From The Start

Zoe has known Zayn since they were little, her life is full of love and suprises and along the way she meets her best friend Tori. Both their lives are changing in both good and bad ways. See what happens in this crazy love story. Once you start reading you won't be able to stop!


8. A single text

       There's five days before my only three friends all leave for what could be a very long time. I haven’t talked to Zayn since the party and I’m really embarrassed. I hope what happened doesn’t weaken our friendship. While I play the night over and over in my head it seems more and more unreal, I was that close to kissing Zayn. I keep thinking about it when my phone vibrates. I look at the message, it’s from Zayn, he usually just says a casual “hi” or “what’s up”, but this time was different. The text said “Thank you Zoe. Without you I would not be where I am today, thank you for being yourself around me. You’ve been a good friend for as long as I can remember, I’ll text you all the time during the competition.” At first I just stare at the text, it’s so unusual. But then I get angry because I realize that’s his way of saying goodbye. He didn’t want to say it in person because he didn’t want me to get the wrong idea about what happened the other night. I’m so embarrassed, and to think I was going to actually go in for a kiss. The rest of the day sucks because I won't see Zayn for a long time and if his career takes off after the show, i don't think ill ever see him agian. I don’t leave my bed and it’s half way through the night that I realize exactly how much Zayn means to me. He’s always been there, we’ve been best friends since first grade and he never cared how popular I was. At 3 a.m. I text one word to Zayn, “goodbye”. I cried myself to sleep that night and was waked up at noon by my mother, saying that Tori was here. I moan, “let her up.” My mom laughs and leaves, two minutes later I hear Tori’s light footsteps getting closer to me and stop when I hear a squeak in my bed. I look up “hey, what are you doing here?” She looks at my face for a little bit, “have you been crying?” I sit up and wipe my face, when I look down at my hands I realize my makeup is all over my face and pillow. There’s no point in lying, “umm yeah, I guess so.” She raises her eyebrow at me, “you guess so, wow what were you crying about?” I hide my face in my hair, I had just forgot about that, instead of trying to explain I just hand her my phone with the conversation of Zayn and mines on it. She looks at the text for a while before giving my phone back to me. We sit in silence before I say, “I shouldn’t have followed him, he was just so tempting and I almost kissed him. Now he wants nothing to do with me.” She looks at the ground as if she was hiding something, but I don’t bother asking what it is.

The few days I have with Tori before she goes to the X-Factor go by fast and I didn’t see Zayn again, but Liam visited a couple times with Tori. Them being like secretly into each other was getting weird though because they would kiss when they thought I wasn’t looking. I enjoyed the short time I had and when the time came for them to leave, I almost expected Zayn to come say goodbye. “Bye Zoe, we’ll miss you.” Liam said as he hugged me. I laughed, “not nearly as much as ill miss you. Where’s Zayn?” Tori walks over to where we’re standing and says,” he left earlier; I’ll tell him you say goodbye and good luck.” I watch them leave and take a moment to process the fact that I’m alone for a long time. I would be fine with being alone if I had school soon but I just finished High School and I’m still trying to figure out whether I’m going to college or not.

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