From The Start

Zoe has known Zayn since they were little, her life is full of love and suprises and along the way she meets her best friend Tori. Both their lives are changing in both good and bad ways. See what happens in this crazy love story. Once you start reading you won't be able to stop!


6. Moments

The girl that auditioned before Liam comes over to the area where we’re standing, “You did really well.” She looks at me and smiles “thanks.” Liam’s singing Cry Me a River and it sounds amazing. Zayn has to walk to the edge of the stage so he’s ready to go on “good luck.” I yell after him. “What’s your name” I ask the girl. “I’m Tori, what’s yours?” She’s really nice “I’m Zoe, where are you from?”  “Well I’m moving to Bradford, England today.” She looks at the ground like she doesn’t like the sound of what she just said. “That’s where I’m from” I say joyfully. She looks up at me “no way!” I laugh and nod. “Do you go to Tong High School?” she asks. “Yah, well I did why?” She smiles “that’s the area I’m moving to.” I smile. “You know if you want someone to hang out with, I’m free most of the time.” Tori look’s excited “I would love that.” I turn to the TV where you can watch people audition, the judges are saying great things to Liam and he gets a yes from all the judges. He walks backstage and smiles, when he reaches us I say “you did a great job Liam.” He smiles. We both turn to the TV and watch Zayn walk on stage. I stop breathing and just wait for a sound to come from him. When it does I let myself breath, he sounds so good, I would be surprised if the judges said no. When he’s done he stands there looking nervous. Simon Cowell stops him and the judges all give him good critiques. He gets all yes’s and walks backstage. I run up to him and give him a big hug. “You did amazing, I’m so happy for you.” He smiles “thanks.” I let go of him and we walk over to Liam. “You guys made it!” I’m practically jumping up and down with excitement. They laugh at me and we all walk out to the parking lot. “Who’s up for ice cream?” Zayn asks. Me and Liam both agree and we drive to an ice cream place across town. Me and Zayn get the same thing as always, a small chocolate with sprinkles in a waffle cone. Liam gets a flurry and we all sit down at a picnic table. My ice cream is dripping so I stand up to get some napkins. As I start to walk a kid runs strait into me and I fall over, there’s ice cream all over my shirt, but I care more about the fact that I just made a fool of myself in front of a lot of people, including Zayn. He comes over to help me up. “Are you okay Zoe?” I laugh “I’m a little cold and sticky but I think I’ll live.” He laughs at me. We sit back down at the table, “I think I have an extra shirt in the car.” Zayn tells me. “I’m okay, I don’t need it.” I say, it would be nice though but that would also be awkward for Zayn. He ignores me and runs to the car anyway. When he comes back he hands me a big white shirt. I go in the bathroom and change my shirt carefully so I don’t get any ice cream in my hair. When I put Zayn’s shirt on I look in the mirror and giggle, his shirt is like a dress on me and it looks like I’m naked. I pull it up and tie a knot in the side of it, and then I realize a bigger problem. The shirt is see-through. It would look fine if I was wearing a white or tan bra, but of coarse I’m not. I’m wearing a bright pink one with blue cheetah print on it. I stand there for a minute staring at myself in the mirror and thinking about weather I should put my dirty shirt back on. I decide to just keep it on and walk out with my arms folded across my chest. When I reach the table Liam laughs at me. I can see Zayn trying really hard to hold back his laughter. When Liam finally settles down he says “are you cold?” I’m confused “no, actually this shirt is warm, why?” He smiles “then why are you hugging yourself so tightly?” I’m so stupid, why didn’t I just say yes. “Umm, well I don’t know.” I can’t think of any reason to be crossing my arms. I sit down and put my arms on the table, I hope they don’t notice. Zayn takes my dirty shirt and throws it in the trunk of his car and we all get in. I offer to drive and they let me, there both exhausted. When we’re all in the car I take my hands away from covering my chest and Zayn creases his lips and I know he saw my bra. I’m so embarrassed “yes I know, this shirt is see-through and my bra is very visible.” I sound annoyed and both Liam and Zayn burst out laughing. I start driving and focus on the road rather than thinking about how embarrassed I am. When we get to Liam’s house it’s already like eight o’clock at night. I’m starving so we pull into a fast food place and go inside. We order our food and sit at a table in the back, away from other people. “You did great today Zayn, I’m really proud of you.” He blushes and looks at his food. “Sorry about the shirt, I thought it would be better than the one you had on.” I laugh “it’s fine, it is better.” We both eat our food really fast and walk out to the car. When we get to my house I say goodbye and he drives away. My parents are asleep so I quietly tiptoe into my room and hop on my bed.

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