niall horan love story

when you meet niall at a bar what happens next will you fall hard or fall hard and get hurt


1. meeting niall horan

(Y/N) P.O.V

one day I decided to go to a club because your boyfriend just broke up with you for your best friend when you get their you see this one guy that is sourounded by alot of people you see some friends and go say hi and ask who is that with so many people around him your friends say "well (Y/N) it is niall horan" and your like "what" and you start fan girling in side when every one clears your friends say "(Y/N) go and sit next to him" so you do a few seconds later your sitting next to him and next thing you no he orders 2 sex on the beach your fav drink ever when the watress brings them out puts them both in front of him then he places one infront of you you lift your head and say thank you.

Nialls P.O.V

i asked the watress for two sex on the beach she puts them in front of me and i give one to this girl sitting next to me then she lifted her head and said "thank you" i said back to her "thats ok" i must say she was very good looking i asked " what is your name" she said "(Y/N)" i said to her that is a pretty name she said thank you later that night i may have got to drunk but she was sober enough to say she wanted to go home with me





i would like thank bradfordbadgirl i got a idea of her from reading passion i hope its not to much like hers




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