From The Start

Zoe has known Zayn since they were little, her life is full of love and suprises and along the way she meets her best friend Tori. Both their lives are changing in both good and bad ways. See what happens in this crazy love story. Once you start reading you won't be able to stop!


20. The beach

 Tori's P.O.V.

              I was waking slowly back to the lobby from the small office that had just been used for a meeting between a couple of men from management and myself. Everything seemed unreal, like I was dreaming. They'd told me who the band was, and I remember being so shocked it took me a minute to collect myself. At first I was scared, and worried, but then I realized that it didn't matter that Liam was in the band she would be opening for. After realizing that I thought about how it was Simon Cowells company that wanted me, there was no way I would let a little thing like awkwardness get in between me and this opportunity. I needed this, plus I had been in the X-Factor with them and we got along fine, I might not even have to see them that much. As I reached the lobby I saw Zoe on a couch with her head resting back and her eyes closed. Either she had been waiting a long time or something was really bothering her. Then it hit me, obviously something was bothering her, I hadn't thought about her yet. I know she found out who the band was, and knowing Zoe she probably passed out or something. Zayn was a touchy subject, over the last few weeks I noticed that whenever anything reminded her about Zayn she would turn pale and look sick. I wonder if Zoe turned Paul down on the job, she would have to be an assistant to them, and that would probably kill her. When I reached her she didn't open her eyes, even though I know she heard me approach. I didn't know what to say so I went with the obvious question, "are you okay?" After a second she lifted her head and opened her eyes and replied, "I don't know."


Zoe's P.O.V.

             We were almost home and Tori still had a look of shock on her face and was asking questions after the third time I told her the story. "Wait. So he hugged you?! and your going to the beach with them tomorrow?!?" I laugh, having already answered both her questions. "Yes, but only if you come with me." Her expression changes and I can tell she's thinking about Liam, but something in her eyes makes it seem like she's trying to reason with herself. "Okay, I'll go." She turns back the right way in her seat --she had been sitting to the side, facing me as I told her about the interview-- just as I pull into the parking lot at opur apartment building. We both get out and walk silently back to our room. When we get inside Tori immediately goes to her closet and open a drawer that holds her bathing suits. I laugh, she's obviously excited, but I can also tell she's nervous and she wants to make a good impression. That reminds me of James. I clench my jaw, I still haven't told her about what I heard and I don't have any idea when I should. But my thoughts are uninterrupted by Tori who is showing be a bright green bikini and asking weather or not she should where it. I nod and smile approvingly. Then I go to my closet and grab the red strapless bikini I bought  over the summer but had never got the chance to wear. Hopefully it still fits, I really liked the way it looked on me. 


In the morning I feel as though yesterday were just a dream, there was no way any of that really happened and I know I wasn’t really invited to the beach. But when I get up I noticed my red bikini was on top of my dresser where I usually put things I’m going to wear the next day. Maybe yesterday did happen. I check my phone for the date, expecting it to be the day of the interview with Paul. But my phone said it was Sunday, so the interview couldn’t be today. Then I looked at a message from my mom saying ‘Congrats on the job, hope you like it.’ Okay, so yesterday definitely happened. This meant I was going to the beach with Tori to meet with One Direction. Wow. I sat down at the table in our kitchen to eat breakfast even though I was not hungry. I know if I ate anything I would throw up, I felt sick. Instead I put my head in my hands and think about what I would be doing in about an hour. At first I thought there was no way I could go, I’d just end up embarrassing myself.  But I wanted to go. And I knew embarrassing myself happened on a daily basis when Zayn and I were friends, he never really cared. That excuse went out the window. Did I even have another? Besides the obvious that Zayn told me he didn’t want to be friends after he left for the competition and probably didn’t change his mind. But that wasn’t a very good excuse either, he’d acted like we were friends yesterday and I wanted to find out what all the strange reactions meant yesterday. He didn’t look like he hated me, and Liam and him kept looking at each other like there was an inside joke or they knew something the rest of us didn’t.

          It was eleven o’clock and we needed to be at the beach at twelve. I decided I should probably wake Tori up and get ready. I’m unsure if Tori will remember yesterday either. I shake her a couple times and she opens her eyes. Then she sits up and stretches out.“We have to be at the beach in an hour,” I say when she gets on her feet.“Oh, yeah, I forgot about that…”I laugh, “I know, I’m still not sure it really happened.” We both are ready in just enough time, she’s wearing a white sundress with brown sandals and I’m wearing light denim shorts that are torn up with a red tank top and red flip flops. Tori’s hair is down and naturally wavy and mine is up in a loose top knot. We both have our swimsuits underneath our clothes. 

        Driving was hard, I was really nervous and shaky. Inside my heart was racing, we were only minutes away. I could tell Tori was feeling the same way, she hasn't said anything and is staring off into space. The drive feels like it's going faster than usual. When we get there I see that they aren't here yet, the beach is empty, besides the subtle movement of the waves in the distance. We both get out of the car. "Do you want to wait over on that picnic table?" I ask. She nods and we walk over to it, it's old and the wood has faded from whatever color it was before. I sit on the table instead of the bench and turn to watch the water. The good thing about this all is the location. Evan though I can't swim the beach is my favorite place to be. I find it calming and joyous. The wind is light and whirls around me as I close my eyes. My eyelids are red from the sun that shines from above, I feel as though I could stay like this forever.

         Suddenly I heard my name being called, it was becoming louder overtime. I opened my eyes to see who it was and Zayn's face was a foot from mine. Whoa. I jumped, I wasn't expecting that. Zayn laughed at my reaction. I hadn't heard him laugh in months, I forgot how much I love it. Tori was still next to me and she laughed at me to. I looked in the parking lot and saw the rest of the boys walking over. They all looked really good. I'de been to nervous yesterday to notice that they all were really good looking. "So you wanna go jump off the docks?" Zayn asked. I looked at him with a look of shock, I couldn't tell if he was joking or not. Then he laughed and I knew he was kidding so I laughed with him. "What's so funny?" Harry said. "Nothing, inside joke." Zayn replied. Harry nodded. Liam and Tori were looking at each other awkwardly. I thought I should leave them to talk so I said, "Why don't we go find a place closer to the water to sit?" They all agreed and as we started walking I motioned for Liam and Tori to stay. They did and the rest of us picked a spot right in the sun a few yards away from the water and put our towels down. "You look different now that your not about to pass out." Niall says jokingly. I give him an enthusiastic smile and sarcastically say, "thanks." He grins back at me. "Come on lets swim already!!!" Harry says after a moment. Zayn laughs, then takes his shirt off and sandals. Holy crap. His body is like a gods, he isn't ripped with a six pack or anything, but he looks better than anyone like that. I bite my lip then blush and turn away when I see Niall and Louis noticed I was staring at Zayn. They both let out a small laugh and raised their eyebrows at me. I'm so embarrassed, they'll probably tell Zayn about it and he'll think I'm creepy. The rest of the boys take their shirts off to. They also look really hot. I quickly looked away from them so I wouldn't get caught again. I notice their all waiting for me so I start to take my close off. This feels so weird. I'm taking my shirt off in front of four boys. At least I have my bathing suit on. After I take my shorts off too I see Zayn looking at me. This is so awkward. I'm extremely self conscious even though I worked out over the summer and am probably more fit than I was the last time Zayn saw me in a bathing suit. Zayn quickly looks away and it's extremely awkward cause no ones talking. I decide to break the silence, "race you!!" I say and start running towards the water. I hear a couple laughs then the sound of them running behind me. I'm ahead for a little while then Zayn and Niall get ahead of me followed by Harry and Louis. I get to the water last but no ones gone in yet, it must be cold. Instead of stopping next to them I keep running into the water and yell "wimps!" when I pass them. After a couple strides in the water I fall down. When I come back up I look up to see Niall running towards me then falling right next to me causing a huge splash. I wipe my eyes and laugh. Tori and Liam have come to the spot where we set our towels and are laughing to. Eventually everybody comes in the water and we swim out to a point where just our heads are above water. 

           I can tell I'm really going to like all of these guys, they're like Zayn in some ways. That’s good, it makes me less nervous. After we hover in the same spot for a little bit Louis says, “Ok guys, who was everyone’s firstkiss?” The boys laugh, I’m guessing Louis the funny one in the group, not that nobody else is funny, because they all are. They’re all really good at lightening the mood and making awkward situations less awkward. Harry starts by saying  “Well I was five and I was at a girls birthday party, she was two years older than me. We kissed in her tree fort alone. Yep, and it was pretty magical ” We all laugh and everybody takes turns telling their stories until it was my turn. For some reason I didn’t tell the truth. Well, partly because it was  surprisingly, Zayn, and also because I didn’t want to embarrass him. I remember it perfectly. We were seven and we were at our friend’s party.Everybody was playing truth or dare and Zayn and I got dared to go in the closet and kiss. It’s quite ironic because I didn’t like Zayn then and I didn’t really want to kiss him, and now I’m madly in love with him and would die for anything close to a kiss. We were both scared, especially Zayn, which is weird because he had already kissed a girl. Once we got in the closet we didn’t say anything for a minute but finally I said, “I know you don’t want to do this, so just close your eyes and ill do it quickly.” And so he did and I gave him a fast peck where our lips barely touched. He didn’t even pucker his, so I don’t know if it really counted. So instead of telling everybody that story, I say,“It was a boy named John when I was eight.” I glance at Zayn to see his reaction and for a second he looks at me to, but then he looks down at the water with a weird expression.

          Afterthat we all swim back towards the spot on the beach where our towels are laid out  Niall pulls out a ton of food from the backpack he brought. I think he likes to eat a lot because so far every time I’ve seen him he has food. After that everybody kind of separates, Tori, Liam, and Louis go back out to the water and Harry and Zayn join Niall, while I go to the edge of the water, letting it reach my ankles, then stopping. When I look down I notice a flat circular rock in the sand  perfect for skipping. I grab it and throw it the way Zayn taught me to when we were younger. Zayn taught me a lot of things. The stone skips three times befor finally sinking. “Nice one.” I jump and look over my shoulder to see who said it. It’s Zayn. I smile, “Thanks.” He nods and comes to the spot next to me. I dig my toes deeper in the sand, Zayn still makes me nervous. “ I thought I was your first kiss,” he says quietly, looking straight ahead at the water  I didn’t expect him to say that, he’s never really that blunt. “Oh,yeah, that. Umm, you were. I just didn’t want to embarrass you.” I say nervously  “You wouldn’t have embarrassed me,” He says. I look down, “oh, well,I wasn’t sure.” He nods, "It's really nice seeing you." I laugh on the inside, I kind of feel like somebodies playing a joke on my life. "Really? You too, summer was not quite as fun when you left." He smiles. For some reason,   I felt the courage to ask him something I'de been dying to know, but scared to hear. “Why are you here? I mean, with me ” I ask. He looks at me with a confused expression. “What do you mean?” I hesitate but decide I should keep going. “Well, I thought I screwed things up with us. I mean when you sent me that text that day I thought you were done being my friend. Which I was certain was the case because you never talked to me again until yesterday. I thought I screwed up when we got close at that party.Everyday we didn’t talk I thought about what I did wrong. I still think about what I could have done. I keep thinking I crossed a boundary but when we talked yesterday it felt like it never happened.” He looks down, clearly shocked at all I just said, but like he'd already thought about this before. I keep thinking he’s going to say something but he never does. So finally I say, “Please say something. I mean what really made you send that? You probably didn’t think I would mind that much cause, I mean it’s not like you knew I like you and maybe you didn’t think I would over-analyze that message or something.” The moment I say it I instantly regret it. I want to die.  Maybe Zayn didn’t catch that. I know he did though, the moment I said it he looked up. Crap. I just said I like him. He looks at me, “Wait, did you just say you like me?” I panic, “Uhh, no.” He looks at me again with squinted eyes,obviously trying to see if I was lying. I press my lips together. He knows I like him, I was never a good liar. I sigh, “sorry.” He laughs. I look at him in shock, why on earth would he be laughing? “Why are you apologizing?” He says lightly  “Well because I know you don’t think of me that way and that’sprobably why you sent me that message.” He laughs again. I start to get a little annoyed, I’m confessing my heart right now and he thinks it’s funny.“Zoe. I sent that message because I like you.” My heart sinks and I start to get dizzy. There’s no way I heard that right. “What?” I mouth, my voice is gone  “That night at the party was perfect. I went home and thought about it for a long time. But I thought there was no way you liked me and I didn’t want to hurt myself further, so I sent you that message. I thought it would be easier that way, but it wasn’t. Every day I thought about you and the mistake I made. But I never thought you liked me.” My heart skips a beat. I look up at Zayn to see if he’s joking. His eyes are looking straight back at me with passion. He isn’t joking, but maybe I’m dreaming. He sees the wonder and confusion in myeyes. But he doesn’t say anything. Instead he leans in slowly so that our lips are just an inch away. I feel my heart beat uncontrollably in my ears. The sound of the waves disappears and my racing heart is the only sound left. I feel Zayns body get closer to mine. I close my eyes and suddenly I don’t hear or see anything. The warmth of Zayns body is gone but there’s a new warmth behind me. After that, everything goes black.

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