, and talking, and kissing. She smiled really big when I told her about the kiss. She asked questions until it was really late and we got tired. Zoe fell asleep on her bed almost emediatley, probably tired from putting all her things in boes all day. But it took me longer, I was focused on a memory of the night Liam and I kissed. The diference between the night I fell for Liam, and the tonight, when I fell for James. The night with Liam was fun, I remember dancing with him, falling over on him. He danced the same way I did, it didn't matter that we looked stupid, or weird, we were enjoying ourselves. I didn't have to feel self conscious around Liam. With James it wasn't as effortless, dancing with him. I remember the look in his eyes when I was dancing, like he thought I was a little crazy. The kisses were different also, Liams was sweet, perfect. James' was completely different, but I still don't know if thats good or bad. I laughed to myself, I shouldn't be comparing James to Liam. My relationship with James would go where it wanted to. 

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