From The Start

Zoe has known Zayn since they were little, her life is full of love and suprises and along the way she meets her best friend Tori. Both their lives are changing in both good and bad ways. See what happens in this crazy love story. Once you start reading you won't be able to stop!


11. Careers

         The last five days had gone by fast, and I spent every moment of them with Tori. We decided we're going to move into the apartment we bought together in three weeks, it was right by a recording studio that I worked at and I was working on getting Tori a contract with the manager. We were packing up some of the things we wouldn't need in the next three weeks when I got a text from work, It said "Hey Zoe, I saw your friend Tori on the X Factor and would love to help her out! I thought she had tons of talent, I was surprised when she got eliminated, can you come in early tomorrow?" I smiled and replied, " Thanks so much! We can come in tomorrow, see you there." I screamed and ran downstairs to Tori, she was making a sandwich and looked up at me. Still screaming I said "TORI MY MANAGER LIKES YOU!!! AHHH YOU HAVE A CONTRACT!" It takes her a little bit to process what I said but when she figures it out she smiles and screams with me. We're jumping up and down, when Tori hugs me and says, "Thank you Zoe! I have a contract!" I laugh, my boss loves her, they will work perfect together. I get some ice cream from  the freezer while Tori finishes her sandwich and we go upstairs to her bedroom. We sit on her floor and plan out tomorrow, at eight in the morning we have to drive an hour away to the recording studio, then when we finish there we're going to go shopping, and when we get home the X Factor finale will be on. It's getting late so me and Tori try to fall asleep, but we're both to excited, so we end up falling asleep late anyway.

          I wake up to the sound of my alarm, I haven't used it in a really long time so the song I put to wake me up is the same. Zayn made it for me a long time ago, it's him singing you belong with me. This was an unfortunate start to my supposed to be great day. I wake Tori up and we quickly get dressed to go to the recording studio. On the way there we stop and get breakfast at a small bakery, I get a chocolate donut and a cinnamon roll and Tori gets a muffin and some tea. When we go inside the studio my boss gets up and walks over to us. He smiles and says, "hey girls, i'm so happy you came her, Zoe if you wanna go work your shift at the front desk I can help Tori." I nod at him then turn to Tori to see if it's okay with her and she smiles in agreement. There's a man waiting at the front desk so I walk over to help him. He see's me coming and holds out his hand, "hi, i'm James, I was told that you could help me, i'm looking for a job and I was wondering if there's an open spot here?" I shake his hand and reply, "Hey James, i'm Zoe and if you give me a second I can get the application for you." He waits while I hand him two pieces of paper and wait while he fills them out. Tori is in the studio next to my desk talking to my boss, then they get up and I see that Tori is singing a song for him. I watch as Tori sings, my boss smiles and I can tell he's delighted. Then I feel a tap on my shoulder, James is handing me the application, "thanks, umm you can come back tomorrow if you want, we don't have that many applicants, so we can interview you then," I say seeing that he doesn't know what to do. He nods and walks out to the parking lot. 

          After an hour I've looked at James' application and know he'll most likely get the job, Tori finished up in the studio and she comes out with a huge smile. We both hug my boss and leave to go shopping. Tori isn't that fond of shopping either but we both agreed that we need new clothes and stuff for our new apartment. The mall is really busy, which makes me hate shopping even more, but I ignore it and smile because i'm happy hanging out with Tori. We stop at a store that has casual dresses and coats and that sort of thing in it, because Dave (my boss) suggested Tori to make a music video and get a pretty dress to wear in it. We both look in different places for Tori, I find a short light green strapless dress that's flowy on bottom with a pretty brown belt. She walks over to where I am with six dresses and gives me three of them, "What are these for?" I ask. She laughs, "for you, duh!"I smile, this reminds me of when Zayn, Mary and I went shopping and Zayn and me would always joke around, picking out the ugliest ones and saying they're hot. There was also a time last summer when Zayn actually tried on really tight skinny jeans and a pink belly button shirt. I laugh at myself remembering those times. We go into the dressing rooms and put our the first dress, I hear Tori say "ready to come out?" I say yes and walk out. Tori looks amazing, she's wearing a light pink, one strap, dress that stops at her thigh. I'm wearing a short dark blue, long sleeve, backless dress, but I don't feel like I look that great in it, until Tori says, "oh my gosh Zoe, that looks so good, you have to buy it!" I laugh, this is what Mary used to say when I went shopping with her, but she never meant it like Tori does now. I reply  saying, "I don't look as good as you hotty," she smiles and we try on the next dresses. This time Tori has on a pretty white dress that has light silver lining one the top and bottom of it, it's tight and short, she looks like a goddess in it. " Tori you have to buy that one! You look so amazing," I say, she smiles and looks at mine. I have on a long orange dress that has a thin yellow belt, she says, "I liked your first one better, but you still look beautiful." We go back in and try on our last dresses, I walk out to see tori with the dress I picked out on, she looks amazing, but I spot a brown leather jacket that would make it perfect, so I run and get it. "What are you doing Zoe?" I come back and say, "put it on, trust me." She listens and when she has it on she smiles, "I like this a lot." I agree and then look at my dress in the mirror, it's bright red and short, it looks like a wrinkles piece of paper would, but in a good way. We both buy two dresses that we liked best and the brown jacket Tori tried on. After that we just buy jeans and a couple shirts, along with the stuff for our apartment. By the time we get home we both are ready to just lie down and relax. Which is partially possible, because we get to watch the X Factor, but I'm stressing to see if One Direction will win.

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