niall horan love story

when you meet niall at a bar what happens next will you fall hard or fall hard and get hurt


4. movies paranormal activity 4 & A/N

Niall's P.O.V

as we were on our way to the movies Y/N started singing she was amazing when the song finished i said she was amazing and she said thanks. when we pulled up in front of the cinima we went inside and brought our tickets and brought popcorn and lollies and stuff. we took our seats and the movie started by the end of the movie i was sort of surprised when Y/N didnt get really scared anyway i love her but im not sure if she feels the same way.

Louis's P.O.V

when the movie was over i went over to niall and asked if he really liked Y/N because he kept sneaking looks at her so did she but he didnt notice. he said that he did really like her but he didnt no if she felt the same way i know she does but i cant tell him that she has to. we made our way out to the van and i noticed Y/N put her hand out to hold nialls and he did they were so cute together and it was good for him to finally get a girlfriend.


on our way back to niall's we got some take away 10 minutes later we were at his apartment and we all got out. i was making my way to the door but niall pulled me back and asked if i would be his princess. of corse i would have said yes but i was speachless so i just kissed him. 

Niall's P.O.V

i asked Y/N to be my princess and i could tell she was speachless so she just kissed me i was over the moon we made our way to the door hand in hand and went to the kitchen. the boys were stairing at us so i just told them and they were so happy for me.



sorry its a really short chapter but iv got the worst luck and my life is a disaster thank god i think its getting better but im not sure i hope you like the chapter and sorry for the long wait comment what you think and i take into account your advise i really need some thx xx :) <3

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