From The Start

Zoe has known Zayn since they were little, her life is full of love and suprises and along the way she meets her best friend Tori. Both their lives are changing in both good and bad ways. See what happens in this crazy love story. Once you start reading you won't be able to stop!


17. Family Friend

             I was at the park sitting at a Picnic table when I heard my name coming from a familiar voice. As I turned to see who could possibly want to speak to me I saw Zayn standing two feet away from me. This should have been more surprising because I didn't expect to see him again, but for some reason it felt like he had been there all along and we had grown closer. Even though that part had not surprised me, this part did. I opened my mouth to say something but was stopped because Zayn had closed the distance between us and now his lips were against mine. It was perfect. *ring* *ring* Why was my phone ringing? Whoever was trying to reach me was going to ruin this perfect moment. *ring* *ring* That's when I woke up. My phone was ruining the moment, but the moment had only been a dream. *ring* *ring* I reached out to my bedside table and grabbed my phone, after struggling to find the answer button I held my phone to my ear. "Hello?" I didn't know who would be calling me. "Hi Honey!! I was just calling to ask if you would come over this evening for dinner. An old friend is in town and will be there." It was my mom, she rarely called me, but I guess I should expect it more often now that I moved out. "Sure, what time should I be there?" I did actually really want to see her, I missed her cooking. She hesitated for a second, I guess estimating when everything would be ready, so it wouldn't be to chaotic. Then she said, "I guess you should be here at about six, dinner is going to be ready around six thirty." It sounded like she was already preparing part of dinner, she always wanted to make sure everything was perfect. "Alright, I'll be there around six, see you then." She quickly said goodbye and hung up.

       I wounder what time it is, I don't think my mom would call really early in the morning, As I got up I reached for the light switch. When the light was on I looked for Tori, she wasn't in her room, but there was a note on her bed. It said, 'James is taking me out for lunch, be back soon.' Lunch? Was it that late already? I look at the clock next to her bed and it says it's 1:00. Wow, it really was late. I have to be at work in thirty minutes so I put on a pair of leggings, an old T shirt and a jean jacket and head out the door. When I get there I see that James and Tori are already here. I was kind of jealous of them, they were always so happy. I was also jealous that Tori was able to get over Liam so fast. Why couldn't I just forget about Zayn? Even when I was sleeping I thought of him, my dream today had only made things worst, I wanted it so badly to be real. Work went by fast, Tori had worked on her album, James sorted though files, and I took care of other appointment's. Before I knew it I was going home to get ready for dinner. I didn't know what to wear, was it casual or more of an event? I decided to where something in between, it wasn't to casual but it wasn't to dressy. I put on a red tank top under my jean jacket and a black skirt. 

         It wasn't till I was on my way to dinner that I started to wonder what old friend. My mom had lots of old friends, most of them had moved outside the country or on the opposite side of Britain. My moms house had a warm feel to it, even though I moved only a little bit ago, I felt a little homesick. It was a relief to finally see her again. I pulled into the driveway and saw that my mom had cleared the garage to put her car into, so that there would be enough room for another car. Her old friend must be a good one because she rarely cleaned out the garage. That got me a little excited, I liked a lot of her friends. It smelled delicious inside, I spotted my mom still cooking in the kitchen and walked over to see if I could help. "Hey mom, is there anything I can do to help?" She smiled and hugged my with her arm that wasn't busy. "Well I'm almost finished, but if you could set the table that would be great."I nodded and opened the cupboard that had plates in it. "So who's coming over?" I asked after placing the plates on the table. "You probably remember him, his name's Paul, he's visiting from Ireland." I did remember him, he was really nice, I wonder why he would visit all the way from Ireland. 

       Just as I finished putting everything on the table, I heard a car pull into the driveway. My mom heard it to, she turned off the stove and ran to the oven to pull out the food she was warming up in it. She handed me two plates to put out on the table,then she motioned for me to go answer the door. When I got to the door Paul and his wife Clodagh were walking from their car. I opened the door as they reached the front porch step, Paul was carrying a big bottle of soda. "Hey Zoe! You got so big!" Paul says when he see's me. I laugh, every grown up that's been away for any period of time says this. when we all were inside my mom was putting the last dish on the table. "Hey Paul, Clodagh, it's been so long! It's so nice to see you." She hugged them both and grabbed the soda from Paul. After a minute of catching up, everyone was silent, enjoying their food. Paul was the first to break the silence. "So, Zoe, where are you working at?" He took another bite of the roll in his hands and waited for my answer. I swallowed the remainder of the food in my mouth and replied, "well, right now I'm working at a recording studio." Paul nodded, "hows the pay?" His question caught me off guard, why would he ask this? "It's ok, I mean it's a small studio so it's not a lot." I replied honestly. He nodded again like he understood. Which he probably did, he worked a lot of different jobs over his career. "Are you guys promoting any artists that might make it big?" At first I didn't get his question, but eventually I understood. He wanted to know if we were actually any good, I laughed to myself. "Actually, my friend Tori was on the X Factor and she's working on an album right now," I announced proudly, "why do you ask?" He smiled, it looked like he was laughing at an inside joke with himself. "Well right now i'm working at a security firm and I just got asked to deal with a band. I was just curious to see if you guys were doing anything related to them. So your friends with Tori? didn't she place fourth?" I nodded, now I understood why he was so interested. "Yeah she placed fourth, my boss is trying to get her to be like an opening act for new artists so she can gain experience before she goes on her own tour." Paul finished his roll and said, "Hey, maybe she could open for the band I'm with right now, and if you ever need a job I could always put a good word in for you as an assistant for the band, it pays well." Was Paul really offering Tori and I a job? I wanted to scream YES right then, but then I thought about Tori, I didn't want to answer for her, what if she said no, and if she said no, did I want the job? And what about my job now? instead of screaming yes i said, "wow, that sounds amazing, but i'll have to talk to Tori before I make any decisions." I took another bite of my dinner, pleased with my own response. "Of coarse, well the band is going to do some concerts soon so if you could try not to take to long to get back that would be great." Paul said in a nice voice, trying not to put to much pressure on me. I nodded and took my plate up to the dishwasher.

        The drive home seemed to take forever, I was to excited to tell Tori about Paul's job offers. When I finally got to our apartment I saw that James was still here. "Hey guys, what are you doing?"Tori looked up first, then James, they were both on the futon watching the very end of a movie they must have been watching. Instead of answering Tori said, "how was dinner?" Before I could burst into the whole story about Paul, James got up and waked into the bathroom.Tori and I looked back at each other at the same time. Then I told her all about Paul's job offer and how it would start soon. When I finally stopped talking Tori looked at me and said, "that's awesome! Holy crap, this is amazing. When do we start?" I laughed, "Well I didn't reply yet cause I wasn't sure if you would want to." She looked at me like I was crazy, "why on Earth would I say no?" We both laughed now. "Well the band is supposed to be pretty good and we start pretty soon and I wasn't sure if it was gonna be to much, there's gonna be a lot of people there. She nodded in an understanding way. After a while I walked to the bathroom to call Paul and tell him, but the door was closed. I had forgotten all about James, I was to busy celebrating with Tori. I leaned against the wall across from the door to wait. Then I heard him talking. I thought it was weird, was he talking to himself? But then I realized he was on the phone with somebody. It sounded like an intense conversation so I leaned in a little to listen. "No Scarlet, I'm at Tori's right now! I'll come over later when I leave here." There was a short pause as the person on the other end -Scarlet as he called her- said something. "No she doesn't know anything, why would she?" Another short pause. "Of coarse not! She's nothing, I met her at work. Your the only one that matters!" There was a longer pause now. I couldn't believe what I was hearing, was Scarlet his girlfriend or something? "Don't worry about it, I don't actually care about her. She takes me places and she's got some money, as soon as I get some of it she'll be out of my life so I can focus on you!" I couldn't believe what I was hearing. So Scarlet was someone more than a friend and James was only using Tori for money. But Tori doesn't have a lot of money, she has some saved up from her high school job, but I don't see why James would know about that. I felt terrible, Tori really liked James, she would be heart broken if I told her. I was going to lean closer but I heard him say, "bye Scarlet, I love you to." This made me sick, he loved this other girl, but Tori loved him. I leaned back against the wall and tried to put a non-terrified expression on my face. Then James came out and saw me. "Oh! Hey Zoe I didn't see you there." He said with an almost mad expression. I smiled, but it didn't feel right, and I know it didn't look right either because he glared at me as he walked past. I walked quickly into the bathroom and shut the door. What did I just see and hear? I wanted to tell Tori but I know she wouldn't believe me and I didn't want her to be mad at me. Should I confront James? I wanted to, but the way he looked just a second ago scared me. What if he was dangerous? But I couldn't let him use Tori like this. I would tell her later, at the right moment. Yes. When James left and Tori trusted me completely. Then I would tell her. I almost forgot the whole point of coming to the bathroom. But then I grabbed my phone and called Paul. He answered on the second ring, "Hello?" I laughed, he had such a sweet voice, he sounded nothing like he worked at a security firm. "Hey, it's Zoe, I was just calling to let you know that Me and Tori would love to be involved! Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity." He laughed lightly, "no problem Zoe, can you guys come to the firm in a week to discuss the new jobs?" I smiled, a week was so short but so long at the same time. "No problem, see you then!" Paul said goodbye and sent me a text of the directions to his temporary office. It was an hour away. I didn't really want to walk out and see James again, so I went into the extra room in our apartment to lie down. I was going to wait until James left to go out and talk to Tori, but after a short time, I fell asleep.

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