From The Start

Zoe has known Zayn since they were little, her life is full of love and suprises and along the way she meets her best friend Tori. Both their lives are changing in both good and bad ways. See what happens in this crazy love story. Once you start reading you won't be able to stop!


10. Getting A Friend Back

            "WHAT?!?!" I screamed at the TV. I've been freaking out for the last five minutes because a moment ago the results of last nights show were shown. "Are you people crazy, your so stupid, AHHHH!!!!" I screamed. My mom came running down the hall with a worried expression on her face, "are you okay honey?" I press my lips together and try to calm down, "yeah mom, im fine." She nods and walks back down the hall with a weird expression on her face. I scream silently, I'm so confused on how I feel right now. I'm sad and angry because Tori was eliminated, but I'm happy, excited and worried because One Direction made it to the finale. I try to stop thinking about the results altogether, but that doesn't last long because it's the only thing I ever think about. I get a text from Tori saying, "I'm sad:( But it's okay because 1D made it through. :/ But could you pick me up? I rode down with Liam." I laugh, leave it to Tori to do this. I reply, "Yeah I can totally pick you up, sorry about the result:( But we get to see each other now:)!" I tell my mom im leaving and run out to my car, my mom bought it for me over the summer because Zayn wasn't here to drive me around anymore. When I get there I pull into a gas station we're meeting at and see her inside. I run in and hug her, we're both screaming.

          The ride home is fast and Tori is telling me everything that has been happening at the house. Her and Liam were happy for the first couple of weeks but found it to hard to be in a relationship at that point, so they broke up. She cried for a while telling me about how hard it was, but she knew it was best for him because he was most likely going to be famous after the show. I enjoyed listening to her, I hadn't been social at all during the time they were gone. But when Tori asked me what I had done I burst out laughing and embarrassingly replied nothing, the sad thing is, this was true. She looked at me and laughed, I guess she didn't believe me completely. We go to her house and decide to have a sleep over, we watch movies all night. I like the feeling of having a friend next to me from now on. But there is still a whole in the spot Zayn left, I don't know if I will ever get to fill that spot again. 

           When I wake up I see Tori's still sleeping, but I smell bacon and pancakes, her mother must be making them. While I wait for Tori to get up I go on my phone and look up the One Direction video diaries. I've watched them all plenty of times just to feel the presence of Liam and Zayn but I also really do believe the three other guys in the band are good guys, Liam seems nice, Louis' funny, and harry's sweet, all of them seem to get on pretty well. I hear a ruffle besides me and I see Tori's awake, she looks tired but smiles when she see's me. "I forgot I came home," she mumbled and we laughed. We head down the stairs to eat breakfast, when I get there I see Tori's little brother Jeremy taking a huge stack of pancakes and walk away very fast. Me and Tori look at each other with raised eyebrows then indulge in the food before us. When breakfast is done we go back to Tori's room to talk. "So when do you wanna move into the apartment we checked out?" I couldn't wait to live together, we were going to have so much fun. "When ever you want to," she replied excitedly. I was so happy to finally have my best friend back.



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