Back for you and lies. ( Sequel to I finally found you)

Lilliana and Harry have been broken up for a 6 months. Lilliana is now dating her co-star from 'Sing me a love song' Logan Henderson from BTR. They are still in love with each other. But who knows. She is still living with Zayn and thier brotherly and sisterly bond are stronger than ever. This is a happy love story. And Lilliana still hasnt told Harry and the others the truth of her secret acting
career. Opps. Will her family and friends be lost in lies or will she tell them the truth of her life, family, and LOVE! Will Lilliana take Harry back? Will Harry take Lilliana back? After all those arguements they had. And also Lilliana tells Harry the news'll find out in a week or so..


12. Meeting a fan.

MiaMalik: Hello. That was a surprise right. Oh and The Mistletoe kiss will be out on the second of December.


Lilliana's P.O.V

I walk into the office and see a girl run out and scream. "Hello. I'm Lilliana. And are you...." "Joan. The captain's daughter. And your Lilliana. I'm your biggest fan." She stops. Oh sorry. I guess your not the person who likes a fan screaming in your face." "Oh I'm fine. I dont really care as long as its my biggest fan. But to them ...." I then whisper. "They dont like it." Joan giggles when the boys walk in. "Okay." She smiles. Harry walks over and says ,"Hello. And you are the fan Lilliana's been talking about." "Yup. My name is Joan Miller." "My name's Harry. I suppose you know who we are." "ONE DIRECTION I presume." Joan says in a sweet tone. "Yes we are." "Why are you here?" Joan asks. "Well. I heard from you dad that you are a big fan and why not give you and 4 others tickets to the biggest concert in the NYC. I have plane tickets and backstage passes for you." "Really OMG." She was shocked and almost burst into tears. "Yes. The concert is in a week and I will call a limo to pick you and who ever comes with you up. Is that good with you." "Yes. Like fridgen yes. But how will you know when i get there." "Here's my number." I hand her my phone number. "Remeber call whenever you like for updates on the tour. And remember that this is our last concert till Christmas." "I will and thank you Lilliana. and you too 1D." "Bye Joan. I'll see you soon." "Bye." I hug her and we were off. I can't wait till next week.

A week later


I was waiting for Joan and her friends in the limo. She should be showing up soon. Oh there she is. She had called me a few minutes before their landing and I told her I'll be waiting and not to tell her friends that I will be here.

When Joan gave me the signal I walked out of the Limo. They all screamed. "Whoa, Okay calm down. I'm just a normal person." I say. "Oh sorry." One girl says. "Oh I'm just kidding. Come here." I pull her and the rest of the girls into a hug. "Lets go." We all pile into the limo and drive our way to concert. "You guys excited." "Yea. I'm really thankful you did this for us Lilliana. I was trying to get the tickets but the front row tickets were sold out." Joan says. "I am really welcome i helped out."

An hour later we arrive at the arena. "Ready girls." "Yup." They say at the same time. We walk out of the limo and run into the building before anyone could see us. "That was close." One of Joans's friends say. "Oh I forgot to ask.What are your names?" "I'm Shanel." The dark blondish haired girl said. "I'm Kelly." The red haired girl one says. "I'm Lola." The blonde one says. "And I'm Marisa." The brown haired girl said. "Okay." The boys walk over to us. "Hello." Zayn says. Marisa comes up to me and asks. "Is that your brother." "Yup." "Lilliana. You ready." Harry says. "Yes I am." And thats when Paul walks over. "Are you ladies ready to have the time of your life." "I am." I say. "I wasnt asking you Lillia." "I was just kidding." He escorts the girls to the front rows. Me and the boys were put on the elevator that goes to the stage. "Oh how I love this thing." I laugh and it goes up. I'm really glad I made these 5 lucky girls day. I'm such a nice person.


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