Back for you and lies. ( Sequel to I finally found you)

Lilliana and Harry have been broken up for a 6 months. Lilliana is now dating her co-star from 'Sing me a love song' Logan Henderson from BTR. They are still in love with each other. But who knows. She is still living with Zayn and thier brotherly and sisterly bond are stronger than ever. This is a happy love story. And Lilliana still hasnt told Harry and the others the truth of her secret acting
career. Opps. Will her family and friends be lost in lies or will she tell them the truth of her life, family, and LOVE! Will Lilliana take Harry back? Will Harry take Lilliana back? After all those arguements they had. And also Lilliana tells Harry the news'll find out in a week or so..


13. Doctors apointment

Lilliana's P.O.V

"I'll see you girls soon." I hug Joan and her friends goodbye before thier flight. "Bye Lilliana." "Bye." They aboard the plane and take off.

In london that same day.

I had a doctors apointment t to see if I was pregnant. Me and Harry were escorted to one of the rooms. My doctor arrives 3 minutes later. "Hello Miss. Malik How is your day?" "Good." "Well the test came in and you are not pregnant." "I'm not." Harry looked relived but sad at the same time. "I suppose that the pregnancy test was broken or not working properly. But if you would like to try again. I suppose you ...." "I want to." "Okay. I would like you to take this and wait a while." He hands me a pregnancy test. "Okay."

I come back in a few minutes later with the test. I set it down on a napkin and wait. The doctor checks it . "Well well well. If you want me to say it out loud it might make you cry a little." "I want to hear it." "You are not pregnant." "Oh." "Hold on a minute." I look at the test and it has a plus sign. "I guess you are." Harry picks me up and kisses me. "Really." "Yes you are. Congrats." "Thank you. so much doctor Oswald. Thank you." "Dont mention it. I'll see you in a few months then. And you wont have a belly till your 5 to 6 months in." "Okay." "See you two love birds soon." I walk out of the rooma and jump into my mums arms. "What did the docot say." "Mum. Your going to have a grandchild." "Omg. Really." "Yes mum." Zayn pops out of know where and frowns. "What's wrong Zayn?" "I'm sorry. I shouldnt have let this happen. This ruined your career if I didnt put you and Harry together this would never happen." "I'm happy it did. Harry is also." "What do you mean." "Harry wanted to be a dad." "He did." "Yes." Zayn laughs and hugs Harry. "Wow dude." "Get off me. Your 19. And you got upset." "Shut up." I laugh and hug my mum. "Congrats hunny." "Thanks Mum. But i wont have a belly till I'm 6 month in." "Okay." We leave the hospital and walk to the car. I love this day. And i hope we all will.

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