From The Start

Zoe has known Zayn since they were little, her life is full of love and suprises and along the way she meets her best friend Tori. Both their lives are changing in both good and bad ways. See what happens in this crazy love story. Once you start reading you won't be able to stop!


4. Hanging out

“Morning mom and dad” I’m so tired I say it while I’m yawning. “Hey honey, how’d you sleep?” I stretch out and take a seat at the table. “Good, what time is it?” My dad laughs “it’s one o’clock.” Shoot, the mini golf’s in half an hour. I run up stairs jump in the shower and quickly rinse my hair. When I get out I have 15 minutes left, I pick out some shorts and a T-shirt, there’s five minutes left when I run back down the stairs. “Have somewhere you need to be?” asks my mom. “Yah me and Zayn are going mini golfing with a friend.” My mom just nods “have a good time.” I see Zayn pull into the driveway and run out the door. “Got everything?” he asks. I nod and turn up the radio. When we get there Liam’s already waiting for us outside. “Hey, you guys ready?” I laugh “Yah, ready to kick butt.” We all laugh and walk to the counter. I’m green, Zayn’s red and Liam’s blue. “So are you guys excited for the auditions?” I ask after I hit the ball. “Actually, I’m more scared than last time.” Liam says. “Yah, I’m terrified.” Zayn adds. “Don’t worry, you’ll both be great.” We’re half way through the course and Zayn’s winning, but not for long. In the end Liam won by one point and me and Zayn tied for second. “That was fun, we should do it again sometime” Liam smiles. “Yah, I had fun” I tell him. We talk a little more about the X-Factor and Liam agrees to ride in the car with us there. On the way home Zayn and I tease each other about some shots we made and when we get to my house I make Zayn sing one more time. “Bye, see you tomorrow” I wave at him and walk in the door. After eating the dinner my mom made, I go up to my computer and look at the previous auditions on the X-Factor. Some are hilariously bad and some are so good I start to worry for Zayn. I even look at Liam’s, he’s good, really good. I wonder how good he is now, probably better. I text Zayn and tell him to look at the auditions, he reply’s that he already has. I should have guessed that, he is the person auditioning, not me. I ask him if he’s seen Liam and he hasn’t, when he’s finished watching he says that he’s really good and that it makes him more nervous knowing that someone that good didn’t make it. I fall asleep after a while and dream of all the things that could go wrong in Zayn’s audition.

            Mary calls me at eleven o’clock in the morning and asks me if I want to go shopping and see a movie. I don’t have anything to do so I just agree. She’s coming to pick me up in an hour so I have time to get ready. I’m wearing a loose blue shirt with metallic stars across it and some black shorts. When she picks me up I can tell she’s excited and she’s dieing to tell me something. “What?” I ask her, a little annoyed she hasn’t told me yet. “Ok, so I asked Zayn if he wanted to come and guess what he said.” She was biting her lip like it was all she could do to contain herself. “Yes?” She smiles “yes!” I laugh, I guess I’m use to hanging out with Zayn, but she’s not so she should be excited. She blasts the radio and starts singing along to a song I don’t know.

            When we get to the mall Zayn’s already there, sitting on a bench outside the entrance. “Hey guys, what are we going to do first?” I giggle, its good Mary isn’t very smart because it’s obvious Zayn doesn’t want to be here. “What’s so funny?” Mary asks, looking very confused. “Oh nothing” I nudge Zayn with my elbow and whisper “you could at least act like you want to be here.” He smiles really big and squints his eyes, I just shake my head and laugh silently. “I was thinking we could go shopping first and then see a movie.” Me and Zayn just nod but when Mary turns away we both make pretend guns and shoot ourselves with them. We walk into a store full of dresses and while Mary looks at dresses across the store Zayn and I pull out really ugly ones and say things like “I like this one” and “that’s hot. Mary has a bunch of dresses and hands me one to try on. It’s not that bad, it’s short, black, and strapless, with a thick gray belt and the lining is shiny gray. We go in the dressing rooms and Zayn sits down in a chair in front of them. Mary taps on my door and tells me to come out so I do, we walk out to where Zayn is and show him are dresses. Zayn is looking strait at me, probably because I never wear dresses and he’s surprised he’s seeing me in one. After a long moment of Zayn staring at me Mary clears her throat loudly to get his attention “so Zayn what do you think?” She does look nice “You look good, I like it.” Of course Zayn says that, that’s what he says when he’s not really interested. It’s enough for Mary though “thanks, I like it to.” We go back in our dressing rooms and I come out and wait with Zayn while Mary gets in another dress. We both don’t want to be there so we just make ourselves look interested when she comes out. We go from store to store helping Mary buy things. In one store while we’re waiting I notice Zayn is wearing a varsity jacket, he looks so good in it. He wears it a lot and it always looks amazing. “So, what are you wearing to the auditions?” We never thought about that before. He shrugs “I don’t know, what should I wear?” I look around the store and spot a black jacket, I walk over and tell him to put it on. He looks really good in it “that looks good.” He laughs “ok then” He buys it and Mary buys about ten more shirts.

We all stop to get slush’s and look at the movies. “I think we should see the scary one” I say. Mary looks at me like I’m crazy. “I think we should see the romantic one.” I laugh “I am not seeing a movie with the name ‘Loving Forever’.” She stares at me. “Well I don’t want to see a stupid movie about people being haunted by creepy ghosts.” She turns to Zayn “you’ll go with me right?” He looks at the ground, she looks mad. “Maybe we should just go to that tattoo place and get fake ones instead of a movie” I suggest, hoping we won’t have to fight anymore.  She glares at me “really Zoe? Fake tattoos, yah that sounds way better than seeing a movie!” Zayn creases his lips. “Zayn come on let’s go and see a movie without Zoe.” Mary grabs Zayn’s arm and attempts to pull him to the ticket booth, but Zayn stays where he is. “What now?” Mary yells at Zayn. He looks up at us “I would rather see a scary movie with Zoe.” She looks like she could kill someone. “Fine, this was stupid anyway, geese Zoe you’re always so stubborn.” I look at the ground, I don’t know if I’m trying not to laugh or cry. “Go find someone else to be your friend, because you just lost this one.” She starts to walk away but stops and turns “Oh yah, you can find someone else to take you home.” Then she walks into a store with a ton of shoes in it. I feel Zayn’s hand lift my face up and look at my eyes. There’s one tear on my cheek but I start laughing really hard and Zayn joins in. After we finish cracking up, Zayn smiles and says “I really wanna go get a fake tattoo now.” We walk over to the little store that has them, “What do you wanna get?” I ask Zayn before we enter. “I kind of want a yin yang, a permanent one.” I stare at him “really?” He laughs “really.” We walk in and ask for what we want, I get a green heart on my shoulder that’s fake. While Zayn gets a yin yang on his arm that’s real. When we’re all done Zayn tells me he wants to see the scary movie.

 I laugh, of coarse he does.  He pays for our tickets and we go into the theatre, the movie starts in five minutes so we just find good seats and wait. “I’m sorry about Mary, I know you didn’t want to be here anyway.” He laughs, “Its fine, I mean I did get a tattoo.”  “It is pretty cool, and you do get to see a scary movie.” We both laugh. The movie is starting and there’s creepy music playing. I put my feet up on the seat and hug my knee’s, I do this during scary movies. I don’t know why, but it makes me feel safer. Zayn looks over and laughs quietly. He’s seen me do this before. “Shut up” I whisper. It makes him laugh more, not really my intension. The movie starts out good, but it gets scarier and scarier. Zayn looks so calm, I stare at him instead of the movie. When I finally look up it’s so scary I turn and hide in Zayn’s shoulder, he laughs and I’m so embarrassed I hide my face in my knees. When the movies done I try to avoid looking at Zayn, I’m still embarrassed. I finally look at him when we’re out of the mall. “Sorry I jumped on you.” He smiles “I don’t care, it was funny.” We walk to the car and he says, “Zoe, do you think I can do it?” I’m confused, “do what?” He looks down at his lap, “make the auditions.” I smile, “no.” He looks at me with a confused look on his face, “I think you can win the whole show.” He smiles, “seriously?” I laugh, “I’m completely serious.” He smiles the whole way home, I like it when he’s happy. 

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