Back for you and lies. ( Sequel to I finally found you)

Lilliana and Harry have been broken up for a 6 months. Lilliana is now dating her co-star from 'Sing me a love song' Logan Henderson from BTR. They are still in love with each other. But who knows. She is still living with Zayn and thier brotherly and sisterly bond are stronger than ever. This is a happy love story. And Lilliana still hasnt told Harry and the others the truth of her secret acting
career. Opps. Will her family and friends be lost in lies or will she tell them the truth of her life, family, and LOVE! Will Lilliana take Harry back? Will Harry take Lilliana back? After all those arguements they had. And also Lilliana tells Harry the news'll find out in a week or so..


16. Happy Times or Bad Times

Lilliana's P.O.V

Me and Harry were back home after the thing we had at Liam's and Nialler's house today.

We stayed home the rest of the day talking about the drama on MTV about me and him.

This is what the girl on the TV said~~


So we all heard that Lilliana Malik and Harry Styles are not together anymore so they called it off. We heard that the couple were always arguing. We talked to Zayn Malik and Niall Horan if the break-up is true or not.

Z- They are still together. And I'm confused on how you get this information. Of course they do argue but it's for a reason. Not for like the stupid concert or their life.

Girl- Do you agree Niall.

N- I do agree. They do argue but they still love each other. And I also agree on how you got this information.

Girl- Well we heard from a band member of Lilliana's old band Precious resistance.

Z- Who is the member I may ask.

Girl- Jessie Lou

Z- Jessie Lou.


Z- Hello

L-Jessie is an old friend of mine and wants to take Harry for herself.

Z- Do you want me....

L- Yes

He hangs up

Z- Um Jessie is an old friend of Lilliana's and she is telling you all this stuff cause she likes Harry and wants them to get mad at each other.

Girl- I see now.

Z- Yup

Girl- Well thank you for clearing things up. And well see you next time on Teen Love Drama

"I'm so mad Harry. She does thiss to me since I became famous now I regret being a star." "Calm down babe." "I can't Haz. She is going to ruin my life." "It's okay. Zayn told them already about her." "I know." I cry a little then stop, "Let's go to the mall. just to shop around." "Okay." He replies.

We arrive at the mall in sweats and sweaters.

We stop by Areopostal. "Look Haz." I show him a blue and pink tanktop. "You look hot." I blush a bright red. "BLUSHING HERE." I smile. "I can see it." He put his arms around my waist and kisses me "MUAH." I giggle a little and go back in the dressing room to take off the shirt.

I buy the shirt and we head off to Victoria Secret. Harry shows me a thong. "Look babe." "no Harry  noo." I laugh. "Fine. I'm going to look at the purfumes." "Okay."

A few minutes later a bunch of girls surround Harry. "HARRY." I ran over to save him but one of the fans hit me in the chest. "Back off Lilliana he's mine." "WHAT?????" I pull her away from Harry. I do the same with the others. I grab Harry's wrist and we run to the back of the mall. " Are you okay babe?" "I'm fine thank you babe." "Welcome now lets go befor late." The photographers arrive. "Come on." We run to the side of the building and run to our car.

We drive off . "Dang Harry slow down please." He pulls to a stop. A hard one. "AHH." "Sorry Lilla. I'm just mad that's all." "It's okay now lets go home in one piece. PLEASE." He chuckles. "Okay." He kisses my cheek and we go home.

I walk inside the house and turn on the TV to see if the pictures of us were on TLD. Nothing. "Thank gosh Haz." "I know. That could've ruined us." "Yup." We sit on the couch and watch Titanic. Again for like the 30th time. "This is your favorite movie isn't it Haz." "Yup. The reason why is cause its a romatic movie." "How romantic." "Like this." He lightly pushes me down on the couch and holds my hands down with his. He kisses me and goes to my neck. "Harry." "Yes baby girl." "I love you." "I love you too." He continues kissing my neck. It doesnt go to far cause we fell asleep. Haha. I was laying on top of him and we were hugging.

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