From The Start

Zoe has known Zayn since they were little, her life is full of love and suprises and along the way she meets her best friend Tori. Both their lives are changing in both good and bad ways. See what happens in this crazy love story. Once you start reading you won't be able to stop!


14. James

Tori's P.O.V.

           I woke up to Zoe sorting through her close, I rub my eyes and look at the time on my phone. It's almost noon, we both have to be at the studio soon. I get up and tip toe over to where Zoe is standing, just before she turns around I yell "BOO!" Zoe jumps and throws the shirt she had in her hands at me, I'm laughing loudly by myself for a bit until Zoe joins in. When we're finally done laughing Zoe picks up the shirt she threw and goes over to her dresser to find jeans. I sort through my bag until I come across the shirt I'm looking for. James is going to be at the studio today, so I want to make a good second impression. Zoe laughs, she see's me pull all my close out searching for a pair of pants to go with the shirt I have. "You know I have pants you can borrow." I smile, "yeah, I thought I brought some, but I guess not." She goes over to her dresser and throws a pair of dark blue jean shorts at me. I'm wearing a british flag T shirt that's light and flowy, with the shorts Zoe gave me and a pair of light blue flats. Zoe is wearing a T shirt that is tied in a knot because it looks to big, with a pair of black shorts, with a red snap back that says OBEY on it. I laugh, "Zoe whats with the giant shirt and snap back?" She looks down and half smiles, "umm well, they're both Zayns, I know it's stupid." I feel bad for asking, Zoe eyes are filled with embarrasment, but behind that I can see pain. I guess I always knew Zayn meant a lot to her, but I didn't expect him leaving to hurt her this bad. I want to comfort her but don't say anything because I can tell she doesn't want to talk about it. Zoe pulls on a pair of black Nike's and we head out the door. The studio isn't busy, as usual, but James is here.

           James is at the desk Zoe usually works at, he doesn't see us come in until Zoe says, "Hey, did Dave tell you where he wants me working?" James looks up, first at Zoe then at me, the corner of his lips curve up a little when he looks at me. He turns back to Zoe and says, "yeah, he told me you can just search through old files and see if there's anything we can throw out. Oh, yeah, and he said that you should start working with Tori on the theme she wants her album to be." He glances at me for a short second when he mentions my name, "other than that he said the day was gonna be slow." Zoe nods and turns to walk into her bosses office. I hesitate for a second but follow behind her, I notice that James is looking at me and quickly focus my eyes somewhere else. I'm standing in the doorway watching Zoe go through files when she says, "you should go talk to James, I know he is dieing to ask you out." I press my lips together in a thin line, she didnt even look up when she said it, she must know im dieing to go on a date with him to. She looks up and tilts her head towards the front desk where James is sitting, moving her eyes as if to encourage me. I laugh and walk slowly in his direction, he notices me and smilles.

         "Hey Tori, wht do you need?" He asks, I open my mouth to say something but nothing comes out. I've never been good at this and i'm finding it harder to talk to James compared to Liam, when I could just speak my mind. Eventually I manage to say, "hey, actually I was wondering if you wanted to go to a club tonight? or another night, if your busy, or not if you dont want to..." I found myself rambling on and on when one question would have worked, but I couldnt seem to stop. He laughed at my endless questions, he could tell I was nervous, and replied, "sure, im free tonight, which club do you wanna go to?" I was surprised with his answer, even though Zoe said he liked me. "Well there's the one downtown, next to the old pubs and other small buisnesses, we could go at eight." He smiled and nodded in agreement, clearly excited to be going. I went back to the office Zoe was at, where she was still sorting through files. When she was done fileing she grabbed my arm and lead me to her bosses desk, gesturing for me to sit down in a small chair across from her. I couldn't help but laugh at Zoe's buissness charade, she was not the type of girl who looked perfessional. She joined in with me while she logged on to his computer.

          After Zoe and I finished discussing my album and I waved goodbye to James we were driving home talking about my date with James. "What are you going to where?" Zoe asked excitedly. I laughed, Zoe was being over-enthusiastic about my date, "Probibly one of the dresses we got the other day." I replied casualy. She smiles, "you should definitley wear the green one." I smile and nod in agreement. When we get back to Zoe's house it's quite, we both head up the stair and into Zoe's room. I walk over to her closet and pull out the green dress I'm going to wear to the club. Zoe's sitting on her bed when she says, "did Zayn ever go on dates during the X-Factor?" Her question surprised me at first, but after I let down the wall of shock I realized it wasn't really that random. I guess me going out with James was making her think about how she never went out with Zayn. Here I was, going out with someone I just met and Zoe didn't even pay attention to boys other than Zayn, who didn't talk to her anymore. I suddenly felt a cloud of guilt building inside me, "well he did go out a couple times with a girl, but that didn't last long. Do you want me to stay here with you? I'm totally fine with staying here." She laughed and attempted to smile, but I saw it wasn't the real emotion her body wanted to show. Then Zoe quietly replied, "Oh, no!! What makes you say that? I was just curious, don't let me ruin your fun!" I nodded hesitantley, but didn't argue. "Well I'm going to start puting some of my close in boxes for our apartment, you should get dressed, it's almost time for your date," She said, trying to change the subject. I nodded and went into her bathroom to change. When I looked at the mirror I smiled, the dress was really pretty and my hair was still decent, so that was good. I put on a a little makeup to make me look less tired, and more ready to party. Wlaking back into Zoe's room I searched for Zoe, so I could show her the dress, suddenly I bright flash blinded me. Zoe laughed at my surprised expression and walked over to me. "I thought I'de take some pictures of you in your pretty dress," she explained. Then she stood right beside me and we took another together.

           She sat on her bed again and logged onto facebook to upload the pictures, I laughed at her, well more at myself because I was suddenly very self consious of the way I looked. She waved and threw me her car keys so I could leave. I waved and headed to her car to meet James for our date.

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