Back for you and lies. ( Sequel to I finally found you)

Lilliana and Harry have been broken up for a 6 months. Lilliana is now dating her co-star from 'Sing me a love song' Logan Henderson from BTR. They are still in love with each other. But who knows. She is still living with Zayn and thier brotherly and sisterly bond are stronger than ever. This is a happy love story. And Lilliana still hasnt told Harry and the others the truth of her secret acting
career. Opps. Will her family and friends be lost in lies or will she tell them the truth of her life, family, and LOVE! Will Lilliana take Harry back? Will Harry take Lilliana back? After all those arguements they had. And also Lilliana tells Harry the news'll find out in a week or so..


15. Why aren't you talking to me.

Lilliana's P.O.V

It was only like 4 months since the call. Harry is still upset about the whole thing and I really don't know why when I told him every thing is okay.

He was sitting on the couch stareing at the blank television while I was finishing up some homework at school. "Harry." I called from the table. He didn't answer me. "Haz." Nothing at all. "Whatever than. I guess you don't want to hear what I have to say then." He didn't even answer me again.

I got up and took my books with me. I moved in with him and Louis a couple months ago. "I'm going to the library." Harry just shook his head. Is he still upset about the whole pregnancy thing. "Bye then." I walk out the door.

Harry's P.O.V

I had nothing to say. Her words were running through my head like a CD. I really thought I was going to have a child. A boy or girl. I didn't want to say anything at all. I just stared at the Telly. She got really mad and walked out the door. My mind turned blank. Why didn't I reply. I got up just as she closed the door. "Lilliana." The words finally came out but it was to late. She was gone. I decided to go to Liam and Nialler's place today and hang out with them. Since Lilliana was upset with me.

I got in my car and drove off. I stopped at a red light and looked in a mirror. Dang I looked like a mess. I was going to call Lilliana but you know the whole thing 'NO TEXTING WHIEL DRIVING' thing and I really didn't want to ruin my perfect record of safety. Since I got in that car accident.

I got to Liam and Niall's and saw Louis's car. I walked in and there was Lilliana crying her eyes out and talking about me ignoring her. "Lilliana." "Now you want to talk to me." "Lilliana. I was upset. I really thought we were having a baby. And I'm sorry I ignored you." "you could have just said Okay insted of ignoring me." "I'm sorry babe." "It's fine." She walks up to me and hugs me. "May I have a kiss?" "Sure why not." She kisses me. All the guys go 'EWWWWW' "Stop your burning my eyes." Louis screams. "Don't you ever ignore me again or I swear I'll hurt the crap out of you." "I promise this time." "You better." She taps my nose and kisses me. "I love you." "I love you too." We kiss again. "I'm sorry again. For like everything." "You sound like my ex boyfriend." "Haha." "Lets go home." She asks. "Okay." We walk out.

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