Back for you and lies. ( Sequel to I finally found you)

Lilliana and Harry have been broken up for a 6 months. Lilliana is now dating her co-star from 'Sing me a love song' Logan Henderson from BTR. They are still in love with each other. But who knows. She is still living with Zayn and thier brotherly and sisterly bond are stronger than ever. This is a happy love story. And Lilliana still hasnt told Harry and the others the truth of her secret acting
career. Opps. Will her family and friends be lost in lies or will she tell them the truth of her life, family, and LOVE! Will Lilliana take Harry back? Will Harry take Lilliana back? After all those arguements they had. And also Lilliana tells Harry the news'll find out in a week or so..


4. Touring , fun , and love sickness

Lilliana's P.O.V

It's two weeks later since the boys and my interview on the Ellen show. I'm still freaked out about what happened when Logan kissed me.

I'm now touring with the boys and my schedual has been changed. I've paired up with them cause I rather be with my boyfriend then be away from him. I mean I love him so much. " HARRY." I yell from the front of the bus. " I'm in the restroom." " Really." I walk to the restroom and open the door. Noone was in there except for Zayn who was doing his hair. " Where's Harry." He shrugs. I knew he was hiding him. " Zayn." I say now in a serious voice. " I don't know."  He was trying to hide his smile. " I know your hiding him." " I don't know." He smiles ." I know when you lie to me you start to smile." " Okay fine. He's in the shower." I look in the shower and I hear noises and see Harry running out of the bathroom. " Was he behind the door the whole time." " Yup." I run after Harry. " Harry. Are you serio......ahhh." I get tripped by Louis." Lou are you kidding me." " no one chases him." " Ugg." I get up and wipe myself off. " Oww that hurt." Harry comes in behind me and picks me up. " Woah your really light." " For a 19 year old yes I am. I'm only 110 lbs." " That's not healthy." " For me it is." I laugh a little." Oh babe." He puts me down and pulls me in for a kiss. " i love you Harry." " Love you too Malik." He says the Malik really loud. " SHUT IT UP IN THERE." Niall screams from his bunk. I run over and kiss him lightly on the cheek. " I'm sorry NiNi. I didnt mean to wake you up." " It's fine." He falls back asleep. " Where's Liam.. Oh wait never mind. His head was on my lap. He was taking a nap. He sure does feel homesick." " Yea everyone is." Louis sais sadly. " Hey why dont we play a game or watch a movie or something." " yea sure." Zayn yells from the bathroom." " Zaynie are you almsot done in there." " Nope." " It's 3 do you really have to do your hair right now." " Yes I do." He is so caught up in that hair. I just laugh to myself and walk over to the couch. I look at Liam who is sprawled out all over the couch. " Liam. Liam." He answers by opening his eyes." Are you alright." " No. I'm upset." " About what." " Danielle broke up with me." " When was that." "Before we left britain." " Oh Liam." I hug him. " It's okay." " Yea. But." " Liam. Forget about it." " okay." I sit down with him on the couch. He lays his head on my shoulder. " I love you LiLi." I said as I kiss his forhead. " Love you too Lillia." Harry notices and sits down next to me. " Hey whats wrong Liam." Liam looks the opposite direction. " He doesnt want to talk about it." " Okay. I love you." " I love you too.." I kiss Harrys cheek. " Hey you want to do somthing later." Harry whispers in my ear softly. " Like what." " You know." " Harry really." " Yup." " Fine." I giggle lightly. " Lilliana." I look down at Liam. " Yes." " Can I talk to you when we make our first stop today." " Yea sure LiLi. Anything." "Thank you."

Later around 4

We stop at the mall in Toronto. I get off and see Liam. " hey you wanted to talk. " Yea over here." He leads me to the other side of the bus. " What is it." " I like you Lilliana. Alot." " But I'm with Harry." " I know that. Ever since you and Harry got back together and I layed my head on your lap earlier today. I fell in love with you." " Lia...." I get stopped by Liam cause he smashes his lips on mine. I kiss him back. After about a few second of kissing we pull apart to breathe. " Thats it."Liam says " Yea."I blush a little " I love you Lilliana. I hope one day we could try to get together." " Me too." We walk back to the front of the bus and Zayn come over and tackels me. Luckily there was grass. " Ugg Zayn I hate you." " I love you too. And I need to talk to you." " Okay." We walk into the bus and he sits me down on the couch." Liam likes you." " I know." " He likes y..,. wait you know." " Yes I do." " Oh when did he tell you this." " A few minutes before you tackeled me." " Really. did he kiss you." " Yup." I nod. " You cant let Harry know." " Why I don't want to lie to him." " You gotta keep it a secret please. Is that a promise." " Yes." I said sadly. I don't want Harry and my realationship to have secrets. But I made a promise. Ugg.

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