From The Start

Zoe has known Zayn since they were little, her life is full of love and suprises and along the way she meets her best friend Tori. Both their lives are changing in both good and bad ways. See what happens in this crazy love story. Once you start reading you won't be able to stop!


18. Here We Go

           "Hey Dave, can I talk with you for a minute?" I felt bad, Dave was such a great boss and I really liked working here. "Sure, what's it about?" I took a seat across from him and said, "well, yesterday I was talking with an old friend and he is working with a band that's supposed to be popular. I have good and bad news about the talk. To start with the good news, he told me that Tori could open for them, they have concerts going on really soon and he thinks it would be great to promote new artists. But he also offered me a job as an assistant for the band, he said it pays really well and it sounds like a really good job for me, I could broaden my experience in the music business."He hesitated, thinking through what I just said I suppose, before replying. "That's really great. I mean, you'll be missed and stuff, but it will honestly be a good experience for you and I don't want to get in the way. You're a great employee, I can honestly say I'm happy for you. This will also be great for Tori, she can finally come out and start an honest career." I smiled, this only made it harder to have to leave the studio. Dave always had to be so nice. "Thanks Dave, I really do appreciate your support." He nods, "so when are you leaving?" I sigh and reply, "actually it starts in less than a week, he wants Tori and I down there to talk about it." Dave nods again, I can tell he's a little surprised about how soon it is. "Let me know how it goes, you can keep working here until you leave, but will you try to find a replacement?" I nod and get up, "thanks Dave, that means a lot, and i'll get to that." Walking out I see Tori in the studio and give her a thumbs up. 


          It wasn't hard to find a replacement, all I had to do is look through the applications and find the most qualified person. Tori's work in the studio the last couple days, however, was not so easy. She was rehearsing one of the songs from the upcoming album and two more from the X Factor. Neither of us knew what to expect from Paul's offer, he didn't really give us any ideas, but I suppose that's what the meeting tomorrow was for. I was sitting in the control room watching Tori rehearse when I heard someone come through the front door. It was weird, I don't remember calling anyone for interviews today. I walked out to see a tall girl with straight black hair waiting by the front desk. "Hello, are you here to set up an appointment?" She was wearing sunglasses, a short brown skirt and a white lace shirt. I didn't want to judge, but from the looks of her, she was a snob. What could she possibly want here? "No. I'm here for a job." Her voice matched my assumption, she was definitely a snob. "Ok, I can give you the application form and you could quickly fill it out or you can bring it back later." I grabbed a form from inside a drawer and held it out to her. "I'll fill it out here." She took it and started filling it out. After a couple minutes she gave it back and said, "Oh and James told me to come here. He said to tell you that he recommended me for the job." She smiled smugly and walked out the door. I glanced at the form and saw that her name was Scarlet. Could she really be the Scarlet from the other day? James did recommend her, so maybe she was. I didn't read anymore, I just ripped the application apart and threw it in the trash. There was no way she was getting a job here. Why would James want her to work here? It didn't make any sense, if he wanted to keep her a secret he wouldn't bring her to Tori. Maybe she wanted to be closer to James and Tori. Ugh. I can't think about this right now. 

          I go back to the control room to finish watching Tori but she's already done. "Hey you ready to go?" She says. Dave looks up from his desk when I reply, "sure." He gets up and walks over to where we're standing. "Well I guess I should say goodbye and good luck." I give him a hug and say, "thanks, my replacement will be here on monday." He nods and gives Tori a hug. "Bye Dave, see you monday."  Tori says. We both walk out and wave goodbye. We both walk to my car and get in. "So who's the band Paul works for?" Tori asks after a couple minutes of silence. I actually never thought about that. I wonder who they were. "I don't know." We both laugh. If I didn't trust Paul so much, I think I would find this suspicious. "Well, I guess we'll find out tomorrow." 

         When we got to our apartment Tori and I both try to find an outfit to wear tomorrow. "I think you should wear something cute and fashionable and not to buisnessy." I say to Tori. She laughs, "well I think you should wear something buisnessy but cute. What if one of the band members is cute!" I laugh, leave it to Tori to say that. It's not that I wouldn't like dating a cute, nice guy, It's just that I'm terrible at flirting. I literally can't flirt, when boys talk to me I don't act cute. Tori pulls out a cute floral dress with a brown belt and brown boots. "What about this?" I give her a thumbs up and say, "perfect!" As I'm sorting I come across a tight black skirt and by bright pink blazer. Then I grap a white tanktop and show Tori. She smiles, "that's really cute, and it's buisnessy." I stick my tongue out at her because she keeps using the silly word I used for her. I set the clothes on my dresser and get a long necklace with three big hearts on the bottom and a bow tie ring. That will make me look more fashionable, just in case one of the band members is cute. But when I look at my shoes I laugh, my shoe selection is made up of tennishoes, mostly high tops, ugg boots and a couple pairs of old flats. I should probably wear the flats but decide that my shoes don't have to be professional and grab my white converse. Tori see's my shoe choice and laughs. 

      Tori and I both fall asleep watching a movie. The soft buzzing of the TV is what wakes me. I get up and stretch out, my body feels uncomfortable from sleeping on the floor. After turning off the TV I look at the time on my phone. We have an hour to get ready, the drive is an hour to get to Pauls office. I walk over to Tori and shake her lightly, "Tori we have to get ready, we only have an hour." She yawns and rubs her eyes. Now that I know she's up I hop in the shower and rinse my hair. The hot water feels good on my body, it loosens up my muscles so I'm not uncomfortable any more. I just stand in the heat for a little bit then get out, I don't want Tori to have to shower in the cold. My shower took a little longer than I expected so I roughly brush my hair and teeth and get out of the bathroom. After that the morning goes by fast, it was the last couple minutes and Tori and I were doing are hair. I put mine up in a top knot and Tori was straightening hers. I grab my keys and wait by the door for Tori to finish up. 

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