From The Start

Zoe has known Zayn since they were little, her life is full of love and suprises and along the way she meets her best friend Tori. Both their lives are changing in both good and bad ways. See what happens in this crazy love story. Once you start reading you won't be able to stop!


7. Final time together

When I wake up I reach for my phone because I see there’s a message on it. There's a huge party for my class, I'm surprised I was even invited. But then I see that everyone was invited and I don't feel so special. *Ring* *Ring*, Zayn's calling me, *Ring* *Ring*. "Hello?" "Hey, you’re coming to the party right?" I laugh "I wasn't really planning to, why?" He sighs "you have to come, please?" I know I can't get out of going now that Zayn's asking, he doesn't take no for an answer "please don't make me." He laughs "are you kidding, you're not gonna miss this party." Of coarse not.” "Why do you care if I go or not?" He hesitates "Well I was wondering..." He won’t say the rest "wondering what, Zayn?" He starts again but stops " I'll be gone soon and I don't know when I’ll be back so I want to spend as much time as possible with my friends, I even invited Liam to the party, it would mean a lot if you came to." Great, now I have to go. "Yeah, I guess I’ll go." I just know he's got a huge grin on his face "sweet! I'll see you there, do you need a ride?" I try to sound excited "yeah, that'd be great." "Alright, see you tomorrow, bye." He hangs up, I jump onto my bed and stare at the ceiling. The whole day's going by fast, faster than I want, the parties tomorrow. I lay on my bed for a while trying to think of what to do and it hits me. I pick up my phone and look through my contacts until Tori comes up, I hit call. *Ring* *Ring* "Hey Zoe, why are you calling?" I pause "are you in town?" "Yeah, why?" I hope me and Tori become friends "I was wondering if you'd like to go to a party tomorrow night, if you're not to busy." She laughs "I’d love to go, all I’ve been doing for the past week is sit around and unpack." I smile "awesome, I'll see you tomorrow." I give her the address to my house and tell her to come at five because the parties at six. Besides the two phone conversations today I’ve done nothing but sit around, so I decide to go to the mall and try to find an outfit for the party tomorrow. I borrow my mom's car and take some money from a box I keep it in and head towards the mall. When I get there, I start regret going, there are so many people here and I hate busy places. I go to a store with a lot of jeans and shorts in it, there's a cute pair of denim shorts with a little bit of sparkle on them. When I try them on, I love them, so I buy them. I go through a couple more stores before stopping at one with pretty shirts and shoes. I try on a lace tank top and immediately take it off, then I try a loose blue shirt with a black stripe going across the front, it goes perfect with my new shorts so I buy it. I stop at the food court and get a smoothie while I think about what shoes I'm gonna wear. After I finish up I walk to the car and drive back to my house. When I walk in I start coughing, there’s smoke filling my kitchen and I see my mom walk towards me with a pan of what looks like a pie. "Hey honey, sorry about the smoke, I burnt another pie." I laugh, she's always wanted to be good at baking, but everything turns out bad. I run up to my room and lay out my new outfit on my bed. I look in my closet for shoes and finally come to a pair of black Nike high tops, they're perfect.

           In the morning my mom tells me that Tori called to say she would be a little late, her parents wanted her to paint the basement of their new house. I don’t know what I’m going to do all day until the party. I’m happy I get to go with Tori though, because otherwise I don’t know who I would hang out with during the party and I really want to become good friends. There’s about three more hours till the party so I decide to take a shower and start getting ready. My hair is blonde and curly; after I’m done with my shower I brush it and put hairspray in it. After I finish my hair I put on silvery blue eyeliner, mascara, and a sparkly lip gloss. By the time I change into my close and finish getting ready it’s almost time to go to the party. I hear a knock on my bedroom door and open it to find Tori on the other side. “Hey, sorry I’m so late, it took longer than I expected.” She looks pretty; she’s wearing a green dress with a brown belt and pretty brown flats. Her hair is brown with a hint of red, it’s long and wavy. “I don’t care that you’re late, you’re here now aren’t you?” She laughs “Yeah, so you ready to go to this party?” We go down to my kitchen and wait for Zayn, after about ten minutes I hear a knock on my door. I get up and open the door, “hey, are you ready?” I smile “yeah, you don’t care if I bring a friend right?” Tori walk’s up to where Zayn and I are standing, “No, hey aren’t you from the auditions?” She smiles “Yes, right before your friend.” He smiles and we all walk to the car where Liam’s waiting. I sit in the front with Zayn and Liam and Tori sit in back. . As we're driving Tori and Liam start talking and I can tell they're hitting it off. Zayn and I are joking around with each other as usual. When we get to the party I know it's going to be crazy, there are so many people here. When we go inside Zayn grabs Liam and pulls him towards a group of his friends, I would do the same with Tori, but I don't really have any friends. Instead I bring her over to the punch bowl and get us drinks. While we sit there and sip on our drinks Tori starts laughing, "What's so funny?" She giggles "You aren’t very social are you?" I laugh, I must be really awkward " Yah, not really" She takes my drink, sets it down and drags me to the dance floor. She looks so funny dancing, she's going crazy. At first I just sway back and forth, but then I decide that I don't need to impress anyone here and go crazy. I'm actually having fun at this party; I guess I just needed a friend like Tori to bring along. Tori and I are laughing together because we look so stupid right now. But then we start dancing again.

Tori's P.O.V.

As I'm dancing I start moving backwards a little and bump into somebody behind me. We both fall over; I realize its Liam and get really nervous. I am on top of Liam. This is so awkward; I wouldn't mind falling onto anyone else. But of course I landed on Liam. "Oh my gosh Liam! Are you alright, I'm so sorry." He starts laughing and I'm still on top of him. I jump up and reach to help Liam up, "Wow, I've never seen someone dance like that." I look down, I'm so embarrassed and I know my cheeks are really red. He puts his hand under my chin and pulls my face up so he can see me "you don't need to be embarrassed." His face is inches from mine; I can feel his warm breath on my face. Suddenly I can't talk and my body is tingling. "S-sorry" He laughs, "why are you sorry?" I realize people are staring at us so I look down and refocus, "umm for knocking you down." He smiles "it's fine and you already apologized for that." I press my lips together and look back at Zoe. Zayn's standing right next to her and there talking. I look back at Liam "Oh yeah, umm ill leave you alone now, I know you have better things to do besides talk to me." He laughs and whispers "actually, not really." I bite my lip, he smiles and we walk towards Zayn and Zoe. "Wow Tori, you really get into your dancing, don't you?" Zayn teases. I make funny face at him and we all laugh, Zayn sees somebody and takes Liam over to introduce him.

Zoe's P.O.V.

     Tori looks at me with an eyebrow raised "I didn’t know you had a crush on Zayn." I stare at her "what?" She smiles "Zoe, it's really obvious, just the way you look at him." I blush "Well, I didn't know you had a crush on Liam." She laughs and looks down "at least I’m not so obvious about it."  She grabs me and we sit down on the coach "So, when are you gonna ask him out?" I laugh "Yeah right! I will never ask him out." She looks at me in confusion "why not?" I look at her like she's crazy "have you seen us? He's like really super hot and I’m like really super nerdy. Plus he doesn't like me that way." She looks down and starts to say something but stops.

Tori’s P.O.V.

            I stop talking because I see Zayn and Liam approaching us. Zayn grabs Zoe’s arm and they walk towards the back door, I wink at her. Then all of the sudden I feel Liam grab my arm and pull me up, “what are you doing?” I ask nervously. He laughs, “I’m just taking you somewhere so we can start where we left off.” I get scared, what is where we left off? I follow him anyways and he takes me out the front door, into a little spot where a bench is. I go to sit down but see Liam is not, so I stay standing. I don’t know what’s happening, but I don’t care anymore. Liam is really close to me and I stop thinking. We stay close for a second until his lips meet mine and I find my arms wrapping around his smooth neck. His mouth is so warm and sweet, I get distracted and don’t stop kissing him until he pulls away and giggles. Crap, I ruined it. I know I did, I’ve never kissed someone before and it’s obvious. “I’m sorry, what did I do, I was stupid…” I keep blabbering until he looks at me with sweet eyes “You didn’t do anything wrong. The opposite actually, I just would like to formerly ask you on a date.” I smile, so it was good for him to. “ I would love to…” I drag on the word to for a long time because I see something behind Liam. I sit down, staring at what was distracting me, Liam sits down to “what’s wrong?” He asks, concerned. I press my lips together and point. Liam sees what I do and just laughs. We are staring at Zoe and Zayn swinging. “What are they doing?” Liam asks me slowly but in a rhetorical way. Then we see them jump off and next thing you know, Zayn is on top of Zoe, their faces are inches away. “Oh my, are they about to?” Liam was going to say kiss but stopped when he saw Zayn pull away and just lay next to her. We look at each other and then Liam says “he should have done it, that was his chance.” I’m confused, “what are you talking about?” He looks down at his shoes “nothing its just, Zayn talks about Zoe a lot and I think he likes her.” I look at him in shock, “what, that’s impossible, because Zoe acts the same way.” We look at each other, Liam says “We can’t tell them. We aren’t 100% positive yet and they should find out by themselves.” I agree completely and just nod. We sit on that bench in silence, Liam’s arm is around me and my head is on his shoulder, until we see Zayn and Zoe get up.

Zoe’s P.O.V.

 Zayn walks over to us with Liam and I know why she stopped talking. Liam looks at Tori and smiles and Zayn grabs my arm and pulls me up off the coach. I look at Tori and she winks at me, Zayn starts walking towards a door. "Where are we going?" He smiles "you'll see." We walk through the door and keep going until we reach a swing set in the middle of a garden. "What are we doing?" Zayn looks at me and smiles "we're gonna swing." I giggle; he walks over to one of the swings and sits on it. He looks at me and signals with his finger for me to come sit by him. So I do, "why are we swinging? ", "Because I want to." I laugh, Zayn looks really hot right now, the sky is orange and pink because of the sunset and the light of the moon reflects perfectly on his face. The house we are at is by a beach, the sunset is barely in site. I'm staring at him, how perfect he is. Zayn looks at me "I bet I can still jump farther than you." I sigh and raise my eyebrow at him "IT"S ON!!!" We start rocking back and worth until we get really high. "Okay, ready, one, two, three!" We both let go and fly towards a spot of grass and land. I land a little bit before Zayn and he lands slightly on top of me. It's quiet for a little bit, then Zayn pushes off the ground; the top half of his body is inches away from mine, his arms on opposite sides of my body and his beautiful brown eyes looking into mine. This feels like part of a movie, this moment is perfect. He presses his forehead against mine, our lips so close. I just want to kiss him, but when I decide I should, Zayn pulls away and rolls over onto his back next to me. We lay there for what seems like forever, watching the stars appear in the sky. 

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